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Chronic Diseases, avoid the 5 BIG killers!: Cancers, Cardio-Vasculars, Dementias, Diabetes, Depressions. (Very Very Healthy Book 1) Kindle Edition

This book presents information which makes it possible to avoid the vast majority of diseases, and can be followed with confidence, since it comes from health professionals and scientific researchers.

This book integrates essential data from more than 25 different books, which I encourage you to buy and read in full, of which 19 authors are medical practicing doctors, 6 are doctors of science (PhD), and 2 are graduate nutritionists and dietitians working in hospitals.

I wanted to integrate more books written by women doctors, but I could not find the books that corresponded to the purpose of this book.

I started with a review of hundreds of books on the subject of health, I selected more than 150, including 90 written by doctors, and only then did I choose in priority those which had the greatest potential to save lives and bring people back to good health, while being written by medical professionals. In addition to these books, which already exceed 7,000 pages, other information comes from publications by other doctors who have not written books.

This book therefore deals with the main causes of current mortality and suffering. For each case I show the information and statistics presented on the official websites, then I share the information from several books of doctors who explain where the problems come from, and what to do to avoid them.

And after a conclusion in three parts, I kept the last pages of the book for suggestions on taking action, so that this section is easily accessible in everyday life, the time to integrate the different elements.

From the 1940s to the 1960s, doctors went to observe the populations of non-modernized countries on all continents. Their conclusion was that these populations had no cardiovascular problems, no cancers, no diabetes, no dementia, while these chronic diseases were already developing massively in more industrialized and urban countries. Then they found that these healthy people, when they migrated to a modern country, started to develop these chronic diseases. It was already proof that these ailments were not hereditary or genetic, but only due to the environment in which the person lived. Air pollution was still quite low compared to today, there were far fewer people on Earth, and fewer industries, polluting vehicles, and therefore there were two possible factors to cause these diseases, food or sedentary lifestyle, or both at the same time.

It had therefore been discovered that healthy humans eat large quantities and varieties of plant products, and animal products in limited quantities. It is generally not by ethical or taste choice, but simply because the environment in which we live determines what is available to us as a source of food. For millennia we had easy access to many vegetable products at hand, fruits and vegetables of all kinds, which we ate without overcooking them, and animal products were more difficult to access. Today it is very different, in industrialized countries we have all kinds of cheap animal products available, while fruits and vegetables are more expensive and difficult to find. In addition, we have developed all kinds of cooking habits to enrich our palette of flavors, to the detriment of the beneficial molecules present in fresh products.

The most dramatic for our body is certainly the trivialization of very industrially processed products, which are empty of beneficial micronutrients, but which in addition contain molecules indigestible by our microbial flora, which cause chronic inflammations in our intestines, which ends up unbalancing our whole organism. It is food from which our body cannot extract anything useful, but which in addition ends up becoming harmful and making us sick.

Our cells are very complicated organisms that need hundreds of different molecules to function properly. Likewise for our microbiota, which is responsible for producing many molecules that we need, but which also needs varied and specific food.

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