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We need to seek our balance, and attend to all factors, “All At Once” !!!
“Health Care Providers”, should pay careful attention to the effects that different substances have under different conditions. Also, think in terms of what has additionally been discovered since 1981.

Pay special note to all the different defense systems that contain sulfur. These All can be destroyed by very small amounts of mercury.

Leading causes of death in 1997 and the number of “Americans” who died from each. The data are based on an annual review of death certificates by the National Center for Health Statistics. (Laws have recently been passed forbidding the listing of the cause of death, on death certificates! – [ Out of sight, out of mind? ])


  1. Heart disease, 725,790 – 83 people per hour.
  2. Cancer, 537,390 – 61 people per hour.
  3. Stroke, 159,877 – 18 people per hour.
  4. Lung disease, 110,637.
  5. Accidents**, 92,191.
  6. Pneumonia and Influenza, 88,383.
  7. Diabetes, 62,332.
  8. Suicide, 29,725.
  9. Kidney disease, 25,570.
  10. Liver disease, 24,765.
  11. Blood poisoning, 22,604.
  12. Alzheimer’s disease, 22,527.
  13. Homicide, 18,774.
  14. HIV and AIDS, 16,685.
  15. Hardening of arteries, 15,884 – 2 people per hour.
  16. All other causes, 361,635.
    ** “Bad reactions to prescription and over-the-counter medicines kill more than 100,000 “Americans” and seriously injure an additional 2.1 million every year.” – Reference –



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Chapter 17
“On the Subject of Medicine and the Tachyon Era”
by Dr. Hans A. Nieper ( 19?? – 19?? ) © 1980
[ The term “Tachyon” – also known as “Zero Point Energy” – is the modern notation for the ancient concept of ether. This paradigm considers gravity to be caused by a high-powered energy field, which pushes objects together. This energy field is an energy source for many bioprocesses, chemical reactions and sub-atomic interactions. There have been several dozen experiments done by various researchers, including NASA, that cannot be explained if gravity is an attractive force. More than 30 different designs have been produced and tested that have been able to transform “Tachyon” energy into electrical or mechanical energy. – Tommy – ]

My main profession is that of an internist, and I am especially active as an oncologist, i.e., in the clinical research and the treatment of malignant tumors and cancerous diseases.*
[ * Refer interested parties to Dr. Nieper’s Archives, The Admiral Ruge Archives, A. Keith Brewer Science Library, Richland Center, WI 53581, USA, ATTN: Mrs. Piroska Ring. There are approximately 250 titles in the medical field, and 40 related to gravity. ]

For some reason, for me there has been an inner connection between the secrets of gravity physics and those of the cancer problem – a deep connection. To begin with, this connection is not only in a functional sense. It is because both entail research difficulties that cannot be solved within the conventional categories of human mechanistic thinking. The collapse of official research when faced with the tasks posed by the clinical problem of cancer is, in fact, of dramatic proportions. A verdict from the U.S. Senate Investigating Committee, in June 1978, made this just as plain as did the hearings in the German Parliament in early 1981.

The energy problem and the cancer problem – while of a completely different nature – are also most important problems to be solved for the governments. Mr. President, DO something! The American people sometimes demand this quite openly.

The government argues that it has gladly made available large sums to bring energy research, cancer research and other problems – such as cardiac infarction or multiple sclerosis – closer to a solution, which is in the public interest.

It has been only recently that governments are also glimpsing what many insiders, critical of science, have known for decades. Considering the money that has been made available, it is the orthodox theory and the prevailing research orientation, which have been blocking solutions to the most pressing problems I mentioned. With respect to physics and technology, let us point out, for example, the books by Schaffranke and by Hilscher (see list of literature recommended for study), which, together with several other publications, such as those by Otto Luther, discuss the question of why, for quite a few physical scientists, saving a dogma is more important than discovering new knowledge.

It is no different in medicine. And now, based on massive documentation which in part is 20 years old, most orthodox cardiologists are being held responsible for the premature deaths of hundreds of thousands of heart infarction patients, because they did not provide protective therapy with magnesium transport substances, carnitine, selenium salts, the pineapple enzyme bromelaine and oral ouabain (strophanthine G). In fact, they refused these therapies. Instead of using these metabolic treatments, they followed exclusively the obsolete, mechanistic concept, e.g., the attempt to open up the coronary arteries and the prescription of cell-poisoning nitro compounds, to name just a few.*
[ * Modern eumetabolic protective therapy decreases the frequency of cardiac infarction by approximately 95% !

Additional intake of hydrogen and chlorine ions is also advisable to prevent cardiac infarction.

In the USA, the term “orthomolecular” is also used for “eumetabolic”, as opposed to “toxi­molecular.” Both eumetabolic and orthomolecular mean that the medication thus defined is a normal partner – either as an entire product or by its subcomponents – of human metabolism. It is obvious that such agents are more commonly derived from plants or animals than from artificial chemical syntheses.

The double Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling ( Chemistry and Peace ), to whom I am personally indebted, was one of the first to support the axiom that therapy based only on toxi­molecular agents could not increase the overall state of health in an organism, and could only plug one hole by ripping open another. This is typical of chemotherapy in cancer patients. In contrast, eumetabolic therapy CAN increase the overall state of health, especially since it can be used without limits in the human organism, because it is not “foreign” to it. ]

The situation is not much different for cancer. The belief in the healing properties of compounds alien to the body, and even poisonous to it, in the treatment of cancer is firmly anchored in orthodox opinion. In reality, these methods have contributed little to the overall solution. On the other hand, the possible ability of the body itself to overcome cancer is ignored as “a naturopath fantasy.” Today, however, we know with certainty that the body’s own healing forces can be much more effective – under favorable circumstances – than would be expected and, what is more, are effective over a long period of time. Meanwhile, the orthodox theory of cancer treatment is defended with a verve that has long surpassed the boundaries of “good manners.” The American Cancer Society, the U.S. National Cancer Research Institute and even the famous Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Institute in New York, have been caught in the cross fire, just like Dr. Mildred Scheel, here in Germany. Whether it is an article by Thumshim in the Munich “Merkur”, or the book by the Swiss author, Christian Bachmann “The Cancer Mafia”, the time for orthodox positions is running out. This is true regardless of whether or not the majority of physicians – and perhaps even more, young physicians – continue to lean towards orthodoxy in medicine.

Paradoxically, orthodoxy is collapsing because of money, which it used so lavishly. Orthodox medicine involves a cost explosion reaching to the sky, without offering in return any significant increase in health, or a longer, healthier life. Economic necessity will soon force it to use eumetabolic protective medicine.*
[ * Eumetabolic means normal for one’s own biochemical metabolism. ]

The fields of physics, which still operate – out of sight of modern tachyon and gravitational field physics – within the orthodox categories of knowledge, and which do not want to relinquish them, will undergo severe shock in the coming tachyon era – and this will occur breathtakingly soon. It could easily happen that at the same time that Sears offers modern Japanese converters for home use at a discount, the physics lecturer at the university – in the same town – will still refuse to “recognize” the physical facts on which the converter is based.

It could happen in medicine in a similar manner – if it is not happening already. Untold numbers of patients are denied a much more effective and less costly therapy, while orthodox guardians of a “theory” (and occasionally their offshoots with­in state control organizations) do not “recognize” progressive methods or programs. We should mention here cardiac infarction, calcification of the arteries, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune system diseases, especially in their early stages. It should be mentioned, however, that the therapy for only these chronic and very serious illnesses will soon be made available. It is becoming common knowledge that many a university has long lost its qualifications for competent judging and testifying in these areas of therapy.

A classic example of this is the publication of the so-called Greiser* list.
[ * A socialist medical official in Bremen, Germany. ]

Medications of vital importance for heart treatment and the prevention of cardiac infarction are listed as “useless” by several German university professors because they do not “recognize” them.

This is an encroachment on the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of choice and could not be more crass and reactionary. Naturally, the verdict on these medications is pronounced without any practical, personal experience by the participating university professors. Similar occurrences have also been known in the history of cancer therapy in the USA. They have always led to the disqualification of the damners, not of the medications so damned.

But what does the Tachyon-Field or the “gravity stressing field” have to do with the treatment of cancer?

It is quite likely that all of us form cancer cells fairly frequently, and that, as a rule, they are destroyed by one monitoring defense system or another, out of those available to the body. We know today – from reliable studies with human beings – that such a defense mechanism can be extraordinarily effective even against large cancerous tumors, albeit only rarely. And in this case, at least from a scientific point of view, “once” equals “always.” Hence the appropriate question is, what did those people or organisms do so as not to get cancer?

The defense against cancerous cells is implemented by one or two different types of white blood cells, which are capable of delivering a killer agent into the cancerous cells. The most important of these is called tumosterone. It is a so-called steroid. In any case, the defense cell must “dock” onto the cancer cell to fulfill its task; otherwise it does not work. This is called “cell-bound” immunity.

There are antibodies, which are smaller than cells, antiproteins and especially, once again, a steroid, DHEA, which is amply available in the blood and which is very helpful with the suppression of cancer cells.

Whether they are a defense cell or a defense molecule, in order to “dock” onto the cancerous cell they must be accelerated towards it. We should remember that, according to the Nieper axiom, all natural accelerations have the same cause, “tachyon interception.” Without taking momentum from tachyon energy, there can be no acceleration and hence no defense against cancer. And now things become extraordinarily interesting.

In the early Sixties, the French scientist Andrè Priorè demonstrated a “magnetic irradiation device” which was at first considered rather mysterious. With it he was able to cure tumors in rats, both those induced by injection or graft, and those occurring spontaneously. Likewise, serious infections, which were very hard to cure, such as those with trypanosomum equiperdum (horse sleeping sickness), were also cured in experiments with mice. The results were met with disbelief. For simplicity, when the experiments were repeated, the assistant, the rats, and the device were locked into a common room and observed from the outside.

Even Lord Zuckerman, the scientific advisor to the British Crown, traveled to Bordeaux to observe the experiments. In spite of all his skepticism, he was unable to report anything negative. I still remember his article in the British press with great pleasure.

The representatives of French orthodox medicine took an unfriendly attitude, and so did Sir Alexander Haddow who was then president of the British Cancer Research Institute “Chester Beatty”, whom I still personally remember as one of the more tolerant men of his time. It was finally suggested that the Priorè device be built in the USA and experiments be performed there. Yet even this simple and inexpensive activity was nipped in the bud. S. E. Luria, the well-known cancer researcher at M.I.T., took it upon himself to torpedo these tests. Apparently also Vincent de Vita, president of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD, did not look with favor upon or even pick up the investigation of the Priorè technology. Some years ago the Luria de Vita was the connection subject of consideration in the German press.

And what did Priorè do? He built an apparatus with which, “in a rhythmical manner, he can induce magnetic behavior in the irradiated objects, by modulation of loaded neutrinos (i.e., tachyons).” It is thus defined by the modern Canadian “Clean Energy Newsletter” in its June 1981 issue. It is very important in this context – a fact which I have known for a long time – that the rhythm of magnetic modulation correspond precisely to the heartbeat frequency of the animal to be irradiated.

We have known for a long time that cancerous cells, as well as the entire cancerous tumor, lose their magnetic characteristics in comparison with healthy tissue, and instead become more “electrical.” However, the entire organism – the non­cancerous, healthy tissues and the blood with all its components – also undergoes a loss of magnetic properties as a remote effect of the malignant tumor. This process can occur at a relatively slow rate. To the extent that the magnetic properties of the organs and blood are lost – which is helped along by certain mucilagous materials produced by the cancer – the dynamics of the acceleration of the defensive bodies towards the cancerous cell decreases. This is particularly the case since the cancerous tumor itself can be completely devoid of any magnetic behavior. In Germany, Dr. Aschoff of Wuppertal has made quite a reputation for himself in this field. Until very recently, he was still being attacked because of it.

With his “neutrino modulator”, Priorè is now able to restore the natural, rhythmical, magnetic properties of an organism with cancer.

It has been unequivocally shown that the cancer healing effect of Priorè irradiation is not based on directly influencing the cancerous cell, and can be explained only by a potentiation of the body’s own defense mechanism. Furthermore, the blood of mice thus irradiated is effective, also for other animals, after being transfused to them. In addition, a positive, useful result is the restoration of “order” through magnetic induction of the cancerous cell.

The healing of horse sleeping sickness, which, when injected in high doses is deadly even for a healthy mouse, can only be explained in terms of a potentiation of the defense mechanism.

Priorè irradiation is by far more effective than X-ray, cobalt or isotope irradiations ever could be. In addition, it is completely innocuous and can be repeated at will. Medically it belongs in the field of internal immunology, and not in the field of X-ray therapy, which itself is marked by the stigma of orthodoxy, insofar as therapy is concerned.

The essential feature of Priorè irradiation is that the body’s defenses can be artificially increased beyond the normal, healthy level.

As an oncologist for many years, one becomes skeptical in regard to expectations of success in cancer therapy. In spite of the trumpet blowing from the enclaves of orthodox medicine, the disease is anything but under control.

However, the possibilities arising out of the new worldview of tachyon physics look rather hopeful.

One further fact is very significant in this context. There is a preferential occurrence of cancerous diseases in the so-called geophathogenic areas (or zones). A dowser can determine the location of such areas. Radiesthetic acceleration – that of the divining rod – is one of the so-called natural accelerations, which can be explained as tachyon interception. These areas can also be determined by measuring instruments, such as, for example, the accelerated discharge of a capacitor, or by two new instruments of medical technology, the Desel technique and the Meersmann detector. The accelerated discharge of a capacitor indicates that the Tachyon-Field plays a role in the geopathogenic zones. The effect of these zones would lead to a disturbance of the magnetic or electrostatic properties of an organism’s tissues, including the disruption of “genetic order” in a cell – whatever that is – and of the “condenser” charge of the cell membrane. Thus, the geopathogenic effect is the exact opposite of the healing that can occur with the Priorè irradiation.

Undoubtedly, many cancer specialists within the orthodoxy and many other physicians will continue to classify this as spook-watching, in contrast to the famous surgeon Ferdinand Sauerbruch, who, after an operation, urgently recommended to his cancer patients never again to sleep in the former location. Our own research showed that in 92% of the cases, the occurrence of a cancer was correlated with long-term occupancy of such geopathogenous zones. Several well-qualified researchers have agreed with this.

There is hardly any other factor in today’s environment, which correlates so highly with cancer genesis. Conversely, this observation leads us to expect the kind of progress from Priorè irradiation that will be “one for the books.”


Some Background on the Priorè Machine
A machine developed by Antoine Priorè of Bordeaux, France produces a combination of radiations, in rotating plasmic solitons that are capable of penetrating living tissues for therapeutic purposes, without destroying such biological systems as enzymes. The innovative techniques employed in the device since the early 1960’s have attracted serious scientific attention in France, the United States, the United Kingdom and the USSR.

At stake is a major cancer curing technique as well as a novel biological information transfer mechanism.

The Priorè machine, as described from the first French patent. The subject to be treated was to be placed below the vertical cathode structure, receiving a combination of radiations and electromagnetic fields produced by the other assemblies.


Solid support and reckless resistance
The apparatus has been given solid support from French scientific and technological circles as well as unexplainable resistance from the nonmilitary scientific community of the United States. There is so much intrigue involved in the scientific community that the whole system remains enshrouded in an aura of mystery, in spite of the high quality of technical and scientific material available.

France has supported the development of the apparatus mainly because of the encouragement of Robert Courrier permanent Secretary (for Chemical, Natural, Biological and Medical Sciences and their applications) of the French “Acadèmie des Sciences”. With such back-up, the French Delegation Generale a la Recherche Scientifique et Technique has awarded contracts for several millions of dollars, since 1977, towards the development of a third-generation Priorè machine. Such financial commitment has come in spite of the fact that even according to the evaluation conducted by Dr. J. B. Bateman, on behalf of the United States Navy, Office of Naval Research, London Branch, there was no technical need to develop larger Priorè machines – because the system works for the treatment of cancer anyway! When, in the United States, the Nobel laureate, Dr. William Phelps Allis, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (and an expert in plasma physics), and Dr. Jean Carstoiu (an expert in magnetohydrodynamics renowned for extending the Maxwell equations to the evaluation of the ponderomotor forces), recently attempted to invite Antoine Priorè to do postgraduate work at M.I.T., another dean and head of the Center for Cancer Research, S. E Luria, managed to abort the motion. Not even the offer to build a Priorè machine at M.I.T. was found to be acceptable by the cancerologists. This is rather typical of the resistance, and even disparaging rumors that have been made against the device in the cancer research field, by such persons as the late Sir Alexander Haddow of the “Institute of Cancer Research”, Royal Cancer Hospital, London and even cancerologists in the French Republic.


