Vitamin B 17 CURE for Cancer

### Vitamin B 17 to cure Cancer:( Amygdalin or Nitrilosides )

Contains a cyanide ingredient that is harmful to cancer cells. It is most effective for preventing cancer if taken regularly by eating a few bitter seeds of stone fruits or pip fruits (for example, apricot, bitter almond, apple).Other good sources are sprouted seeds, alfalfa, mung beans, millet, lentils.Professionally, a purified product, known as laetrile, is wed orally or as injections for cancer treatment.To be effective, laetrile must be used in conjunction with cleansing, supplements and correct diet.

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Vitamin B17*:

Chemical Names – Amygdalin, Prunasin (d-mandelonitrile glucoside), Dhurrin, Linamarin, Lotaustralin, Sambunigrin (l-mandelonitrile glucoside), Prulaurasin (dl-mandelonitrile glucoside), Triglochinin, Linustatin, Neolinustatin.
Deficiency- Possibly increased incidence of cancer, Optimal intake- 25-100 mg

Good Sources – Apricot seeds, buckwheat, millet, lima beans, flax

Discussion- Also known as laetrile, anti-cancer substance. B17 is a group of cyanide producing sugars known as “cyanogenic glycosides,” that release cyanide when acted upon by the enzyme beta-glucosidase. Often taken in concentrated form of amygdalin, but soon after mixed with water, the chemical is subject to ephemerization, so quality is poor when pre-mixed in water. Rodent research suggests anti-metastatic effect at high injectable doses. Vitamin status unlikely.



Author of “World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B-17”

Cancer is not going to cause just one premature death. It is going to account for one out of every four of us here this evening, …

… The Committee for Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy believes that a material which has been widely tested shows great promise as a major weapon against cancer….I am speaking, of course, of Laetrile, also known as Amygdalin or Vitamin B-17.But this Committee was formed because, as the title suggests, we are being denied freedom of choice in testing and developing the full potential of laetrile which experience suggests, …

… The first time I was introduced to the subject of Laetrile or vitamin therapy in the control of cancer, was when I was on a short fishing trip with Dr. John Richardson, a physician in San Francisco, who as you probably know, is in the forefront of the legal battle to establish the physician’s right to use laetrile or vitamin therapy or anything he wishes to use, in the treatment of his patients.Because he was using laetrile last year he was arrested by the FDA, and he is taking this case to the courts. …

… Finally he began to tell me about the fact that “they” were suppressing this.”They” wouldn’t let him use it, “they” were harassing him. I thought all of a sudden, good grief, John.Why he is becoming paranoid and I turned to him, and I remember very distinctly, I said, “Wait a minute, who are “they” John?Do you mean to tell me that there are people in the medical profession or in government or anywhere in the world who are so low and so crass, so mean, as to deliberately withhold a control for cancer?” And I didn’t realize it at the time, but with the asking of that question my curiosity was already aroused and I was launched even then on an investigative research project that was to take me two or two and a half years, and it led me to the discovery of one of the most amazing stories of the twentieth century.

… This evening I am forced, because of the limitation of time, to assume that you are familiar with the science of Vitamin B-17 or laetrile. …

…Our research has led us to the realization that cancer is simply a deficiency disease, like scurvy, pellagra and pernicious anemia.It is caused by the lack of an essential food compound in modern man’s diet.It is not caused by a virus or some mysterious toxin.It is caused by the lack of something.And the ultimate solution for the control of cancer, therefore, simply is to restore this essential food element to our daily intake…

[ This lack of proper nutrients, which are responsible for maintaining our natural immune system, or other sources of stress, activates a “Pleomorphic” virus that has been proven conclusively to bring about most cancerous conditions – Tommy Cichanowski ]

…It is known as Amygdalin when it is found in nature.As such, under the name of Amygdalin, it has been listed in the Standard Pharmathera for over a hundred years.It is identified and known for all this time, listed as a non-toxic.It has been used experimentally on a wide variety of ailments in every country of the world.It is particularly well known in Asia, but also definitely known in the United States and Europe.When it is described by nutritionists, it usually is referred to as nitrolosides.In its purified and concentrated form used specifically for cancer therapy, the form developed by Dr. Ernest T. Crebb, Jr., it is known as Laetrile.

I think the best way to describe this substance is simply to call it what it really is.It is a vitamin and it is vitamin B-17.That is how it will be known in the future – Vitamin B-17, because it is found in that grouping of vitamins known as the B-complex, of which there are some twenty-four fractions.It is found in that grouping of vitamins when it is found in natural foods.And since it was the seventh one to be isolated and identified, it is properly known as Vitamin B-17, and one last thing, just to give you a little more information about it, it is found in over 1,2000 edible plants around the world, most of which you wouldn’t dream of eating:grasses, Johnson grass, Tunis grass, arrow grass, and things like that.