Demonstrated capabilities
Since 1964, independent researchers have done some crucial analyses with the machine, sometimes conducted repeatedly with success under lock and key and under the eye of a bailiff appointed by a Commission de Contrôle of university officials and local dignitaries. These researches have demonstrated the following capabilities.


  • Macroscopic regression of tumor growth and lymph node metastases, with no relapse for up to three months in rats implanted subcutaneously with uterine carcinoma. The rats regained good general health.
  • Complete cure of cancer grafts for all twenty-four rats under the Priorè machine, when in a control group all died within a month.
  • Attenuation of hypercholesterolemia in rabbits.
  • Survival of mice injected with fatal doses of trypanosoma equiperdum.
  • The radiation of the Priorè machine works at the immune system of the subject rather than directly upon the cancerous cells; this immunity becomes acquired and is intense; it is also transferable by blood transfusion.

All this brings forth the question, why does the machine work?

[ Related Material: The Rife Microscope – Ray Beam Tube Corporation ]
” Devitalize microorganisms by beaming radiations of specific frequencies upon them ”
Thomas E. Bearden, a nuclear engineer, analyzes the Priorè machine in terms of virtual neutrinic field interactions. He divides the apparatus into: (1) specifically patterned multichannel modulation derived from higher frequencies; (2) an inter­modulation carrier (the strong magnetic field of up to 1,240 Gauss) derived from lower frequencies; and (3) the primary carrier. What eventuates are influential, complex, “nested” modulations (side bands), effecting a forced resonance on cells. “Priorè is using nested orders of modulations to affect nested orders of virtual state and higher spatial dimensions…” in a direct relationship.


Technical characteristics
The first of two charged particle generating tubes, linked in a vacuum system, generates a stream which is modulated and accelerated by various electromagnetic forces into the second tube, in which is integrated an array of rotating plates which deflect the stream through a quartz window towards the subject.

The system is an enclosure of Argon gas under a 2 mm Hg vacuum. The charged particle generators consist of an anode plate and a cathode, (the latter made from molybdenum whose valence is closest to that of organic molecules). The current supplying the generator, as well as an electromagnet mounted about the cathode, is modulated at a cardiac rhythm.

The stream is modulated and accelerated by windings whose currents are modulated at 0.5 to 2 Hz, 300 to 900 Hz, and 1,000 cm to 18,000 cm wavelengths. A cyclotron, whose current is modulated at 0.5 to 2 Hz, accelerates the stream. A magnetron, (having in the first model a field strength of 620 G, and in the second model 1,240 G), generates a beam of radiation between 3 cm and 80 cm (according to the cellular density of the subject tissue), to modulate the particle stream at wavelengths between 1,000 cm and 18,000 cm.

The stream is directed at an incidence of 22½º onto rotating graphite plates in the second tube. The current supplying the rotary motor is modulated at 0.5 to 2 Hz. The current supplying electrodes mounted about the plates is modulated at a 1,000 cm to 18,000 cm wavelength. The stream is deflected through the center of the cathode and out of a quartz window.

The presence of a pulsed 9.4 GHz electromagnetic wave modulated onto a 17 MHz wave, and a slowly modulated continuous magnetic field on the order of 1,000 G, has been established yet with no trace of ionizing radiation. Mice injected with trypanosoma equiperum indicate a direct correlation between parasitemia and the UHF component, but not when that component was administered unmodulated. According to T E. Bearden, seventeen sources of unspecified radiation are applied in the system.

The biological response must rest jointly on the UHF and magnetic components. The exact values, and their mix, are probably not critical (Bateman, 1978). A machine based on amplitude and frequency modulation, or rapidly changing values, would produce a “wide” energy whose cumulative effect might be either stimulative or inhibitive. The broadband nature of the radiation may explain its safety, as well as its ineffectiveness in certain cases according to James B. Beal.

According to Jean Carstoiu, the Priorè effect results from the rotating plasma in the second (deflecting array) tube. He dubs the apparatus as a magneto-hydrodynamic wave-guide, considering that the rotating, axial magnetic field does create a plasma. He refers to the types of oscillations, which may arise, but not how they would manifest themselves across the quartz window at the bottom of the deflector array.

Author Christopher Bird, “The Secret Life of Plants”, describes Antoine Priorè as “a great, intuitive scientist” after observing his laboratory for several weeks. Bird has noted that the frequencies used have been selected on a non-empirical basis. Priorè himself has stated that “the invention is not limited by any scientific expla­nation.”

The apparatus is protected by French patent 1,342,772 and by United States patents 3,280,816 and 3,368,155. (The Patents have Expired)

Evidently the Priorè machine implies a different view on disease and suggest novel venues for explanations of and healing of cancer. It is a promise of better ways of dealing with the scientific approach to healing.


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On Orthodoxy in Science
(The Mainstream Syndrome)
If we look up “orthodox” in various German and English dictionaries, it is, as a rule, equated with believing the right thing, or in good faith or even blindly, with respect to the “true belief” or the “predominant theory.”

Here, “believing the right thing” may look like a touch of foolishness, “believing in good faith” may look like simplemindedness, and blind beliefs can easily become the vehicle for fanaticism.

And what is the counterpart, to the “true belief” or – especially in science – the “Predominant doctrine?” During the Middle Ages, the church was the main “protector of the grail” of the predominant doctrine. Today it is undoubtedly the bureaucratic, collectivistic institutions, to which, unfortunately, the universities may also belong. Essentially, the predominant theory is based on the average of various opinions and has its dimensions fixed in a collectivistic base. The predominant theory thus is like a convoy. The slowest ship determines the speed. Most readers have no idea of the slowness of the “slowest ships” existing today, among those scientists “entitled” to an opinion.

Whenever we deal with the problem of collectivism and the reasons why it stultifies creative output, it is illustrative to read Gustave Le Bon (“Les Foules [The Masses], called “The Psychology of the Masses”). Based on recent experience, the rules set up by Le Bon apply more than ever. First, there is the fact that the intelligent behavior of a group adheres to entirely different laws than that of an individual. A collective of high school teachers does not behave any more intelligently than a collective of unskilled laborers. This is an experience that can be repeated over and over again in Germany – both that of the NS [National Socialistic] era and that of today. A clear distinction must be made between the collectivistically coordinated group and the herd group which is normally very easily formed by people, and in which each retains his individuality – in contrast to the patronized collective. Thus, the group that gathers around its regularly reserved table, or an American association of widows, is no more a collective than is a herd of sheep. Bear in mind that, for such animals as sheep, camels and donkeys, it is offensive to be compared to man. They hardly ever kill each other- nor do they live beyond their means.

Thus, today it is the bureaucratic collective, impoverished in courage that is the guardian of the predominant theory. Occasionally, this has curious remote effects. Thus, for example, the leftist or left-liberal newspapers and magazines are much more “theory believing” and orthodox than is the conservative, middle-class press. This is particularly evident in medicine. It is also an indication, especially today, that conservatism harbors much more revolutionary progressivism, regardless of how paradoxical this may sound.

It has to be mentioned, however, that many domains of our scientific and social world are not trapped in the cage of Orthodoxy. Mechanics, as a part of physics, will possibly endure revisions, as will civil engineering as a part of engineering. The same is true for the mechanistic foundation of certain fields in medicine. The techniques of modern surgery deserve the same degree of unquestioned admiration, as do the newest diagnostic procedures. It is mostly the theoretical foundation of medical therapy and the longtime safeguarding of the state of health which is questioned, and which has to be thoroughly revised.

However, what about the solidity of predominant theories in space physics? And how about electrical engineering? Or, how should scientists interpret and convert phenomena in the fields of biochemistry and biophysics (which are governed by countless regulating mechanisms and so-called “flowing equilibria”), in view of illnesses such as cancer and cardiac infarction? Certainly not as primitively as the “predominant theory” does, and insists upon. Thus, when a physician says to himself that he stands – with respect to cancer and cardiac infarction, for example, – “firmly on the ground of teaching medicine”, the listener can be certain that an encyclopedically documented intelligence test was not satisfied.

The areas in which critical, scientifically valid speculations collide with the barricading fences of orthodox doctrine are many. Obviously, they are increasing.

I thus think it would be both instructive and stimulating to mention some of these collisions. It is here that it will become apparent how manifold are the possibilities for the secure existence of both individuals and humanity, once the barricades are removed from orthodox thought.

It is doubtlessly orthodox, to the still-remaining valid theories of physics, to assume that there is no energy-rich “ether” between masses in space. And this is in spite of the fact that Newton stated that the gravitational effect of masses could not possibly be innate to them.

It is orthodox to consider the velocity of light as constant, and to consider heavy and inertial masses as equal.

It is orthodox to assume that there is no energy in space, which is suitable, both for use on Earth and as propulsion for high velocity vehicles. It is orthodox to conceive of an engineering science, an economy based on fireplace technology and nuclear energy. These are yesterday’s models.

It is orthodox to subscribe to a social order that has sold its soul to collectivism. Just like bureaucracy, it goes against human nature and the characteristics of the human individual, Man – and his diseases even more so – are rarely suitable for statistics.

It is orthodox to think that a continuous increase in the world’s population is mandatory, or even necessary, to “secure revenues and pension financing.” However, man is not a breeding rabbit. He must have sufficient room for movement.

Nature requires free room. For the individual, free room is as necessary as securing food. In the German-speaking countries, the population instinctively acts correctly and slowly reduces the population density. Governments that think in orthodox terms, however, often have no instincts, since they do not give sufficient consideration to the influx and the expansion of rapidly growing populations from outside of Europe.

Since the threatening population explosion must be stopped, the Catholic Church is certainly assuming a heavy, sinful burden. Social conditions such as those in Naples or in Latin America do not appear to scare it. What a comforting decision, Chicago City Council, to permit only a maximum of three stories for public housing …

The construction policies in cities and in the countryside – whether in Germany, France or even Switzerland, and many other countries – are outgrowths of the darkest orthodox collectivism. Modern Tachyon-Field technology will make it possible to speedily and inexpensively get rid of many a concrete silo monstrosity.

It is orthodox to force a centralistic administration on man, the individual. It is just as collectivistically orthodox to destroy naturally developed villages to create “macrocommunities” (whose administration is more expensive), as it is unworthy to have a system of elections that is more centralized than that of Switzerland.

A society based on the recognition of an ethical individualism is best achieved by personal knowledge of the individual on the part of others and not by a collectivistic, centralistic and bureaucratic administration of anonymity. This is because a man forced into anonymity – the state and the environment force him to be anonymous – will rarely find the motivation to develop a higher ethical profile.

One could say it is orthodox to cling to a model of horizontal social organization by assuming an equality of man which in reality does not exist, such as is done by the political parties in Germany, based on erroneously interpreted historical experience.

Authoritarian systems, and both capitalistic and patriarchal systems (like Japan), which tend to favor a vertical social order, are more feasible. The motivation for the talented to rise is stronger, the obligation to be disciplined and produce is more strongly felt, and the probability of finding more highly selected leaders in chairmanships and boards of directors is better. In my opinion, one essential reason for the crisis in Germany is embedded in overemphasizing the horizontal social order, while Japan and the United States draw their strength from a vertical order, as does Switzerland.

For the same reason, it is also orthodox to demand equality of opportunity. Equality of opportunity hampers the gifted, and overtaxes the young persons whose strength, although it may lie somewhere other than in intellectual pursuits, may still be of enormous value. When the German Federal President Carstens took office, he spoke out for justice of opportunity. So Hannover’s “Allgemeine Zeitung” reported that he had pleaded for equal opportunity. Apparently the collectivistic journalists writing in that paper did not grasp the fundamental difference!

One collectivistic, standardized bad habit that has now become orthodox is to place amorphous, nonessential teaching material above fundamental education in schools. The teaching base in history, geography, literature, Latin, foreign languages, biology and general physics and chemistry is too narrow to provide the necessary base for the lifelong continued development of individual capabilities. Here, too, the vertical social orders, with their availability of optional elite private schools and universities, fare better.

It is incorrect to believe that such a system must favor those economically better off. Regulations in Japan prove the opposite. However, decollectivization requires privatization – a true personal reference system, rather than computer selection for schools, colleges and professions, and the privatization of official activities wherever possible. Community administration of schools, colleges, hospitals, public transportation, insurance, and national banks is part of it.

The contrast between orthodox and new concepts in space physics, and hence in energy technology, does not yet consciously affect the average citizen – he does not know that for years now, he could have had cheap, unlimited energy. Whatever this would have made possible, to date remains speculation.

Things are quite different in medicine. Here, many are affected by this scientific controversy in their own skin, even their physical existence. In a few cases, an individual may already know this. Most do not yet know it.

And how did we reach this dissociation in science and this progressing isolation of orthodox medicine into an old man’s club? A very fundamental reason for this, in my estimation, is the arrogance of a large portion of the scientific publications, which is obviously based, in its turn, on the advice of orthodox editors and advisory groups. Thus, whatever is not published in a “recognized” journal is simply ignored. The result? A disproportionate, sometimes authoritative portion of the modern wealth of ideas is not, or is only insufficiently, represented in the “recognized” scientific press. From a renowned scientist: “This is a frightening insight! Where was this, and this and this published? If this continues, ignorance shall befall us!”

In fact, an interesting phenomenon becomes apparent. As a consequence of being cut off from modern information, orthodoxy becomes instable, thus permitting the new concepts to develop in peace. These are the typical preconditions for a successful revolution. Who took Fidel Castro and a handful of people in the Cuban bush seriously twenty-six years ago? Only a few – the White House certainly not.

In fact, decisive papers on space physics, such as those by Luther or Preischkat, or the Magyary experiment during the 1961 solar eclipse, will not be found in the “recognized” technical press. It is the same in the field of medicine.

Extensive reports of modern medicine and therapy, especially of long-term illnesses, are either not mentioned by the “acknowledged” medical press, or they are published only in a very short form, or often tendentiously distorted.

It may well happen that the contents of the orthodox “German Medical Weekly” becomes such that, compared to it, the contents of “Pravda” appears really infor­mative.

Juristically speaking, for example, in a patent law ruling, published is published. It is unimportant whether the publication is in the “Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift” or in the “Bild Zeitung”, or whether it is in “National Enquirer” or in “Science.” The orthodox establishment has to get used to this basic rule. Only then is the protection of idea and name possible.

The contrast between modern science and orthodoxy is manifold; the distance between the applied methods is becoming larger and larger. A few important and practical discrepancies are shown here.


EXAMPLE: Orthopedics
Many of the diseases in this category are caused by disorders in bone metabolism, and especially cartilage metabolism. Orthopedists offer all kinds of therapeutic measures, often lengthy and expensive. And hardly anything is done for normalization of bone and cartilage metabolism at the professional level. Or would the parents of a child suffering from Perthes disease (Osteochondrosis of capitular epiphysis, a shearing deformation in the growth zone of the femur’s head) even know that the intake of calcium orotate and glucusamine-sulfate accomplishes more than the questionable introduction of wires into the femur’s head?

In order to obtain insight into disorders in bone metabolism, a “whole blood” mineral analysis is essential. Sound treatment is very difficult without it. Incidentally, whole blood analyses are also very important to the treatment of cancer and cardiac infarction danger. And the DAK (German Employees Health Insurance) writes: “As a result of the intervention of the association of health insurance companies, we were told that, according to the concepts of ‘orthodox medicine’, conditions mentioned did not require whole blood analysis.”


EXAMPLE: Fluoridation
Tooth enamel requires some fluoride for its cementation, which is then incorporated into the enamel mass. As a rule, sufficient fluoride is ingested from the environment, in combination with silicates or in protein from fish. If a little more fluoride is administered, teeth will be less prone to develop caries even if there is a shortage of vitamin D, calcium and acidic foods in the diet, and if many sweets are eaten.*
[ * However, restricting the intake of sugar, then acidic foods, fish and calcium phosphate (without the administration of fluoride), would have the same result. ]

So everyone, and especially children, is given sodium fluoride, because it is a by-product of industry. This compound is, however, highly poisonous, even in the quantities given to children in fluoride tablets. Even a million to one dilution causes mutations, as Dr. Mohamed, at the University of Kansas, has shown. Cancer and leukemia incidence rates increase by 15%, a fact first disputed, and now officially accepted by the British government. The metabolism of the child’s brain, which requires a great deal of oxygen, is impaired by sodium fluoride (NaF). Damage to skin growth, hair growth, a tendency towards bronchitis, etc., are part of it. An American court in Plymouth, near Pittsburgh, studied approximately 150 affidavits on the subject of fluoride prophylaxis of teeth with NaF. At least 94% of these affidavits and publications dealt with the dangers due to NaF.

Nevertheless, this substance continues to be administered to almost all German children.

An American nutritional scientist very close to me, Emanuel Cheraskin, a professor at Birmingham, Alabama, is of the opinion that the susceptibility of youths toward drugs, and their diminished intellectual performance, is to be explained by the preceding damage to nerve metabolism caused by toxic elements such as lead, mercury, and above all, fluorine – and not the other way around. First comes the lack of energy, the pale appearance with no pigment and the dry, stringy hair, and then the drugs, and the search for an aggravating situation, in order to “experience” an adrenaline surge.

The administration of sodium fluoride is especially abused in Switzerland. They would do well to consider whether fluoride abuse might not be a contributing cause to those pale-faced youths terrorizing the famous Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich and writing “autonomy, not psychiatry” along the lakeshore promenades. It appears that fluoride – as well as chromium and platinum – damage certain metabolic substances from the suprarenal cortex required to correct genetic misprogrammings, such as cancer and the so-called autoimmune reactions. Thus, for instance, multiple sclerosis is very common in the United States (Ohio, for instance), where fluorine and chromium extensively pollute the environment.

The problem of poisonous fluoride effects led to many questions, so I shall include some clarifying comments here. There are symptoms, which in children, invite the suspicion of latent, chronic fluoride poisoning, and can be observed by parents without any medical training. They are: thin, silky and occasionally sparse hair; little browning of the skin, in the Sun; and premature loss of the baby teeth. The first tooth loosening should not start before the age of 5½, and this should occur only on the two lower incisive teeth. Different immune system disorders are typical for latent fluoride poisoning, with the following results: increase in cancer frequency and leukemia frequency by 15% (This has been proven time and again in studies of cities, which initiate fluoridation of their water. One exception is cervical cancer, as mentioned in the chapter on cancer.); and a tendency toward frequent bronchitis and middle ear infections which are hard to cure. This is especially true for children receiving fluoride-containing tablets. These bronchial infections can occasionally take on threatening forms, especially if they last a long time. Suppression of the fluoride tablets usually has a salutary effect. Further observations in connection with fluoride administration are: hyperkinesis in children (constant, spontaneous bodily unrest), deficient capacity for concentration and continuous mental activity, and lack of mental receptivity. In addition, eczemas, neurodermititis and obesity (very important!) have been observed in connection with fluoride administration.

The Canadian environmental authority (Department of Natural Resources) controls damage to the environment in Canada relatively strictly. The toxic effects originate primarily at industrial sites in the northern and northeastern USA. There are thousands of dead lakes in Canada due to acid rain. The most recent communication from the Canadian environmental authority states that the death of the forests – which has taken on alarming proportions in Germany as well – is caused by sulfuric acids, as well as hydrogen fluoride combinations. While the concentrations of these hydrogen fluoride compounds in the atmosphere is small, they are nevertheless very dangerous because they are responsible for damaging the photosynthesis processes of the trees. Incidentally, the damage to trees becomes apparent based on observations related to direct wind exposure and wind turbulence (such as trees on ridges and in lanes, and isolated trees), not precipitation. The fluoride concentrations necessary for this kind of poisoning are no higher than those prescribed to children “for treatment.” Thus, a small liquor measure (Jigger) full of hydrofluoric acid is sufficient to kill a large oak tree within a year. Giving additional magnesium to the soil may partly prevent the fluoride damage.

It is very difficult to talk to, much less argue with, those responsible for a possible environmental fluoride catastrophe. This starts with the industries (see, for example, William Kraus vs. City of Cleveland) and continues down to the dentist or pediatrician who controls the children in kindergarten. Not infrequently, those accused adopt very insolent attitudes.

“Sodium Fluoride induced Morphological and Neoplastic Transformation, Chromosome Aberrations, Sister Chromatid Exchanges, and Unscheduled DNA Synthesis in Cultured Syrian Hamster Embryo Cells”.

This paper from Japanese authors in the Tokyo Nippon Dental University has appeared in the US “Cancer Research” Journal of March 1984.

Thank God the understanding comes!

On February 26, 1982, a court in Illinois disapproved, in a 37 page(!) long decision, the local fluoridation of water because of the great danger to health.


EXAMPLE: Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes)
The orthodox way of treating this disease, which, according to Cheraskin, is the cause of many problems, is to normalize the blood sugar level by ingestion of certain medications that lower the sugar level, or by injection of insulin. In addition, an appropriate diet is prescribed. Rolled oat flakes are particularly favorable. As a rule, this exhausts what orthodox medicine has to offer diabetics. And yet, diabetic patients require larger quantities of zinc for several reasons. They require magnesium carrier compounds and selenium, because the larger and especially the smaller arterial blood vessels can be severely damaged by diabetes, even if a “normal” glucose level is maintained. Furthermore, the patient requires a substance, which is called GTF (glucose tolerance factor) by the California biochemist, Schrauzer, because, similarly to oats, it normalizes the glucose level due to more thorough sugar burning, and because it is necessary to prevent, the damage mentioned to blood vessels and nerves. GTF is a chromium compound.

Zinc aspartate and zinc orotate also stabilize the blood glucose level and reduce the need for insulin. In addition, these substances are effective against the diabetic’s impotence. Orthodox medicine however, rarely, if at all, offers the products mentioned. The same is true for fresh food high in fiber, Selenium-yeast, and diluted hydrochloric acid, which is a source of hydrogen and chlorine ions.

Diabetes is a prevalent cause of severe damage to the retina of the eye often resulting in blindness. For this reason it must be attempted to protect (guard) the arteries of the retina from damage and above all to “seal” them. This can be done with the so-called colamime phosphate salts such as Phosetamine and calcium-EAP. These substances, likewise, may seal the pancreatic islet cells against immune aggression. Furthermore one can improve the “burning” of glucose using medication, which also lowers the level of cholesterol. Bezofibrate is to be mentioned here, however, the eumetabolic Carnitine is substantially better suited for this task. It need not be mentioned that orthodox medicine almost never offers this treatment.


EXAMPLE: Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis is an autonomous progressive nerve disease caused by malfunction of the immune system. It initially starts with a viral infection. The measles virus seems to be the most important “starter.” This was discovered more than 20 years ago, by Dr. Mannweiler, at the Pette-Institute in Hamburg. Distemper infection from dogs apparently plays the second most important “starter” role with our numerous MS patients in the USA (over 700 in ten years). The distemper connection was also reported some 10 years ago in the USA after special observations made in New Jersey. Rubella, mumps, influenza, and certain viruses from sheep could also function as “starters.”

MS occurs primarily in the northern regions of the globe, or in those much further south, such as Southern Australia, New Zealand, Patagonia and South Africa. The world map which shows the occurrences of MS is almost identical with the map which shows the population consuming dairy products in larger quantities. Sometimes MS also occurs in India and certain areas of East Africa. In South Africa (Durban-Natal) the distribution of MS is identical with the regions of the dairy industry. Often we have MS patients from those areas around Hannover where the dairy industry is situated. The difference between Texas and Mexico is striking. In Texas, where milk products are consumed, there are about 415 MS patients per million people. Mexicans, who favor Spanish-style food with almost no milk products, have only 7% of the number of MS cases reported in Texas (29 per million). Residents of the dairy state of Wisconsin are likewise highly affected.

There are two forms of MS, as was first determined by MS-scientist Broman, of Gbteborg, Sweden. About 90% of MS patients experience a primary aggression against their myelin, the “insulation winding” (or sheath) around the nerve fibers, and against those cells which build the “insulation layers.” These “insulation layers” have almost the same construction as a cell membrane, their mother cells being called “Oligodendroglia.” This form is also called “Kuwert I”, so named after a German scientist.

About 10% of MS patients suffer a primary aggression against the blood-brain barrier, which is a filtering segment in the small veins of the brain (type “Kuwert II”). The conditions at the optic nerve are different in these cases, as is the early history of pain (migraine type complaints). The prognosis is better than for the “Kuwert I” type.

Light deficiency, a weakness of the suprarenal glands – with very low blood pressure – and factors which damage the function of control steroids in the supraenal glands, such as fluoride in water, and chromium, nickel and platinum in the air seem to encourage the disease. Most probably this combination led to MS cases occurring in shocking frequency in the “Ohio-Michigan Belt.”

Apparently several membrane systems are less resistant to aggression, at least in part due to hereditary reasons. I have seen MS in identical twins and in blood relatives.

Back to the question of dairy products. About 20 years ago English scientists docu­mented that the so-called glutene in milk activated MS. Also the possibility of a viral infection from the milk is not totally out of question. Therefore I recommend to my MS patients the substitution of a glass of champagne for the milk. This enhances circulation and immediately improves the patient-doctor relationship.

As a rule, what orthodox medicine has to offer these patients is a shrugging of the shoulders, occasional therapy with a toxic immune inhibitor (Azathioprine), cortisone treatments, which admittedly are very important, and occasionally ACTH (adreno-croticotrophic hormone). The latter is of some help against an attack. It also appears to accelerate the disease as such, because, in the long run ACTH weakens the surveillance function of the suprarenal cortex’s defense against immune diseases by gradually “squeezing” it out.

Since the Azathioprine (Imurel, Imurek) is rather poisonous to the liver and can seriously impair the body’s general defenses (we rejected this over 15 years ago), orthodox practitioners in the USA and Germany administer cyclophosphamide as an immune inhibitor. This is actually a cancer treatment. Deleterious side effects stopped us from using cyclophosphamide, and we substituted trophosphamide (Ixoten), which proves effective as an immune inhibitor for MS over long periods of time and is very well tolerated. In general, we check for the potential disappearing of “naked nuclear lymphocytes” from the bloodstream. If their count is low, in comparison with certain other parameters, we have to assume the presence of an ongoing immune-attack, which leads to a relapse of the MS. This special lympho­cyte investigation was originally introduced by us into cancer treatment, and it turned out to be a good tool to predict MS relapse. The Ixoten therapy is, in general, guided by the results of this particular lymph cell control.

The much more modern alternative is to protect the myelin sheath along the nerve path, the cells of the so-called oligodendroglia and the so-called blood-brain barrier, by substances, which seal their surface against “immune aggression.” Several compounds achieve this. The most important of these, calcium-EAP [2-aminoethanolphosphate], has even been officially licensed as an MS medication by the German equivalent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.). Its carrier component – EAP – simultaneously is also a so-called “neuro­transmitter” and as such can repair lost nerve membrane functions. This is no miraculous effect, but better by far than any alternative. I have reported an improve­ment rate of 80% in patients. In the United States in 1980, 35 of my MS patients in Toledo, Ohio were queried: 34 improved, one patient did not. In the southeast United States, 20 out of 22 were reported improved. Incidentally, a vegetarian diet is also effective in MS, since we know today the benefit of such a diet lies in its photon activity, also called “Kirlian positivity” (see chapter on Topic of the Symposium). This applies especially to the apparent beneficial effect of beta-carotene in food, which displays a very particular electrical property.

Apparently the surveillance steroids in the suprarenal cortex are activated by this effect. This mechanism also plays a role in cancer therapy.

Other diseases of the nervous system caused by similar conditions can also be influenced by this treatment, for example, Friedreich’s Ataxia and Leucodystrophy quite well, and ALS [amyotrophic lateral sclerosis], to a limited extent. The obvious improvements in these conditions must be attributed to the neuro-transmitter function of the EAP-Component administered. As early as 1970, Dr. Mönninghoff, in Münster (Westphalia) was able to very neatly show the “sealing effect” of Ca-EAP, Ca-aspartate and similar compounds on the cell membrane, by means of electron microscopy.

We have been carrying out this multiple sclerosis treatment for 20 years now. The results are quite satisfactory, assuming a series of prerequisites are met. Treatment should start as early as possible, preferably immediately after diagnosis. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case, primarily because of inadequate advice from “orthodox physicians.” Calcium EAP was officially licensed as a multiple sclerosis medicine, with the concurrence of the German Federal Health Office, in about 1966. Calcium orotate and calcium aspartate (Calciretard) are apparently also effective. It was discovered a few years ago that aspartic acid, i.e., the carrier molecule of Calciretard, fulfills the function of an electronic neuro-transmitter, as does EAP.

More recently, Dr. Galland, a brilliant researcher at the Gesell Institute in New Haven, CT, has reported that in patients with immunological diseases (like MS), there is a decreased excretion of colamine phosphate in the urine, and a lowered level in blood serum. It is possible that in patients who are “immune disease prone”, the buildup of natural colamine phosphate in the cell, and in myelin mem­branes, is impaired. This could again explain why the therapeutic supply of additional colamine phosphate is of high value for MS patients. Colamine phosphate is a important for myelin membranes as are nails for a fence. Colamine phosphate and EAP are identical.

It has also been shown that in MS patients, cell membranes in general show an abnormal “porosity”, even the red blood cells. The lack of natural colamine phosphate, and the membrane porosity, indicate that MS patients, from their birth, were abnormally “MS prone”, due to inherited disturbances.

It is interesting that an interruption in the EAP-therapy, even after 3-4 years, immediately leads to a renewed worsening of the malady. In a specific case, this can occur because the physician or nurse is unable to come for the necessary intravenous injection because of illness or accident. The same can be observed when the EAP preparation has decomposed, and is nevertheless administered in the belief that it will be effective. These are unintentional yet very interesting findings that validate the effectiveness of this treatment. Smoking almost entirely annihilates the therapeutic effect of the colamine phosphate salts and worsens the disease. The so-called nicotinic effect – once investigated by prestigious researcher Laborit in Paris – is responsible for this. In addition, the intake of preparations containing zinc, even in small amounts, may very drastically enhance the progression of the disease!!

In addition, it must be determined without delay whether the MS patient spends too much time in a geopathogenic zone, especially with regard to his sleeping quarters. According to our observations, this is the case for approximately 75% of our MS patients. Proof is obtained by means of a reliable dowser (see also the chapter on Cancer). The MS patient should avoid prolonged stays in such zones by all means, since otherwise the discharge of his memgrane potential will be reinforced.

On the other hand, remaining in strongly magnetic waters can affect the symptoms favorably and, in fact, nearly eliminate them in the short term. The first patient who came to me from the USA for MS treatment was a physician himself. He stated that when he immersed himself in the lagoons by the Gulf of Mexico, he became nearly symptom free.

On August 3,1984 a most fascinating article from the University of New York at Buffalo has appeared in SCIENCE: In the nerve there is an electric shunt between the central axon fiber and the myelin which is a multilayer wrapping of a double-contoured “leaf” of a cell membrane system. This finding will mean in essence that our nerves own a pure “Tesla function” and seem to extract a major part of their effector energy from space – just identic to the aforementioned “Plasma Ignition.” Colamine phosphate (EAP) is made to restore the condenser function of the membranes and such restores their “Tesla” property.

Even though since 1972 a steady stream of patients from the USA has come to Germany for their MS treatment, the official Institute for Neuroimmunology of the American Department of Health, in Washington, has not even requested samples for their laboratories of the applicable preparations from the German manufacturer. However, a responsible medical official of the Institute for Neuroimmunology, Dr. MacFarlin, has written to me asking for further information. I sent him documentation for all the scientific publications, including the electron microscope examinations and a long audiotape with detailed information. And yet, in a detailed, two-part article on MS, in the renowned New England Journal of Medicine, the program we developed was not accorded a single word, even though it can be shown to currently be most effective in the treatment of this disease. By the same token, the MS societies both in the USA and the FRG continue to collect funds, although I have some difficulty in finding any appropriate use for these funds, based on the criteria used by objective science. This is as true of the USA as it is of the FRG.

More recently (in July, 1984) the highly orthodox German MS society got caught mailing a highly untrue, even fraudulent “information paper” to its members. Dissociated as the initiators of this paper are from truth and scientific reality, they apparently underestimated the counter reaction from the patients who have been helped. This is typical of the position and the fate of “ossified” orthodoxies in clinical neurology. The related papers can be obtained from the Brewer Science Library in Richland Center, Wisconsin. It is great fun reading them. The original texts, however, are written in German.


“The Experts speak”
“Welt am Sonntag” (World on Sunday), on August 19, 1984, reported on this wonderful New York publication. Here a few quotations and extrapolations:

Physicist Lord Kelvin, 1895: “It will prove impossible to fly in machines which are heavier than air.’