It is also found in the foods of primitive man, primitive cultures which even today are noted for their lack of cancer.There are many cultures in the world including the Akkadians(?) on the Black Sea, the Hunzakut of Northwest Pakistan, the Hopi and Navaho Native Americans, the traditional Eskimo, and groups like this in Africa, Latin America and all around the world which traditionally are cancer free, or relatively cancer free. And in every case, ladies and gentlemen, when you examine the natural diets of these cancer free populations you always find that the degree to which they are free of cancer is the same degree to which their foods are rich in vitamin B-17.There are no exceptions to that statement.

… Let’s begin then with reality number one.The scientific basis for the opposition against laetrile or vitamin B-17 has been blatantly dishonest.Not one physician out of a thousand has ever had a chance to use laetrile or vitamin B-17 himself.And yet, most physicians, if you ask them if laetrile works, they will say no, it does not.… They are, almost all of them, referring to an original research project that was conducted in the State of California in 1953.It is known as the California Report and it was published by the Cancer Advisory Commission of the California Medical Association.

So, now let’s take a look at the California Report since this is the mainspring of 99% of the scientific and legal opposition to laetrile today…It was written by two men, Dr. E. M. McDonald the Committee Chairman, and Dr. Henry Garland, the Committee Secretary…None of these men, ladies and gentlemen, including McDonald and Garland has ever used laetrile.All they had done was to summarize and interpret the written records of medical people who had done various phases, different kinds of experimentation of laetrile.They read these reports submitted to them, and then summarized them and issued their own report, which was to tell us what they found.

…Well, you may not remember them by name, but McDonald and Garland were the two physicians who at that time were making headlines all across the country by claiming publicly and vociferously that there was absolutely no connection between cigarette smoking in particular and lung cancer.…

… Now, as an interesting sidelight to all of this, Dr. McDonald died a few years later.He was incinerated in a fire started by his cigarette while he was asleep.Dr. Garland who had boasted that he was living proof that smoking was safe because he had been a chain smoker ever since he was a boy, he said, “Here I am, perfectly healthy, that’s proof that you don’t have to worry about smoking.”He, of course died of lung cancer.

Now, but more important than this, ladies and gentlemen, is that McDonald and Garland, more important than their scientific ineptitude, is that they falsified their summary of the laetrile experiments …The reason I can say that is because ten years later, almost by a fluke, the original documents that McDonald and Garland used to analyze and upon which they based their summary were published and made part of the public record.

… In 1963, the State of California Department of Public Health revised its original California Report, updated it, added a few more things to it and reprinted the whole thing, including those original studies in this book entitled, “Report by Cancer Advisory Council on Treatment of Cancer with Beta-cyanogenic Glucosides” or laetrile, and low and behold, when you go to the appendix and look at those old ten year old reports you find that McDonald and Garland had lied. … cyanide is an essential part of the anti-cancer action of laetrile or vitamin B-17.…Indeed, when taken in the gaseous form and when taken to excessive quantities, but cyanide in trace amounts as you will see, when you get into the scientific question in trace amounts, is not only safe but very essential for health.

In fact, many doctors have not thought about the fact that cyanocobaltin [ vitamin B-12 ] has a cyanide radical in the molecule.Also, the fact that cyanide is in the vitamin B-17 is about the same as saying well golly, we dare not eat any table salt because table salt is sodium chloride and you all know that chlorine gas is deadly.All right vitamin B-17 is hydrocyanic acid.…

…Today it is common to use as much as two or three grams of Vitamin B-17 in a single injection and generally it takes somewhere between 30 and 40 grams total over the course of a week to ten days before the average cancer patient is able to report tangible signs of progress.Thirty to forty grams total.

…Some of these studies admitted openly that there was anticancer activity but they’ve all attributed it to other causes.They said well, since the theory is wrong with laetrile, we know that it can’t be the laetrile doing these things, so it must have been a spontaneous remission or the delayed benefits radiation or something like that…

… This is the January 10, 1974 copy of the Los Angeles Times.There was an article there heading “A Controversial Drug”, and in it said Dr. Robert A. Goode, President and Director of the Sloan-Kettering Institute of Cancer Research, “at this moment there is no evidence that laetrile has any affect on cancer.”That’s two months after their report at Baden-Baden, Germany.Two months after they announced to the world, to all the experts in the world that laetrile was effective.Now two months later, they reversed their position and said, “At this moment there is no evidence that laetrile has any affect on cancer.”…

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