1897: “Wireless radio transmission will have no future.” 1900: “Röntgen (X-ray) beams are a joke.”

“My uncle is a peace-loving man. He does not believe it would pay to go to war.” Adolf Hitler’s nephew Willi

“Doctor Nieper’s treatment of Multiple sclerosis is dangerous (true, to the orthodox establishment), an unnecessary burden, and unpayably expensive (yet far less expensive than would be the ongoing of the disease!). Dr. Nieper also gives 300 mgs. of selenium per day to the patient which is toxic.” (This is also incorrect, such a dose is deadly toxic).

The doctors and professors of the board of the German Multiple Sclerosis Society. Drs. Bauer in Göttingen, Weinrich and Seeberg in Hannover, Böse in Francfort, Fink, Scherf, Lficker, etc.


EXAMPLE: Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Leucodystrophy
As already mentioned, the EAP-salts seemingly also work in FA and in ALS.

Around 1975 many people from Europe and from the USA asked me if FA and ALS, as well as MS, would respond to the colamin phosphates (EAP-salts). At first I had the tendency to deny this, but many people having such a disease insisted on trying it. The results turned out to be positive on the whole, and sometimes even surprising. As a result, people suffering from these diseases are welcomed by us today. ALS is – according to our proper findings – apparently not an immuno­disease. There are, however, mixed forms with an MS – like manifestation observable. ALS was found to be frequent with those people exposed to aluminum contamination. This was first reported from the island of Guam. We have frequently found ALS in aluminum welders, in people eating frequently from aluminum foil especially when it had been heated or even burned on charcoal, in people living downwind from aluminum refineries, and in people who used underarm sprays based on aluminum hydroxide in a fluoride propellant for a long period of time.

This latter application, by the way, also seems to play a role in the onset of the now-threatening Alzheimer’s disease.

Since functionally defective nerve cell membranes seem to be at the origin of ALS, colamine phosphate salts could possibly counteract this impairment since they will function as a neuro-transmitter. The observed results seem to confirm this. With one exception, we have not experienced a fatal bulbar paralysis since starting. The American ALS-Society, unlike the MS-Society, is very cooperative.

Leucodystrophy is a disease mainly observed in children about two years of age. Wobbling, atactic motoric function of the legs is the predominant symptom. The disease is caused by a lack of maturation of myelin sheath insulation in the lower part of the brain. The disease is usually fatal. The attempt to “after-mature” this in­sulation sheath by giving colamin phosphates turned out to be extremely reward­ing. Orthodoxy does not offer this. The colamin phosphates as essential mem­brane components were discovered by the eminent American biochemist Chargaff. However, unlike Germany, they are not offered on the American market.

Friedreich’s Ataxia is a disease diagnosed by evident motoric dysfunctions of the nervous system. Inheritance is obvious, because frequently siblings in a family suffer from the disease. In contrast to orthodox interpretation, the nervous system dysfunction is really only a secondary cause. The fundamental cause of the disease is mainly a defective calcium transit deeper in the cell plasma. This results in a change of the calcium gradients of membrane vs. plasma, and related problems.

Thus, the buildup of bone is largely impaired in regions where it is expected to be particularly solid. As a consequence, dorsal spine deformations called scoliosis will develop. Furthermore, the function of the cardiac muscle will suffer. Early congestive heart failure and even cardiac necrosis may result.

Since the inherit defect in Friedreich’s seems to affect the intracellular calcium transport mechanism, the only answer is to bypass this deficiency. This can be done primarily with calcium-diorotate, and with a few more therapeutic manipulations of cellular calcium and magnesium metabolism. The results are noteworthy. However, it is mandatory that the calcium orotate not be decomposed prior to arriving in the cell plasma. Therefore, the preparations offered must be protected against hydrolyzation by gastric juices. Normally this is not the case with the products offered on the market in the USA. It need not be mentioned that orthodox medicine does not have anything to offer these, poor patients.


EXAMPLE: Chronic Inflammation of the Liver and Atrophied Liver
We have many opportunities to damage our liver. Everything we ingest from the environment – nutrients, chemicals, dyes, poisons, viruses, detergents – everything must pass through the liver to be “detoxified.”

A particularly damaging factor is the chronic ingestion of alcohol, with the damaging quantity of alcohol varying considerably from one individual to the next (between 15 to 250 grams of alcohol per day). Dietary habits also have a considerable influence on our tolerance of alcohol. Thus, a Russian who consumes many carbohydrates can tolerate more alcohol than an American who consumes more meat and milk protein. A very well known liver clinician from Hamburg once coined the phrase “with alcohol, it is never too late to stop.” In fact, even relatively severe liver damage can be regenerated once we bid alcohol farewell.

During the late 60’s, many physicians called attention to the observed increase in the so-called fatty liver. Liver cells normally include small quantities of fat, which is necessary. However, in the case of the intermediate or heavy fatty liver, almost all cells have fatty inclusions in the form of large droplets. The argument that this was a consequence of “overindulgence in food and alcohol”, however, was not valid. The consumption of alcohol and pig’s knuckles, compared with the 30’s, had not fundamentally increased. Some 10 years ago, we found during examinations performed at our hospital – with the assistance of the Volkswagen Foundation – that perhaps the exposure to polyglycols (technical tensides, ionic detergents and rinse agents in domestic dishwashers) was to be held responsible for the increase in fatty livers, high uric acid levels, occasionally gout, high neutral fats (triglycerides) and possibly also diabetes. There are many arguments today that favor this conception, although we cannot go into detail here (see also chapter on the heart).

It is not unusual for orthodox medicine to be quite helpless in the treatment of chronic liver ailments, especially chronic immunological liver inflammation. In these chronic liver inflammations, which not infrequently end in atrophied livers and bleeding of the esophageal veins, the continued release of lysosomal enzymes apparently plays a role. These are very aggressive, cell-destroying enzymes released by little bubbles in the cell plasma, the so-called lysosomes. These lysosomes exist not so much in the liver cells themselves, as the cells of the liver’s supportive connective tissue. One could attempt to seal the walls of these lysosome bubbles, to prevent the release of these aggressive enzymes. In fact, a possibility for this exists. It is feasible to release calcium at the lysosome membranes by specifically transporting it there. This can be achieved by means of the special compound, calcium diorotate. In addition, the sodium content in these bubbles – and especially in their walls – must be kept as low as possible, i.e., sodium must be specifically displaced. This can be done by transporting sodium-displacing lithium to these sites using lithium-orotate. For this reason, incidentally, mineral springs of high lithium content, such as Vichy in France, for example, are in high demand for liver cures. Another possibility for removing part of the sodium from the liver is given by the use of taurine. This is a substance produced by large saltwater fish to remain “sweet” inside, and not as salty as the surrounding seawater.

A special difficulty in maintaining a healthy liver, or the heart and circulatory system for that matter, is posed by the constantly increasing sodium content in our drinking water. Since we are dealing with sodium rather than common salt, we cannot taste this impurity. Sodium concentrations of 500-1,200 mg per liter can be found anywhere. I would, therefore strongly recommend, from a medical point of view, not to use water with more than 10 mg Na per liter in domestic beverages.

Undoubtedly, the best choice is the magnetically highly active Haderheck water. The second choice is the economical French Volvic water.

Aside from the uncontrolled use of synthetic fertilizers, the nonsensical salting of road surfaces in winter is one of the causes of drinking water pollution by sodium. Stringent environmental controls are urgently needed here, as a directly acting executive power for environmental control authorities.

Chronic liver inflammations can also cause excessive production of ammonia which further damages the liver as well as intellectual capacity. Therefore, excessive ammonia must also be eliminated. This can be accomplished by supplying potassium-magnesium aspartate, which causes more ammonia to be used in urea synthesis and thus be eliminated via the kidneys. This principle, by the way, was discovered by my friends Laborit and Weber in Paris in 1958.

The long-term treatment of liver inflammation is possible by means of the commercial product “Leberorotat” (liver orotate), based on calcium and lithium orotates. It should be pointed out that the calcium orotate contained in it is officially recognized as preventing the side effects of cortisone. Cortisones are often prescribed by physicians for chronic liver ailments.

Although it is a real blessing, this therapy is not, as a rule, offered by orthodox medicine. It has become apparent after many years of “liver orotate” application that atrophied livers and tense varicose veins of the esophagus can be prevented. It should be remarked, however, that certain other membrane sealing preparations as, for instance, those prepared from a certain kind of thistle called “Mary’s Thistle” (Marien Distel), are being used more frequently, even by orthodox medicine. These preparations have the disadvantage, however, that while they apparently can seal the cell membrane – as certain amino acid salts can do – they do not prevent the release of the aggressive lysosomal enzymes.


EXAMPLE: Lithium Orotate

[ * Biological processes will substitute in a molecule, an atom of related character, if the one it really needs isn’t present in its environment. The substitute is really a “place holder” and can’t perform all of the functioning of the desired atom – mainly because of resonate qualities. ]

Lithium has proven very useful in the treatment of diseases. Due to its physical characteristics, it displaces sodium in the cellular system. Apparently, its desirable therapeutic effects are related to this fact.

As a rule, orthodox medicine prescribes lithium in the form of its usual salts, such as lithium carbonate. It then becomes necessary to ingest fairly large quantities to achieve the desired effects. These are: improvement in manic and depressive states, improvement in the tendency towards alcoholism, a braking effect on thyroid overproduction and occasionally an improvement in the production of white blood cells, for instance, in the defense against cancerous diseases. Unfortunately, the side effects are not insignificant. These include disturbance of the water balance, fine muscular tremors (fibrillation) and the requirement for fairly frequent lithium blood level controls. As a rule, it may attain 0.6 mval. A trick can be used to overcome these side effects – instead of the usual salts, supply the lithium salt of orotic acid (lithium orotate) which preferentially moves to those cell systems we want to affect, for example, the cells of the connective structure of the brain (the glia cells), the cells of the heart’s pacemaker and the heart’s stimulus conduction system, and the bone marrow cells. It is thus possible to improve the specific effect of lithium nearly 20 fold. Clinically, 5 mg lithium out of the orotate are approximately as effective as 100 mg lithium out of the carbonate. Examinations of blood serum are no longer necessary because there is no longer any important increase in the serum’s lithium content, nor can one be attained. Muscular fibrillation is also prevented, as are disorderly effects on the thyroid. The formation of goiter is avoided, as are undesirable disturbances in the water balance. According to Dr. Kline’s studies, in New York, 37% of alcoholics are favorably influenced by lithium carbonate; the figure for lithium orotate would presumably be closer to 70%. In addition, neither the alcoholic nor the emotionally disturbed likes to have to constantly run to the laboratory for lithium controls, as the therapy with the orthodox lithium carbonate requires.

Another lithium compound, the lithium salt of aspartic acid (lithium aspartate), is also considerably more effective than the orthodox carbonate, at a level inter­mediate between it and lithium orotate.

Even though in 1974 I was elected an honorary member of the Officer’s Association of the American Drug Enforcement Police at a large meeting in Anaheim, California (with the corresponding medal), orthodox medicine does still not offer lithium orotate in the treatment of alcoholism, nor in that of mania, nor of light depression or migraine, for which it is also effective.


EXAMPLE: Homeopathy
If a few beakers full of blood are poured into the ocean off Hawaii or off eastern Australia, sharks will immediately move in that direction, even from miles away. Or, when a forest pest such as the night moth secretes a sex-specific scent, the corresponding partners immediately fly there from a distance of more than one kilometer.

It is unlikely that sharks or moths could establish chemical, material contact with blood or the scent within seconds. Even if against all probability this were so, how would they know in which direction to go? Hence, substances in space – most likely water molecule dipoles – must be transmitting a signal which, while caused by a specific substance, acts independently of it.

As long as orthodox physicians do not acknowledge these phenomena, all their efforts to understand homeopathy will bear the mark of helplessly amateurish knowledge of the natural sciences.


EXAMPLE: Thrombosis
Thrombosis can occur due to inflammation of the veins, as well as by disease-caused electrical membrane changes in red blood corpuscles and platelets. For its treatment, orthodox medicine offers primarily preparations, which lower the coagulation factor from the liver, called prothrombin (for example, the medication Coumarin). This can be supplemented by chestnut extracts in ointments or occasionally, for internal consumption, by a heparin compound for injection, and by certain anti-inflammatory agents. The so-called anticoagulants, such as Coumarin, have no effect against already existing clots and thromboses, little effect on electrical or mucous changes on the surface of red blood corpuscles of platelets (thrombocytes), and only a very limited effect against already existing deposits and inflammations in the vein walls – and even less in arterial walls. In special cases, orthodox medicine offers a bacterial factor, streptokinase, to dissolve thromboses. This therapy is very expensive and is useful only for a limited period of time, and, like the Coumarin treatment, requires constant laboratory control.

What does orthodox medicine not offer, as a rule? The pineapple enzyme bromelaine (not bromelin!), which is absorbed into the bloodstream, can be used without limitation, is as effective eight years later as on the first day, dissolves already existing clots and cleans blood vessel walls, as well as the blood cells already mentioned. “Anavit F3” and “Ananase” are standardized bromelaine preparations. “Wobenzyme” also belongs in this group, even though it must be taken in higher doses. Magnesium, which can be bound to the membranes, such as magnesium aspartate, orotate and citrate, has a strong thrombosis-inhibiting effect. Orthodox medicine, as a rule, does not offer it. Wobenzyme is a very funny invention. It appears most desirable to have pancreatin absorbed into the blood stream since it rather specifically attacks cancer cells, as well as fibrin layers, clots and fresh thromboses.

Unfortunately, pancreatin is not resorbed. It will mainly stay in the intestine for the acknowledged purpose of digestion. Attempts to infuse pancreatin intravenously have largely failed because of poor tolerance and even shock. In contrast to animal-derived enzymes like pancreatin, plant-derived enzymes like bromelaine (from pineapple) are easily resorbed. If bromelaine and pancreatin are administered in a fixed combination, astonishingly, a part of the pancreatin will appear in the blood stream! A possible explanation for this is that the presence of one enzyme (the bromelaine) will neutralize the electrical properties of the other enzyme (pancreatin) and thus transiently do away with the blocking mechanism, which normally prevents the passage from the intestine into the blood.

It is well known that orthodox medicine does not offer anything even close to this, and that orthodoxy-advised insurance companies will not pay for Wobenzyme treatments. This has not, however, kept Wobenzyme from becoming a multi­million Deutsche Mark per year seller in Germany. (There’s an old Venetian saying. What’s the most convenient way to overcome your opponent? Just buy’m!)

Several other coagulation disorders, which are, as a rule, associated with capillary or small blood vessel bleeding, are also stepchildren of orthodox medicine. Thus, deficiencies in platelets (thrombocytopenia) and another bleeding disorder affecting the smallest capillaries (Schönlein-Hennoch syndrome) can be practically eliminated as diseases by the EAP complex-salt mixture “Phosetamine”, which is also a colamin-phosphate preparation. Phosetamine normalizes the surface functions of the platelets. However, even a Medical School which many years ago investigated Phosetamine with great interest, today offers only a shrug of the shoulders as therapy for Schönlein-Hennoch-Purpura.


EXAMPLE: Arteriosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries)
To combat this disease, which is so significant in many ways, orthodox medicine offers a low-salt diet (a very welcome measure), medications that enhance blood circulation (most of very brief value) and, once the fat metabolism disruption has been identified, also the so-called clofibrate compounds. While these clofibrates reduce blood fat levels, they are essentially a cosmetic treatment. They do not improve blood vessel elasticity, which should be the essential criterion for success. Instead, they produce a tendency towards a fatty liver and can reinforce Angina Pectoris attacks. Based on the theory of metabolism, they should also increase the tendency towards cardiac infarctions. Mercifully, clofibrate was once prohibited by the federal Department of Health in Germany. Later it was admitted again.

In addition, orthodox medicine offers calf-serum extracts, and sometimes-necessary surgical measures for the treatment of arteriosclerosis.

The fact is overlooked that arteriosclerosis is caused not so much by blood fat content as by underlying inflammation processes in the blood vessel walls. These inflammatory processes also interfere with the nutrient exchange from blood to tissue, called “transit.”

One of the strongest means available for immediate general inflammation inhibition is ozone. While the results are very good, orthodox medicine does not offer this therapy.

In the United States, and in Germany, Chelation therapy is offered, although not by orthodox medicine. A substance called EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetra­acetate) indirectly dissolves calcium out of the deposits. With some patience, the results can be very satisfying.

The previously mentioned bromelaines have an excellent cleaning effect on arterial deposits. This is even more true after a treatment of at least 18 months with magnesium orotate, even for diabetics. The famous Lipostabil, one of the so-called EPL (Essential Phosphohpid) substances, can rejuvenate blood vessels to an extent, even though it must be taken in large doses.

Prevention of arteriosclerosis plays a very significant role in increasing life expectancy. The contrast between orthodox medicine’s offerings and those of modern metabolic medicine (we call it eumetabolic medicine) is particularly great here., There is also extraordinary misuse by orthodox medicine of numerous saluretics (agents which promote the secretion of water) in the treatment of high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. These medications lead to a decrease in hydrogen and chloride ions, causing an unwell feeling and thus confusing even more the functions regulating blood pressure and kidneys. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to remove sodium by lithium orotate or by administration of taurine, and by supplying dilute hydrochloric acid (N10HCl). This is not offered by orthodox medicine, or only rarely.



Germany Active
Ten Thousand Legs Too Many – Amputated
Heidelberg – “Year by year, about 20,000 legs are being amputated in the German Federal Republic because of pathological arterial occlusion.

This terrifyingly large number may be at least cut in half by the implementation of all available modern means.” [ Using “Zeta Potential” as a Healing Tool ]

This articulate reproach was voiced by professor Dr. J. Volimar, Department for Surgery at the University of Ulm, during the 68th con­vention of the German society for Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

From “Medical Tribune”, March 1982

Concluding remark: After two editions of this text have been published, the suspi­cions regarding the aggravating negative effects from saluretics (water removal agents), whose long-term application I have decried for years, have become even worse. Articles in the “Journal of the American Medical Association”, in “Science”*, and in the German news magazin “Der Spiegel”, have discussed blood pressure depressants which are hardly useful at all and possibly reduce the patient’s life expectancy. Nor could it be any different, from the vantage point of modern metabolic chemistry. Personally, I feel very vindicated by these reports. Nevertheless, orthodox medicine continues to prescribe such saluretics and diuretics, also in combined preparations, left and right, often quite carelessly.
[ * “Science”, 1 October 1982, pp. 31-32: “We’ve obviously got a problem and it is not a trivial problem.” ]

Massive therapy using ozone, EDTA chelation, magnesium orotate and especially the strong bromelaine enzymes (Ananase, Anavit or Wobenzyme) in very high doses could indeed save many a leg, and even bring subsequent satisfactory leg function.

However, again and again one sees patients whose leg arteries have been surgically “cleaned” or in whose legs a substitute blood vessel (bypass) has been implanted. However, orthodox medicine almost never offers a treatment to reverse the pathogenic process itself.


On Chelation in Particular
Frequently people ask me if magnesium orotate or magnesium aspartate are considered to be chelation therapy. This is not the case. Magnesium orotate as an example, penetrates cell membranes and delivers the magnesium ion inside the cell at the level of the mitochondria and the cell nucleus. The aspartates and the ortates are true salts in the chemical sense, and have a high so-called “Heyrovsky constant”, which means that they do not dissociate* too easily.
[ * Water has a hard time wiggling in-between the molecular atoms, thus separating them. ]

Chelates are not true salts. They are so-called “Van der Waal-bonds”. They do not dissociate electrically and they are, in general, not resorbed through membranes. Hemoglobin and chlorophyll, for example are chelates.

Whereas the magnesium from the specifically-transported magnesium orotate may activate endogenous enzymes which then “clean” the organism of deposits, for example, of cholesterol layers in the vessel wars, the most important chelate former, ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetate (EDTA) works in an entirely different way. When this substance is infused into the blood stream it captures heavy metals like lead and cobalt. It also captures calcium. The EDTA-calcium-chelate, which subsequently develops, will then be excreted mainly by the kidneys. The removed calcium comes mainly from the bloodstream and from superficial calcium deposits in the vessels. The calcium thus lost will in turn be replaced by calcium from deeper deposits, and so on. This will eventually result in removal of most calcium deposits in the arterial walls.
[ Disodium EDTA is a very good “Anionic Surfactant” dramatically changing the blood’s Zeta Potential, and is therefore able to indirectly bring precipitated substances back into solution. ]

This extraction of calcium from the organism requires extensive control in order to prevent certain side effects from the EDTA chelation therapy. Loss of calcium from the bones must be prevented, as well as loss of calcium from the cell membranes of the heart and nerves. Therefore, this kind of therapy belongs in the hands of a physician who is really experienced in this field.

EDTA chelation therapy and magnesium-calcium orotate therapy can be easily combined. They supplement each other. I have seen wonderful results with chelation therapy, especially in elderly people suffering from diabetic gangrene of the feet. In calcic hardening of the aorta it is, likewise, effective. It is less effective in coronary disease since the layers there are more fibrinoid than calcic in nature, and can more easily be decomposed by Wobenzyme or Anavit F3.

I started chelation therapy some twenty years ago (1961), long before it became fashionable. In Germany the appropriate solutions are now officially admitted by the federal health authorities, and they are manufactured by Hamlin Pharmaceutical Company. More than 26 years ago I was working in Hamlin. Chelation therapy requires a certain effort, which includes repeated lab controls and very frequent infusions. It might be considered as being expensive, however it is far less expensive than having a leg chopped off.

Since, as a rule, orthodox medicine does not offer sophisticated programs in protective and reparative medicine, it, likewise, does not offer chelation therapy.


EXAMPLE: Rheumatism, Arthritis and Deformation of Joints
Rheumatism is counted among the “very expensive” diseases. Many patients remain unable to hold a job for years and require medical and therapeutic care. Contrary to laymen’s opinions, there exist, regarding the subject of rheumatism, still rather numerous unexplained secrets regarding the mechanism of this illness. In the research, as well as the treatment of this pathology, orthodox medicine has a particularly hard time.

Rheumatism concerns inflammation processes in joints, mucous sacs, muscles, and the heart muscles and valves. Acute rheumatic fever, especially dangerous for the heart, is caused by poisons from bacteria. In the much more frequently occurring chronic rheumatism, things are more complex. Toxins from foci of tonsil and tooth infections may or may not play a role. There is painful rheumatism of the joints which leaves the joints relatively undamaged for extensive periods of time and there is light “glimmering” rheumatism of the joint which can lead to severe joint deformations after a relatively short time.

Orthodox medicine offers numerous effective substances for the therapy of rheumatism, however, it is very hard put to control the illness. The palette offered by orthodox medicine includes aspirin (unfortunately not applied as frequently as is warranted by the value of this medicine), compounds similar to aspirin like salicy­lamide, butazone derivatives, several other analgesic and fever-reducing medicines, and certain malaria medicines which also act anti-rheumatic, as well as ointments with added ingredients for stimulation of blood circulation and vein effectiveness. The indometacine known in many countries under the name of “Amuno” is very effective. Apparently it can be taken for years without noticeable side effects. In addition, it has no detrimental side effects on cancer patients.

Rival companies have marketed a whole series of competing derivatives of indo­metacine, which are all distinguished by the fact that they are, on average, not as effective in the real clinical world.

Furthermore, orthodox medicine offers the gold therapy in rare cases – although it vehemently has persecuted as an “outsider”, the only Physician who can explain the Action Principle of this therapy. The physician from Wuppertal, Dr. Aschoff, was able to show that gold can re-normalize the “magnetic” properties of the blood and thereby the basis for its “structural order.” This is a phenomenon, which demonstrates the relationship to the effect of the previously mentioned Priorè machine and which leads to new findings in cancer research. Silver has the opposite effect. It damages the electrostatic order (the parallelism of the electron spin) and it produces instead disorderly “electrical” behavior. For this reason, gold fillings in teeth are the treatment of choice. Silver-amalgam fillings do not belong there.

Futhermore, orthodox medicine offers a compound, which can reduce the copper in the blood serum (this is increased during arthritis) called penicillinamine. However, orthodox medicine offers no explanation of this effect. What is important is that only the so-called “gradient” between cells and blood plasma of the copper concentration will be changed. Of course, arthritis can also be treated by copper compounds, which introduce the copper directly into the cells. Available for this purpose in the past were “Ebesal” from Hoechst, a copper-urea compound, and “Copper-Detoxin” from Wülfmg. Today there are copper-gluconate and copper­orotate, neither of which are offered by orthodox medicine.

Some times ago, when a general practitioner from the Emsland, Germany, enquired into the benefit of copper therapy in the treatment of arthritis via a well known medical journal, three renowned contemporary rheumatologists of orthodox medicine answered the question. Either they knew almost nothing, or they dealt out some horrendous nonsense.

By the way, the copper resorption can also act antirheumaticary through the skin, for instance from wearing bracelets. This may also include protection against heart infarction.

The cortisones, more or less artificially modified hormones from the adrenal glands, comprise a considerable portion of the palette of medications for arthritis. Their effect may be good, and sometimes it seems to be indispensable. However, even the layman knows that the side effects may be very grave over the long haul. A weakening of the natural function of the adrenal gland due to “pampering” is one of the consequences. The decalcification of the bone structure, especially of the spinal column, the pelvis and the neck of the thighbone, may also become grave. In addition, the mental functions may become impaired. Therefore, it is again and again attempted to get away from cortisone therapy in the treatment of chronic arthritis. Only “Prednisone” (and only this!) may be successfully administered in small doses over a practically unlimited period of time. This substance is namely the only one that imitates the natural control steroids, to be mentioned later, and it is, therefore, quasi-eumetabolic. However, this aspect is, as a rule, not made use of by orthodox medicine.

Orthodox medicine often seeks refuge with the natural health practitioners and sends its patients to baths (mineral waters), containing, for example, water with a high sulfur content why baths like Leukerbad or Nenndorf should be effective for arthritis is never mentioned by orthodox medicine. It has to do with the strong electrostatic influences and waters which – as mentioned above – have a structure preserving and normalizing effect. Rose blossoms remain fresh for a long time in such water.

A whole series of decisive measures for arthritis treatment is not being offered by orthodox medicine. This includes, first of all, the strengthening of the adrenal gland system (which is additionally weakened by the cortisone therapy already mentioned).

It is quite probable that with chronic articular rheumatism, certain steroid-bound control mechanisms are defective, which normally should eliminate the erroneous gene programming and thus the inflammation process. This is exactly what we already know with respect to multiple sclerosis and cancer (see chapter on Cancer).

To kindle these cleanser steroids, the adrenal glands and the lymphatic system require a supply of effective substances, such as copper, zinc, vitamin C, selenium, vitamin D-2*, Kirlian-positive substances (raw vegetation foods, squalene-oil, carotene, light and heat), and vitamin E, to name a few.
[ * There are five fractions in the vitamin D complex. D-3 is the one that is put in milk. ]

An extremely important measure in the treatment of chronic articular rheumatism lies in the protection of the cartilage on joint surfaces from damage and destruction. It used to be believed that the cartilage, which “metabolizes” only very slowly, can scarcely be influenced by therapy. This is incorrect, as was demonstrated, for example, by the well-known researcher Dr. Ruth Silberberg.

As mentioned earlier, the degree of cartilage damage at the joint surfaces is not directly related to the degree of inflammation. It is subject to still other causes. Thus, for example, we have found that the cartilage damage is large when the whole blood analysis shows an especially large deficiency of zinc. The therapy with zinc carrier compounds, like zinc aspartate and zinc orotate, can therefore be important. The well-known rheumatologist, Dr. Heinitz in Baden-Baden, reported, for example, that with rheumatic patients the “morning stiffness” of the joints is decreased after taking plenty of zinc aspartate.

The most important medication for protective treatment of the cartilage is calcium orotate, which is easily able to penetrate the cartilage. Also, magnesium-hydrogen-phosphate is important. The only preparation, which is being offered by orthodox medicine, is the Italian “Dona 200” (chemically glucosamine-sulfate), which is obtained from whale cartilage. Highly recommended is gelatine, fish bones (contained in the preparation “Piscine”), and above all, mammalian cartilage. The only company known to me which manufactures cartilage-sausage in cans is the Sausage Manufacturer Zimmer in Braunschweig, Germany. Mammalian cartilage contains a large amount of chondroitine-sulfur compounds, which are extremely important for the cartilage protection of rheumatic patients.

The panorama of rheumatic illnesses has changed during the past decades. The grave joint deformations and the rheumatic heart valve defects have become less frequent. Instead, the rheumatism is more localized in the muscles, even in the heart muscle, and there it can lead to a heart infarction (see chapter on Heart Infarction).

It would be especially elegant to deactivate the several antibodies and albumen components, which are responsible for the rheumatic process. Also, the so-called prostaglandins (type E-2), which the body synthesizes from fatty acids, play an important role in the kindling of the rheumatic inflammation.

It has been reported that “Amuno” could deactivate prostaglandins. The investigation of heart muscle rheumatism does not confirm this.

On the other hand, the pineapple enzyme bromelaine is highly effective in the deactivation of antibodies and prostaglandin E-2 . Thus it is also no wonder that the bromelaine are unusually effective in the treatment of chronic rheumatism. Anavit F-3, and Ananase 100 and Wobenzyme are the names of these preparations. Already in the 18th century, the windjammer captains reported on the excellent antirheumatic-effect of the juice from the pineapple root and the green pineapple fruit. By the way, the juice from green, unripe pineapple is very effective abortifacient.

Of course, a rheumatism patient should not dwell in a geophathogenic zone and especially not sleep there. Thus, we have returned once more to tachyon physics, this time in connection with rheumatism. Nor should the rheumatism patient dwell in cold and humid rooms, nor in rooms with a reduced direct field potential in the air, nor in concrete Buildings. This has become self-evident for many physicians and laymen long ago. And orthodox medicine remains opposed to the enzyme therapy of rheumatism with bromelaine and calcium orotate as much as to the acceptance of geopathogenic effects due to turbulences of the Tachyon ­Field.

In October 89 it became evident: All orthodox concepts for treating cartilage and bone degeneration including osteoporosis with non-metabolic toxic drugs like fluorides have failed. The carrier substances Calcium-EAP, Calcium arginate, Ca-orotate and -aspartate are the only choices to prevent bone and joint aging.


EXAMPLE: Lupus Erythematodes Visceralls (LE)
When the treatment against MS turned out to be effective, people frequently approached me to ask if I could do something about LE.

Calcium di-orotate settles only at the membranes of the cell nucleus and of the mitochondria – deep inside the cell plasma – and there it gets decomposed, and only there it becomes active.

Since in LE, antibodies which attack the cell nucleus – the so-called anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA) – play an important role, we have started to treat LE with calcium di-orotate. This was around 1975. The clinical results turned out much better than we had expected. Patients endangered by lung tissue constriction and dangerous effusions of the pleural cavity became free from any sign of progressive disease – one after the other. The therapy also requires the application of the precursors for the formation of surveillance and repair steroids like thymosterin. These required precursors are prednisone (about 15 mg per day), ergocalciferol, vitamin C, and selenium. Additional shielding of membranes also requires Mg-Ca-asparate and the colamine phosphate salts.

It takes some 12 to 20 months of treatment to obtain the maximum therapeutic results.

One of my patients, a young lady, wrote an article on our procedure to treat LE. “The Muzzled Wolf, has been read throughout the United States and Canada.


EXAMPLE: Neurodermatitis and Psoriasis
The small, 5 year old boy at the big Kindergarten party scratched and rubbed himself through his Red Indian costume wherever he could, everywhere at the same time if he could. A pitiful scene. Even hands and face were covered with scratches.

The rough, dry skin corresponded to the symptoms of Neurodermatitis. The child is said to have been in Davos, Switzerland, twice, and an “orthodox narrow-minded” pediatrician in the neighborhood was supposed to be of the opinion that the illness “came from the pancreas and he could do nothing about it.”

The tormenting disease symptoms of neurodermatitis, often lasting over decades, are caused by a disturbance of the “pentose-pathway-metabolism” in the skin cells, a sugar-metabolism disturbance of the skin. This applies similarly to the well-known psoriasis, which occasionally damages the skin as well as the joints.

Orthodox medicine offers, for neurodermatitis, high altitude treatment, nerve and allergy medications, cortisone, and, as already mentioned, the shrugging of shoulders. For the treatment of psoriasis, orthodox medicine offers similar medication – in former times, certain dyes and, recently, certain light activated substances (PLTVA). In none of these cases are we dealing with an eumetabolic therapy.

A better alternative treatment, when dealing with the above-mentioned disturbances of the pentose-sugar-metabolism, is based on the famous research work of the Czech scientist Sonka, from the year 1958. Thus, the treatment consists of choosing selenium syrup or selenium tablets as well as orotic acid salts of magnesium, Calcium and especially of zinc. However, these treatment possibilities are not offered by orthodox medicine, although they show considerably better results.

This chapter, addressing the example of neurodermatitis, can already be found in the 2nd and 3rd editions of this book. By the end of December, 1982, the widely read German magazine “Stem” (Star) published a detailed documentary on the very scandalous conditions in the treatment and care of children with neuro­dermatitis in the Federal Republic of Germany. Even there, the urgent need for zinc therapy was mentioned. The statements in “Stem” speak for themselves and completely confirm my own exposition.
[ High copper levels suppress the functioning of zinc in bio-processes. – Tommy ]


For the treatment of asthma, which torments so many patients, orthodox medicine offers spasmolytic substances for the bronchia and, in addition, certain cortisones which act locally in the bronchial and which can be very effective. In some cases, a powder called chromoglycinate is used for younger, allergic people, and with good results, and antibiotics or sulfanilamid are used to fight bacterial infections in the bronchial, which is admittedly important. Also, various inhalations are used. As a rule, the asthma patient is frequently deprived of the following treatments.

a.) Reducing the blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries, which rises due to excessive carbon dioxide pressure in the blood (caused by the asthmatic respiratory disorders). We thus have to remove the carbon dioxide accumulated in the blood. On the one hand, this requires ammonia and, on the other, a substance called magnesium-potassium-aspartate (as an infusion or as a suppository). This stimulates an internal enzyme system, the so-called “Krebs-Henseleit cycle”, with the result that the excess carbonic acid is eliminated as urea by the kidneys. The asthma pressure then decreases.

b.) It may happen that, even though the bronchial passages are sufficiently free, the patient still suffers because chemical conditions for the gas exchange (oxygen in, carbon dioxide out) are not right. This defect can be remedied quite easily with a substance called K-PABA (Potaba). It is not offered by orthodox medicine. Mv friend Dr. Robert C. Atkins has had very good results with it, which we were able to confirm.

c.) Damage to lung tissue with the consequences already mentioned can often be explained in terms of immune aggression. Therefore, “sealing” of the lung tissue with the EAP salts mentioned (Phosetamine) becomes necessary. Long term result with this compound are excellent. Orthodox medicine does not offer it.

This therapy of “surface sealing” against allergic and immunologic lung diseases is particularly important in the case of children who become dangerously ill from these diseases quite frequently. Even the so-called croup, a spasmodic cough, dis­appears with this treatment. Phosetamine is used here also.

Incidentally, lung diseases can occur primarily on the actual lung tissue. Then it is essentially caused by the immune system. It can also appear on the small vessels of the lungs. It is then based on a so-called “vasculopathogenic disposition.” These ­two different mechanisms can be distinguished – which is also therapeutically im­portant – by the “Klevay-Quotients”, which can be determined by a whole blood analysis for zinc and copper.

Certainly it must be mentioned that the diagnostic and therapeutic methods described here are hardly ever offered by orthodox medicine.


EXAMPLE: Heart and Cardiac Infarction
(A more accurate title would be “Prevention of Cardiac Infarction”, since this is what is questioned, not the immediate measures the physician must or should take during the acute infarction episode itself.)

For years orthodox medicine has given causes for cardiac infarction – to some extent in spite of better knowledge – which are for the most part erroneous, with possible far-reaching consequences. It is taught that cardiac infarctions for the most part occur because of a clogging of the coronary arteries, by means of a thrombosis, which makes the occlusion complete.

The truth appears to be that the thrombosis occurs after the heart muscle necrosis (i.e., after the infarction) and that the death of the heart tissue is due not so much to the narrowing of the coronary arteries alone, as it is to a variety of metabolic upheavals that more or less directly lead to a congealing of the blood in the small heart vessels and the freeing of enzymes which then potentially endanger the heart muscle to the degree of its destruction.

Orthodox medicine offers nitro-compounds for cardiac pain. In experiments, these nitro-compounds are a classical cellular poison. In compensation for this damaging side effect, the nitro-compound’s effect on the heart is based on the degradation of lactic acid, whereby severe pain can be eliminated. Nitro-compounds have hardly any protective effect against new infarctions, and inflict long-range damage on the cells. This is readily apparent in increased hair loss and gum damage.

In addition, orthodox medicine offers so-called calcium antagonists. Just like the nitro-compounds, they weaken heart performance and reduce cardiac wall tension, thus also reducing the pain. The protective effect against further infarctions is very limited, while heart performance is considerably reduced, since a special calcium transport in the cardiac muscle cell is necessary to “trigger” its contraction. It is precisely this transport, which is impaired by these medications.

The so-called beta-blockers, offered by orthodox medicines for the treatment of cardiac infarction danger, are slightly more favorable. They depress an increased blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of cardiac infarction for patients with high blood pressure – and only for these patients. They also inhibit prostaglandins, which increase cardiac risk, such as prostaglandin E2 and thromboxane. For this purpose, however, bromelaine – not offered by orthodox medicine – is more effective.

Orthodox medicine furthermore offers a treatment with so-called anti-coagulants (coumarin). From what we have said here, and from what was mentioned under the heading “Arteriosclerosis”, it is obvious that such a measure is not very appropriate. Since the Hematology Congress of 1963 in Copenhagen, there has been dis­sension even within orthodox medicine regarding the value of this method. The only really good, major study – Erkelens’ Rotterdam study – certified the ineffectiveness of coumarin with respect to cardiac infarction prevention. Nor could it be any different from a scientific point of view.

We already mentioned the uselessness or minimal value of reducing the blood fat level with clofibrate, and we mentioned the infarction risk that can result from inappropriate use of saluretics. They are pointlessly misused, especially in the United States.

Incidentally, the heart muscle can obtain almost half of its energy from fatty acids, greatly in contrast to skeletal muscles, which depend entirely on sugar compounds for their nourishment.

Nevertheless, orthodox medicine offers medications for heart treatment which, as a side effect, inhibit the burning of fatty acids in cardiac metabolism. The product clofibrate, already mentioned, and the so-called carbocromen, are two examples. While this forces the burning of more lactic acid in the heart muscle – whereby the cardiac pain may disappear – this orthodox medicine program still is not intel­ligent heart treatment.

The burning of fatty acids in the heart’s metabolism is improved by magnesium, selenium, lithium, and by certain phospholipids, which for the same reason play such an important role in the treatment of fatty liver, which is so frequent today. As a rule, however, orthodox medicine does not offer this treatment. The effect of carnitine, which is obtained from fish and which greatly activates the heart’s use of fats, is particularly remarkable. Renier, my friend Henri Laborit’s colleague in Toulon, France, pointed out this remarkable fact 22 years ago. Improved use of fatty acids by the heart muscle is an essential precondition for the prevention of cardiac infarctions.

Another orthodox medicine offering is the surgical operation to build a cardiac bypass in the coronary arteries. This can be a blessing, especially if the entrances to the coronary arteries are severely constricted. Overall, the value of the bypass operation is far less than believed, as shown by the fact that publications as different as Washington’s scientific journal, “Science”, as well as Germany’s “Welt am Sonntag” (The World on Sunday), have repeatedly reported on its relatively low value.

All of the procedures offered by orthodox medicine to prevent cardiac infarction have one thing in common. They accomplish nothing against the “pathogenic process”, i.e., against the progressive changes and misfunctions that are the underlying cause of the infarction.

The much more effective alternatives – not offered by orthodox medicine – are: the bromelaine or Wobenzyme treatment already mentioned, instead of coumarin; the administration of oral ouabain, instead of nitroglycerin; the administration of various magnesium carrier compounds, such as Mg-aspartate or Mg-orotate; N10HCl; and, above all, selenium, and carnitine.

In the context of the basic illness leading to cardiac necrosis, and after rheumatism and other heart muscle inflammations (virus infections which also cause “infarctions”), damage to the natural pacemaker system and the stimulation-transmitting system can also occur. And these systems are as necessary to heart function as is the distributor to the engine of a car.

Orthodox medicine basically has three proposals for such disorders:

1.) the preparation “Alupent”, related to the stimulant Pervitin. Biochemically, it is a foreign body to metabolism. It has a certain corrective effect, but little protective effect for the pacemaker system. At the dominant sinoatrial node (the “distributor”), the effect is minimal.

2.) a shrug of the shoulders; and

3.) the implantation of an electric pacemaker, which undoubtedly is a wonderful invention; hard to dismiss from modern medicine. However, the strong electric fields generated by modern pacemakers cause certain problems: a tendency to bronchitis, gall bladder reactions, thrombosis within the range of the electrode cables and, above all, severe interference with the ionic balance of the heart muscle itself, caused in turn by the constant and necessary electric stimulation of the muscle. The subsequent life expectancy of the pacemaker patient is very greatly affected by this, whether the side effect on the ionic and mineral balance of the heart muscle is continuously corrected, or not this requires whole blood analysis and treatment with potassium, calcium and magnesium carriers, plus substances with hydrogen and chloride ions, thiamine, and other substances. Orthodox medicine does not (as yet) recognize the entire complex of the pacemaker’s electric side effects and questions by patients are frequently maliciously rejected.

The heart’s pacemaker system does not consist of nerves. It is derived from connective or muscular parent tissues and has a different kind of metabolism. This cellular metabolism type is called “pentose pathway” or “direct oxidation”; it is very resistant against oxygen deficiency in the blood and continues to function even after clinical death. Brain glia cells, skin elements and the cells of the inner ear cochlea also belong to this metabolism type. Thus, hearing loss can be a harbinger of natural pacemaker disorders.

As resistant as it is against oxygen shortage, the natural pacemaker system can react very sensitively to environmental pollutants. Factors from cigarette smoke, snuff and fluorine, heavy metals, insecticide derivatives and especially indirect immunological effects of ionic polyglycol derivatives (rinsing agents for kitchen utensils) are some examples. Magnesium and especially selenium deficiencies are also damaging.

To overcome these deleterious effects, natural pacemaker systems need vitamin C, selenium, and magnesium-, calcium-, and potassium-orotates. Only these orotates (whey acid salts) have an effect on this particular kind of cell metabolism, which aspartates (salts of aspartic acid) do not have. In addition, the glucose tolerance factor, GTF, already mentioned – a chromium compound – appears to be just as important.

With this therapy, and especially a correctly applied selenium therapy, the damaging effect at the sinoatrial node (the heart’s “distributor”) can be stopped and even corrected. A timely application apparently can drastically reduce the need for an electric pacemaker implant and, in addition, can prevent the much-feared “sudden heart death.”

Orthodox medicine does not offer this complete program, which has long since been scientifically verified.

In early 1982 the German magazine “raum & zeif” (Space & Time) published an article on “Heart Therapy in Combination with Magnesium, Selenium and Strong Enzymes”, to which I contributed some information from my archives. This article was described as very easy to understand by some readers. Since the prevention of cardiac infarction is very important, and this subject is of direct interest to many readers and their families, I shall take the liberty of adding this article here. Our earlier comments are restated several times, although possibly from different perspectives. This repeated description, again according to the “stereo principle”, will perhaps be useful for an understanding of this very important problem.

Except for minor supplementation, the article is reprinted here without change.


Heart Therapy in Combination with Magnesium, Selenium and Strong Enzymes
Nearly half of all deaths today are due to heart and circulatory diseases.

Arteriosclerosis, circulatory system disturbances, related failures of brain function, stroke, thromboses and embolisms (blood clots and congestion) of the larger or smaller blood vessels, and especially the arteries, all cause it. Another cause is exhaustion of the heart muscle as a result of damage in the heart muscle cells. Approximately 44% of all deaths caused by cardiac and circulatory damage are a result of cardiac infarction.

Hence, this is also the most feared of all forms of heart and circulatory diseases. It is feared because not infrequently cardiac infarction is relatively sudden and unexpected. During the last few decades, cardiac infarction has increased in frequency. In the Federal Republic of Germany, a fairly constant 120,000 people per year are its victims, in the USA, almost four times more.

During the last 40 years, the number of cardiac infarctions in the developed nations has increased approximately eight-fold. There is no truly convincing explanation for this. However, due to work in progress at the Silbersee Hospital in Langenhagen near Hannover, supported by the Volkswagen Foundation, some important results are being produced. The knowledge gained by Dr. Hans A. Nieper, the internist who was active on this project, was received positively in many parts of the world, and later confirmed.

Thus, like Dr. Nieper, Dr. Wildenthal, the heart clinician at the Heart Center of the University of Texas at Dallas, states that we are dealing with so-called ionic polyglycols, or in lay language, detergents used with kitchenware, which are hard to remove even after thorough rinsing. Aside from several biochemical studies, other evidence also supports the view that this is one of the causes of cardiac infarction. Thus, for example, it was noted that the increase in cardiac infarction mortality in the United States, which preceded the increase in Europe by approximately a decade, was correlated with the introduction, a decade previously, of the detergents mentioned, especially those used for dishes in private homes and restaurants. In eastern European nations, cardiac infarction frequently increased only later, and predominantly in cities, rather than in rural areas. It should be stated in this context that detergents are used essentially only in cities. In Japan, cardiac infarction also increased later, and again detergents were used later in the kitchen. Dr. Wildenthal of Dallas reports a very interesting phenomenon. Some of the Arabs in Kuwait on the Persian Gulf had built their bungalows (using their oil derived fortunes) equipped with the latest kitchen equipment and dishwashers. In this group of the population, a drastic increase in neutral fats (triglycerides) was observed a short time later, and an increase in the cardiac infarction rate. Another portion of the population still lives simply, in the desert, and cleans their dishes with sand. This group is characterized by very low blood fat levels, and there are hardly any heart attacks. And yet, because of their religion, their meals and diet are nearly the same.

More recently, Dr. Nieper was able to show that people, who use a dishwasher or detergents, and, due to water shortage, have very little rinsing water, react very strongly and can display extremely high levels of neutral fats in the blood. He mentioned an attorney’s family in Lagos (Nigeria) and erstwhile navy personnel who served for many years on nuclear submarines.

A small research group consisting of couples who have used their dishwashers daily for more than 10 or 15 years has also provided an interesting insight. In this test group, there is an accelerated blood vessel constriction in both partners. It is recommended from this point of view, whether washing by hand or using a dishwasher, to use only neutral soaps, plant surfactants and detergents based on citric acid, non-ionic detergents, or natural soap.

To most everyone’s surprise, at the end of November 1982, the First German Television Network (ARD) aired a program on the damaging effects of technical surfactants (detergents, rinsing agents) on plants and small animals. The result was devastating. The editor then remarked that from that perspective, detergent residues would have to have deleterious effects also for the human organism. He had consulted several “competent physicians and medical scientists” and received the answer of “if at all, only minimal damage.” Obviously, he consulted classical people who support orthodox medicine.

From what we have said, it can be readily seen that an increase in the so-called neutral fats, especially those in the optically not-very-dense fraction, is associated with higher cardiac infarction risk. The heart muscle can and must obtain up to 48% of its energy from fat. Skeletal muscles cannot use fat. They process only carbohydrates. The mechanism of fatty acid combustion in the heart muscle is easily impaired by several environmental poisons, medications and most likely also by several blocking immune processes. Such blocking of the combustion of fatty acids by the heart muscle is apparently caused by the allergenic effect of ionic detergents in the human organism. Thus, the heart muscle is not in jeopardy because neutral fats have greatly increased in the blood. It is the other way around: blood fats are high because their combustion in the heart is impeded or impaired. In other words, the furnace is not cold because the fuel tank is full. The fuel tank is full and the furnace is cold because oil combustion is not working.

In about 1960, the French pharmacist Renier, a collaborator of Dr. Nieper’s friend, Henri Laborit, in Paris, published a very interesting report on the effect of carnitine, a substance found naturally in the body. This carnitine improves the combustion of fatty acids and hence releases more energy to the heart muscles. Yet it was not until 15 years later that Italians got the idea of treating children born with a defect in fatty acid combustion (beta oxidation), whose life was in jeopardy, with carnitine. In these children, the heart threatens to fail and to decay structurally.

About 1980, biology researchers who were working at the German Nuclear Research Institute in Jölich found something very important. Massive accumulation of fatty acids in the heart muscle was seen before the start of cardiac infarction or heart muscle necrosis. It seems that in the heart the necessary combustion of fat into energy fails completely. Carnitine will prevent this.

In 1982, during the world soccer championship in Spain, the Italian soccer team was even treated with carnitine. As a result they won the World Cup.

Today carnitine treatment is an absolutely essential measure in the treatment of the jeopardized heart, especially when the VLD (very low density) blood lipids are high and threatening infarction. The clinical effects of the carnitine treatment are often spectacular.

The discussion of the increase of neutral fats in the blood and hence higher frequency of cardiac infarctions, leads to the following question:


How Does Cardiac Infarction Happen?
The concept held to date was that the coronary arteries, which take the blood from the aorta to the heart muscle, accumulate too many deposits along their walls, including calcifications, so that the blood supply to the heart worsens continuously. To this we must add that small thromboses develop on the fatty and calcified deposits on the walls of the coronary arteries, which impair the passage of blood even further, and can, in fact, clog these arteries. Consequently, it has been attempted to improve the flow in the coronary arteries, or to render it more useful indirectly. In the most serious cases, one can remove a section of a vein from the body, implant it, and thus create a bypass, especially if two or three coronary arteries are occluded. This would then improve blood circulation. More recently, other techniques have been developed which use a balloon or a strut to re-expand the coronary arteris from the inside. The blood pressure can be lowered, and the tension of the heart muscle – which exerts a pressure on the coronary arteries, whose flow is already impaired – can be reduced. Furthermore, a treatment is offered which accelerates the degradation of lactic acid accumulated in the heart muscle (which is responsible for the pain), by indirect means. Several nitro-compounds produce this effect albeit in an undesirable manner. All of these nitro-compounds have a mild to moderate poisoning effect on oxygen metabolism in the heart muscle cells. As a consequence of this poisoning by the nitro-compounds, the heart muscle cell then resorts to lactic acid as an energy source. While this certainly eliminates the pain, biologically it is not a particularly intelligent therapy. More specifically, it does not provide any protection against future cardiac infarctions. The effect of the so-called beta-blocking agents is somewhat better in this sense. They keep certain stress effects and stressing substances away from the heart and can, in addition, lower the blood pressure. As a rule, they protect only the group of patients with higher blood pressures from future cardiac infarctions. This group by no means includes all those in danger of cardiac infarction.

In addition, in orthodox medicine, the so-called calcium antagonists, of which Adalat (generic name Nifedipin) is an example, have been introduced in cardiac therapy. These substances also reduce tension in the heart muscle and, in addition, cause a slight heart muscle weakness. It has been known since the beginning of the century, for example, from the clinician Wenckebach, that the pain of angina pectoris leaves when heart muscle weakness sets in, and vice versa. This principle came to the foreground again with the use of calcium antagonists. For its contraction function, the heart muscle cell needs calcium ions to flow through it. This flow is reduced by these medications.

Recently, the critical medical press has also reported on rare unacceptable negative side effects of Adalat (Nifedipin) therapy for the heart, namely sudden decrease in heart performance and blood pressure, blood pressure collapse, and possibly heart necrosis. The medication is often used also to decrease high blood pressure.

The Frequency and Extent of Calcified and Fatty Modifications in the Coronary Arteries Have Not Changed Greatly.

The attempt to reduce the level of neutral fats in blood by means of certain products, such as the clofibrates, has not led to protection against cardiac infarction. Quite to the contrary, there are indications that these substances even increase the risk of cardiac infarction. This is not surprising. The heart muscle does not suffer from high fat levels in the blood. It suffers because these fats are not consumed in the heart metabolism.

Incidentally, clofibrate was banned by Germany’s Federal Health Board several years ago, because of the well documented claim that it increases the frequency of cancerous diseases, particularly intestinal cancers. In actual fact, the use of clofibrate decreases the level of the steroid DHEA in the blood. That steroid is essential in the defense against cancer, being part of our anticancer surveillance system. Thus, the ban on clofibrate was entirely justified.

We are thus faced with the well-known result that all these remedies advocated by orthodox medicine to reduce the risks of cardiac infarction have not accomplished anything fundamental. In fact, cardiac infarction mortality has almost not decreased at all since the introduction of these products. It is thus not surprising that doubts crop up in the back of our mind as to the mechanism ascribed by orthodox medicine to cardiac infarction genesis. Thus, for example, the distinguished pathologist Baroldi established, after years of investigation at the American Army Pathological Institute in Washington, that changes in the coronary arteries of patients who had died of cardiac infarction on the average were no different from those of patients who died of other causes and had not suffered cardiac infarction. Thus, heart infarctions sometimes are accompanied by severe changes in the coronary arteries, and sometimes not.

For the layman: The frequency and extend of calcified and fatty modification in the coronary arteries have hardly changed over the last 40 years. However cardiac infarction frequency has increased at least six-fold. Thus, from this point of view there is no assured correlation between changes in the coronary arteries and cardiac infarction frequency.

To this we must add a host of other findings. Thus, the young Swedish clinician Ehrhardt was able to show in 1972 that in all cases investigated, the thromboses in the coronary arteries occurred only after cardiac infarction or a necrosis of the muscular tissue, and not before. This was made possible by radioactive labeling of fibrinogen, a coagulation factor. Pathologist Baroldi, who was already mentioned earlier, was able to show a few other things. When cardiac infarction occurs, apparently some very aggressive enzymes, which digest the heart muscle and even the blood vessels in the vicinity, are set free in the muscle affected. In addition, he showed that in most of the severe cases of calcification of, and fatty deposits on, coronary arteries, substitute vessels, the so-called collateral arteries, are formed. These are able to provide a large substitute supply of blood. The case in which there is only a severe occlusion of the coronary artery supply, without sufficient collateral artery supply, or even more so, a severe constriction at the branching-off point of the coronary arteries from the aorta, is relatively rare. It is more rare than would correspond to the expected cardiac infarction frequency.


Mortality Due to Cardiac Infarction Drastically Reduced
by Magnesium Sulphate Injection
In the years 1956 and 1957, the Australian clinician Parsons of Hobart, Tasmania, was able to show that, by intramuscular injection of magnesium sulphate, the mortality from cardiac infarction could be drastically reduced – by over 92%. These studies, performed on a relatively large patient population, were published in the South African medical press in 1958. The observations were discussed for a few months by the British medical press. It was believed that the high doses of magnesium supplied were probably so effective because they prevented the occurrence of thromboses in the vessels. Today it is known that this interpretation is certainly mistaken.

Simultaneously, the world renowned experimental physician, Hans Selye, reported from Montreal, Canada, that cardiac infarction could be artificially induced by phosphate salts and certain suprarenal gland products – so-called chlorocortisols – and then be prevented by magnesium chloride. It was hence more likely a metabolism saving effect for the heart muscle cell, which was the real principle underlying infarction prevention by means of magnesium, rather than a thrombosis prevention effect.

During that same year, 1958, and independently of each other, the French experimental physician Dr. Henri Laborit and Dr. Hans Nieper, who was at the time in Francfort, patented certain aminoacid-magnesium compounds. These compounds, especially magnesium aspartate and the magnesium orotate which was developed later, were found to be extraordinarily effective in animal experiments, in the prevention of cardiac infarction as well as against chemically induced infarction of the Selye type and even infarctions produced upon constriction or ligation of coronary arteries. Patents were granted both to Laborit and to Nieper.

A short time later, the Stuttgart internist Berthold Kem, caused some comments when he reported that the oral ingestion of g-ouabaïn, preferably through the tongue’s mucous skin, had a favorable effect against angina pectoris pain, as well as a protective effect against cardiac infarction. This was not new in principle, since a Hannover clinician, Dr. Deicher, had introduced oral g-ouabaïn preparations for angina pectoris therapy already in the 30’s. However, Dr. Kem was attacked for his findings by orthodox medicine from the very beginning, in part, in a very reprehensible manner. In any event, in 1961, Dr. Nieper, who was in Aschaffenburg at the time, showed that the oral supply of g-ouabaïn improved the metabolic balance in the heart muscle and substantially improved utilization of oxygen. The amino acid salts of magnesium, which were already mentioned and which display a particularly high “carrier” or “transport” activity in the heart muscle tissue, cause the same kind of improved oxygen utilization. In contrast digitalis preparations in all cases worsened the heart’s oxygen utilization.


Increase in Cardiac Infarction Frequency
is Particularly Noted for Smokers
Through somewhat tortuous paths in which editors of the lay press played a role, Berthold Kem came in contact with the Dresden scientist, Manfred von Ardenne, who found that in preparation for cardiac infarction, initially the heart muscle’s acidity increases strongly, i.e., its pH decreases. If oral g-ouabaïn is supplied, along with magnesium compounds, then the pH rises again and the danger of heart muscle necrosis or cardiac infarction recedes.

Manfred von Ardenne further concluded from his studies that, due to the intense acidity level in the heart muscle, certain enzymes were activated, namely, the lysosomal enzymes. These are released by the lysosomes, the small bag-like structures in the cell plasma, first described by the Belgian scientist De Duve. Von Ardenne defended the thesis that during the genesis of heart muscle necrosis, released lysosomal enzymes break open additional lysosomes, with the resulting enzymatic destruction of the heart muscle and blood vessel tissue (“lysosomal chain reaction”). This is exactly what Baroldi had described.

The healthy heart muscle admittedly contains relatively few lysosomes, a point first addressed by critical orthodox medicine. It was discovered, however, that certain injurious effects over longer periods of time could increase the concentration of lysosomes in the heart muscle. One substantial injurious factor that led to an increase in lysosome frequency in the heart muscle is the smoking of cigarettes. Thus, the consumption of cigarettes leads to countless latent bombs, which can explode at any time, in the context of a chain reaction in the heart muscle. It is thus quite understandable that the increase in cardiac infarction frequency is particularly noted in the case of smokers, while they are not particularly susceptible to a greater degree of coronary sclerosis, in comparison to nonsmokers.


Important cardiac infarction warning symptoms are heart pain or blood pressure fluctuation which express themselves in sudden, sometimes cursory dizziness, especially when in an upright position.

An enormous quantity of results from experimental heart research investigations has accumulated over the last 20 years, which validates the fact that cardiac infarction can be explained primarily as an enzymatic self-destruction. Nevertheless, the necessary conclusions have still not been drawn to date.

There is an additional aspect to the evaluation of excess acidity in the heart muscle as a preparation for cardiac infarction. The physiology professor, Schmidt-Schön­bein, from Aachen, Gemany was able to show that during excessive blood acidity, the red blood corpuscles become rigid and are no longer plastic enough. Yet this normally very marked deformability must be maintained if the red blood cells are to slip through the very fine capillary network of the heart muscle. Normally, a red blood corpuscle can become so thin that it readily passes through an opening much smaller than its normal diameter. However, when the red blood corpuscles become rigid due to excessive blood acidity, then they can clog the end network of fine capillary branches. They then cause renewed damage. For this reason, acidification of the blood in the heart muscle must absolutely be avoided.

By the way, higher levels of lactic acid lasting over longer times in the heart muscle enhance the precipitation of fibrinoid layers in the coronary arteries. The best way to avoid undesired lactic acid concentration is the longtime treatment with magnesium-potassium-aspartate, magnesium orotate, and carnitine.

Aside from the possibility of preventing cardiac infarction through preventive, long-term therapy, there are further modern biological Possibilities to help the patient in risk of cardiac infarction. Before we go into that we must explain how we can establish the existence of possible cardiac infarction risk. On the one hand we can state that repeated incidence of heart pain, or angina pectoris, point to an increased cardiac infarction risk. Of course, we also have cases, with notable frequency, of cardiac infarction without any warning signals in the sense of heart pain. In fact, this is reportedly true in about half of all cases. One important warning symptom for threatened cardiac infarction is fluctuations in the blood pressure, which manifest themselves as sudden, sometimes cursory dizziness, or a ready tendency to collapse, especially in a standing Position. Biochemical and laboratory examinations can also point to cardiac infarction risk, for example, an increase of uric acid in the blood, an increase in neutral fats, especially the less cloudy fraction, or an increase in blood sugar. But all of these examinations are somewhat unreliable. The determination of the so-called Klevay ratio, however, is very reliable.

This method is based on studies by the American biochemist Dr. Klevay. It consists of the determination of the zinc-to-copper ratio. If the zinc-copper ratio rises above a very well defined value, then an increased risk of cardiac infarction exists. It is furthermore very remarkable that an increased Klevay ratio automatically means an increased “sharpening” of the lysosomes and lysosomal enzymes already mentioned. According to recent information, it would thus be appropriate to prescribe copper gluconate to patients in risk of cardiac infarction.

The values for the zinc and copper concentrations to determine the Klevay ratio must be obtained from whole blood. Determinations from blood serum are less suitable.


Coumarin Challenged as Protective Agent Against Cardiac Infarction
The above-mentioned methods do not exhaust the newer biological Possibilities in the battle against cardiac infarction. For over 20 years, the American biochemist, Dr. Steven Taussig, of Honolulu, has been studying the biological effects of the enzyme mixture bromelaine. This enzyme complex – it consists of an entire group of distinct enzymes – is obtained from the middle third of the pineapple root. It can also be obtained from the green, unripe pineapple in large quantities. These bromelaines are able to degrade certain internal substances which may cause infarction (the so-called Prostaglandins E2 and thromboxane), thereby reducing the risk of cardiac infarction and the tendency to heart muscle necrosis, as well as simultaneously eliminating any heart pain. Also, Chinese researchers at the University of Iowa have shown that the supply of bromelaine can mobilize deposits in the blood vessels, and carry them off. Thus, by intensive, long-term therapy with bromelaine, it is possible to “clean out” the coronary arteries from the inside. From the biological point of view, this certainly is a much more intelligent therapy than a bypass operation. In the same manner, it is possible, by supplying larger, continuous doses of bromelaine, to dissolve deposits in the aorta and in leg arteries, as well as thrombosis residues, thus saving many a leg from amputation and even restoring them to normal functioning. The German enzyme preparation “Wobenzyme” is of particular effect in this “pipe cleaning.”

In the foreseeable future, a product will become available that will be manufactured by genetically manipulated bacteria. It is an activator that converts plasminogen into the so-called plasmin. Plasmin is able to dissolve already existing thromboses. The new product is manufactured by a Japanese company. The scientific studies were performed in the USA. This development should further enhance the enzymatic possibilities of vessel cleaning, including the coronary arteries.

Incidentally, orthodox medicine uses so-called anticoagulants – as a rule, coumarin – to prevent thromboses after cardiac infarction. However, since the thromboses are formed after the cardiac infarction, for this reason alone such a therapy is not very meaningful. In contrast to bromelaine, coumarin is not able to dissolve existing clots. For this reason, the usefulness of coumarin as a protective therapy against cardiac infarction has long been disputed, at least since the world hematology congress in Copenhagen in 1963. Dr. Erkelens of Rotterdam conducted a large study involving 1,500 patients. This study showed that as a protective agent against cardiac infarction, anticoagulants are quite ineffective.

Thus, long term therapy with bromelaine has now become an important foundation for the prevention of cardiac infarction.

A deficiency of hydrogen and chloride ions in tissues – especially in the heart and in blood vessel walls – increase the risk of cardiac infarction as well as that of hardening of the vessels, arteriosclerosis, kidney damage and high blood pressure. It is a widely practiced bad habit in orthodox medicine to prescribe diuretics or saluretics to cardiac and blood pressure patients, i.e., medications which increase urine and sodium chloride secretion. In this way the body is further depleted of hydrogen and chloride ions, as well as calcium. This further increases cardiac infarction risk. A long article in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” (JAMA), a similar one in the magazine “Science”, [“Science”, 1 October 1982, pp. 31-32.] and even one in the German magazine “Der Spiegel”, finally brought the truth to light. The use of these agents may shorten the life expectancy of a cardiac patient more than if they were not used at all. This was quite a shock for the followers of orthodox medicine, while eumetabolic physicians have long been familiar with this situation. It is at least necessary, when using such water eliminating medications, to replace the loss of chloride and hydrogen ions (by means of highly diluted hydrochloric acid). The administration of taurine and lithium orotate, as well as potassium ascorbate, to improve water secretion is better yet. Even though this disastrous report on the negative side effects of diuretics was published some time ago, the misuse continues unabated, as can be generally observed. This is just as true in the USA as it is in the Federal Republic of Germany. The misuse is further enhanced by the fact that many medications to reduce blood pressure automatically include excessively high doses of saluretics, while on the other hand, the necessary replacement of hydrogen and chloride ions is practiced hardly anywhere. The long-term use of such saluretics has especially high risks and, as we have seen, is more damaging than useful. When these saluretics are mixed with blood pressure reducing agents – which frequently is the case – their long-term use is certainly questionable. Quite often there are disturbances in the heart rhythm systems. Frequently the so-called sudden cardiac arrest can occur because of an unexpected failure of this rhythm system.

In principle, the function of this heart rhythm system is similar to that of the (ignition) distributor in the car engine. The so-called sinus knot is a particularly important component of the pacemaker system. The rhythm system in the heart muscle does not consist of nerve fibers. It consists of structurally and chemically modified heart muscle cells that have taken over impulse transmission and impulse conduction. The metabolism of these cells of the rhythm system has one peculiarity. It belongs to the direct oxidation type, the so-called pentose-pathway metabolism. This type of metabolism is very resistant to lack of oxygen in the blood, and can continue to be active after clinical death.

While the heart muscle’s pacemaker system may be resistant to oxygen deficiency, it can be subjected to other damaging effects. Once again, the ionic polyglycols, i.e., dishwashing detergents, are a cause of this, for example. Just as these ionic detergent residues impair the combustion process of neutral fats, they can also exert their damaging influence on the pentose-pathway tissue. This can be seen, for instance, in an acute hearing loss, as well as in an abrupt disturbance of the heart’s pacemaker system. It is thus not unusual for an acute hearing loss to be the harbinger of a disturbance of failure in the natural pacemaker system. These deleterious effects to the pacemaker system are fairly easy to overcome if the substrates, which are necessary for the cell’s proper functioning, are supplied. These are vitamin C, potassium orotate, magnesium orotate, calcium orotate, chromium and especially selenium.

The orotates mentioned are important because the carrier molecule, orotic acid, has an unusual ability to penetrate into the pacemaker system’s cells. Aspartates (aspartic acid) do not have this ability.

The American biochemist, G. N. Schrauzer, especially called attention to the importance of selenium. It is remarkable here that humanity has a great deficit of selenium, simply because the principle of synthetic fertilization has neglected the resupply of selenium to the soil. It is relatively difficult for the human organism to assimilate selenium, and it is best absorbed from vegetable nutrients.

It has been shown that the failures of the natural pacemaker system can be substantially reduced through a sufficient supply of selenium, much more successfully than originally anticipated. With the timely application of selenium compounds, 90% of all heart pacemaker implants are superfluous, according to our observations for at least the first 8 years of control. In the same manner, the selen­ium therapy mentioned can protect the inner ear to avoid hearing losses.

For the heart patient facing a possible cardiac infarction or a pacemaker problem, there is much more hope for restored health than one would have believed to date. It would appear that the alternative biological medicine is far superior, in this area, to the rigid, mechanistic orthodox medicine.

Presented below are results of studies with a high-risk group, i.e., those patients who had already survived at least one heart attack before they entered protective therapy. Of these patients, normally more than 30% die within the first four years.

This material was presented at the 1977 Congress of the International Academy of Preventive Medicine in Dallas, TX. By 1984, the mortality rate for heart attack as a cause of death for the Dr. Nieper group stood at only 4.2%! Three more patients had one recurring heart attack each, and these were relatively easily survived.


Protective Therapy Studies
Type of study Number of patients Mortality (%)
  at 2years at 4years
Nieper: Mg-orotate, K-orotate,
Anavit F3 or Ananase 100, carnitie, partly selenium
140 > 2 > 2
Cleveland chnic: Mainly nitrates
and anticoagulants
? 21 36
Rotterdam study (Erkelens):
with or without anticoagulants
(no statistically significant difference)
1,550 19 32

Two relatively harmless heart necroses were observed due to a herpes-type virus infect with subsequent focal cardiac damage. Herpes viruses may also be the cause for trouble with the natural pacemaker system. These facts are often overlooked, as the necessary determination of the C3c-complement is almost never offered by orthodox cardiology.


EXAMPLE: Painful, Tissue-Like, Cystic Hardening
of the Mammary Gland
This disease afflicts many women and, in fact, it appears to me to be associated with a somewhat higher tendency towards cancer occurrence in the mammary gland. Orthodox medicine sometimes offers a hormone therapy – of uncertain effect – and even homeopathic salves. It apparently is often possible to stop the disease process in the breast tissue of such women if the membrane-bound calcium concentration in the mammary gland’s cells can be restored. The substance calcium-l-dl-aspartate (Calciretard) accomplishes this. Its effect on this disease is very highly reliable and has been known for 17 years. It seems as if this treatment can also ward off the formation of a cancer based on the occurrence of this mammary gland disease. In principle, this is biochemically plausible. Orthodox medicine rarely offers this therapy.


Besides the controversy over cardiac infarction, the differences between “orthodox medicine” and “eumetabolic medicine” are particularly distinct for cancer. Since June 1978, and for reasons yet to be explained, orthodox medicine has massively “lost face” to the point where it is questionable whether its credibility in internal medicine can survive even until the next decade. In addition, on its own accord it practically disavowed any possibility of reintegration into eumetabolic medicine. I am fond of using the term “eumetabolic” medicine as applied above, even though originally it was coined by my friend Laborit in Paris. In the United States, they prefer the term “Orthomolecular” medicine, which means the same thing. The opposite is “toximolecular” medicine, an orientation which is represented primarily by orthodox medicine. Eumetabolic therapy is one in which the therapeutic substances either applied occur normally in the body, or are formed in such a manner, even synthetically, that their subcomponents are normal metabolic partners, rather than foreign substances. At least, they are of natural origin, such as the pineapple enzyme bromelaine.

Contrary to popular opinion, during recent decades cancer incidence has not really increased, with the single exception of the effects of cigarette smoking. Cancer has increased indirectly because other diseases are being more effectively eliminated. Who, today, dies of bacterial pneumonia, as many did early in this century? However, the cancer locations change continuously. There is less stomach cancer and more cancer of the colon, for instance. If cancer is prevented from occurring in one location – by conization of the uterus’ cervix, for example – then it will occur more frequently elsewhere, for instance, in the breast.

Despite the increase in environmental pollution, cancer incidence has hardly increased. Even close to the Love Canal near Niagara, which is overloaded with poisons, it has remained almost unchanged. On the other hand, the use of cancer therapies conceived by orthodox medicine – especially in internal medicine – has hardly reduced cancer mortality, in practical terms. Some partial successes, as, for example, with lymphoma, seminoma and skin cancers, are cancelled by other, increasing forms of cancer.

The conclusion from this observation is that cancer formation is essentially favored or prevented by factors internal to each individual patient.

Outside factors cause little changes in this picture. In order to better control this disease, it would be necessary to become better acquainted with the mechanism of its suppression by the organism, and to be able to imitate it. Surgery and radiation therapy are only short-term methods, albeit sometimes successful. The surgeon, brought in as of old, is still modern in the sense that his intervention at least does not damage the patient’s defense mechanism in the long run. However, the patient is not cured because of the presumably “radical” nature of the intervention – there is no such thing, in cancer. The patient is cured because subsequently the internal defense mechanism gains and keeps the upper hand over the disease.

In contrast, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are carried out with more or less poisonous substances, and in the long run do more damage to the host organism than they accomplish against the cancer. The disease outlasts the treatment’s effective period. The basic error, which always occurs in these forms of treatment is that, their effect on the cancer cells alone is considered, disregarding the relation between the cancer and the body’s own defenses – and it is precisely this balance, which is decisive. However, orthodox medicine does not offer such a basic concept, as we shall see in a few detailed examples.

The highly toxic chemotherapy, often defended by orthodox medicine with such biting aggressiveness, is in fact no more suited as a cancer therapy than a zeppelin would be to cope with a massive transatlantic airlift. Only a few may reach the other shore, and at enormous cost.

This is not meant to say that one should not use the effects of chemotherapy, or even expand them, with precise balancing. However, the concept as such is quite useless for eliminating the cancer problem and for its future planning. Besides, we know from animal studies that chemotherapy is reasonably effective only if the organism’s defenses are not too severely damaged. Thus, the “tail wind” effect provided by the body’s defenses is essential to the success of chemotherapy. As we mentioned, the same is true of surgery.

Some time ago, a report was published regarding the Sydney hospitals, analyzing the success of chemotherapy alone, for a large number of patients and with the focus on long-term improvement. On an average, the results were quite poor and the costs were exceedingly high.

Besides surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, orthodox medicine still has hormone therapy and an “after care” program to offer, which, however, in only a few cases meet the criteria to satisfy modern requirements. As a rule, orthodox medicine will not offer a prescribed diet any more than it will offer an adequate long-term protective therapy.

In 1971, U.S. President Nixon initiated a special anticancer campaign, the “war on cancer.” By June 1978, approximately eight billion dollars had been spent on this program, in addition to the prior programs. A U.S. Senate investigation committee under Senator McGovern, in its follow-up investigation, found that the program had been practically ineffective. The New York Times reported that the Senate had found that the catastrophe of this war on cancer had been due to “misleading priorities” – meaning orthodox medicine’s outdated, ineffective methods. Orthodox medicine wants to hear as little as possible about that particular debacle. The moneys spent are irretrievably lost.

In addition, orthodox medicine is engaged in the fireworks of a cover-up and deception, from the use of “interferon” (which has been known for over 22 years to be effective against cancer only in exceptional cases) to an “early diagnostic program.” However, orthodox medicine hardly has any suggestion as to what longtime protective procedures should be recommended in the case of a positive early detection.

The situation is approximately the same as if one wanted to espouse an early warning as the best protection against bomber attacks, and did not have any defensive weapons against bombers in one’s arsenal. The word has even reached the courts that, based on what orthodox medicine has to offer; early checkups alone cannot be taken seriously in all cases. (Dr. Hackethal vs. Bonn Government.)

When a patient asks, what diet should be followed, orthodox medicine, as a rule, answers: “Eat what you like. There is no cancer diet.” Or if the patient asks: “What other things can I do (for instance, after an operation), on my part, for further protection?” The answer, as a rule is: “Nothing”; or “We already have done everything for you”; or “We removed everything surgically. You don’t need to worry any further. Just live normally”; or “Come in every three to six months for a checkup.” Subsequent control is still being mistaken for protective treatment. Or in special cases, “What outsiders offer you is nonsense, or is unproven (a frequently used empty phrase).” More patients can respond at this point: “Then I suspect that you (orthodox medicine) have long since been representing them.”

In reality, diet is quite significant in cancer prevention and cancer treatment. Plentiful eating can be tumor promoting, especially if the food consists of meat, sausage, sugar and possibly too many dairy products, eggs or even fish. Frugal eating not only reduces cancer frequency in mice that get breast cancer – which has been experimentally demonstrated by Bayer Pharmaceuticals – it also assists the Mormons to be less cancer-prone than other population groups. Carotene and selenium, vitamins C and D-2, as well as magnesium and molybdenum, should be amply represented in the diet, since they greatly reduce cancer risk.

A German physician, suffering from a so-called branchiogenic neck cancer, was able to show that his own tumor grew rapidly following a fried chicken meal, and was drastically reduced with a millet diet – even more so than through orthodox chemotherapy.

He presented his case at the Baden-Baden cancer congress.

In 1983, the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare finally released a recommendation for a potentially cancer-protective diet, consisting predominantly of vegetables and fibrous foods, little meat, no sausage nor shellfish (like shrimp), and little sugar. The recommendation is unsatisfactory because, among other things, it fails to mention magnesium, selenium, beta-carotene and geopathogenic zones, as we will see later in this chapter.

Man is under the influence of what he eats for 24 hours a day. To state that the diet has no function in the control of cancer is pure nonsense and disqualifies any physician who makes such a statement as a suitable counsel for a patient seeking help.

To clarify the spectrum of protective measures – especially after a cancer operation, when naturally the risk of cancer continues to exist – I shall have to explain some of the agents developed by the body itself as a defense against cancer. These defense mechanisms are far more effective than had been assumed.

White blood cells are an essential tool in the defense against cancer, especially certain lymphocytes, also monocytes and macrophages. Since cancerous cells frequently show a configuration of their membrane-antigens that is very similar to blood group A, in type A blood carriers the defenses “recognize” cancer less frequently. In the normal population, in Germany, blood type A represents 43%, and among cancer patients, just under 77%. Blood type O represents 75% of the general population, and only 19% among cancer patients.

Thus, something needs to be done to provide additional safety to patients of blood types A and AB. These are special cases and are not discussed here, however, a constant intake of bromelaine (Anavit F3 or Ananase 100) can be helpful. Lymphocytes, in turn, function only when there is a sufficient number of them, and above all if they have available some internal mechanisms by means of which to inactivate the cancerous cell. This requires certain steroids, e.g., thymosterine and tumosterone, which in their turn require activation by an albumin from the thymus gland. Furthermore, the functioning of the lymph-cell defenses requires additional albumin factors, called complements, which in some cases are absent to a significant degree, or are used up at a rapid rate. Especially in those tumors in which apparently certain viruses of the herpes group have an activating function, it is very important that these complements be indirectly replaced by gamma-globulin. It is very difficult to bring up the patient’s own complement production. The German “Inzelloval” which contains zinc-aspartate and manganese-aspartate seems to help somewhat In Hodgkin’s disease, this is of decisive importance at all stages (not offered by orthodox medicine, and even refused by a health insurance plan, such as in Krefeld, in Germany).

The herpes group viruses seem to be of co-causal significance in cervix uteri cancer, certain lung tumors, tumors in the nose-throat domain, lymphomas, clear cell melanoma, and ovarian carcinoma – to mention just a few.

The body’s suprarenal gland also produces a steroid present in the blood in fairly high concentration, freely floating and not enclosed in the cells. This is the so-called DHEA. It is an ever-present monitor for cancer, and is very effective. It is not enhanced in the case of increased cancer risk. It is used up slowly. Thus, the principle is the same as that of a professional police force. It is omnipresent, and in case of danger, unlike the military, it is not necessarily reinforced. Furthermore, there are albumin-antibodies for cancerous cells, and their effect usually is minimal. In any event, the antibodies whose reactions against nerve cells cause the clinical picture of schizophrenia are quite an active agent against cancer cells, and they also damage thrombocyte surfaces. Consequently, schizophrenia patients show a strongly reduced cancer frequency.

The body requires the following factors to regenerate its tools in the defense against cancer: vitamin D-2; cholesterol; vitamin C; selenium; and photons (light), Kirlian-positive vegetarian diet) for the steroid defense mechanisms, in addition to zinc and magnesium for the buildup (or activation) of defensive enzymes, and for inner complement building.

At high concentrations, zinc has a very pronounced defensive effect against cancer. In turn, its concentration in the blood is regulated by the suprarenal system. On the other hand established tumors may grow faster if zinc is offered to the patient.



Breast Cancer:
Post-Surgical Radiation
Treatment Senseless ?
Munich – A prospective, randomized study brings it to light. Post-operative radiation therapy in connection with breast cancer is without influence on the remission and survival rate. After ten years, 36% to 38% of the women are still alive, irrespective of whether or not they received radiation, reported Dr. Wilhelm Friedl of the surgical clinic at the University of Heidelberg, during the German Cancer Convention.

From “Medical Tribune”, Germany, May 28, 1982 “The relative uselessness of post radiation treatment after a breast cancer operation was already known in 1970 after an in depth study in the USA. Also, the Swedish roentgenologist Stjaerswaerd pointed this out about ten years ago. Now finally, orthodox medicine, at the convention of the orthodox “German Cancer Society”, must admit this very grave failure which has been known for years.”

The year of 1989 brought to us a major breakthrough in the control of breast cancer.

It is known since the early 50s that the milk of breast-cancer prone mice induces breast cancer in non-cancer-prone litters. The virus inducing this is called the Bittner-factor. In man also such a breast-related retrovirus has been found which seemingly activates latent breast cancer cells (or even produces those).

The removal of the contralateral breast gland tissue once a breast cancer has to be operated reduces the recurrence rate from about 54% to 14%. These are our results after 8 years of observation. Of course these breast cancer patients receive a protective gene-repairing therapy along with this procedure and over unlimited time. The Bittner-factor (in man) cannot be harbored in any other gland tissue than that of the breast. This may explain the very drastic improvement of our results in the control of breast cancer in the women such treated.

“The relative uselessness of post radiation treatment after a breast cancer operation was already known in 1970 after an in depth study in the USA. Also, the Swedish roentgenologist Stjaerswaerd pointed this out about ten years ago. Now, finally, orthodox medicine, at the convention of the orthodox “German Cancer Society”, must admit this very grave failure which has been known for years.”

Two or three different defense mechanics of the white blood corpuscles can be activated by injection of the antituberculosis vaccine BCG (bacille Calmette-Guerin = Calmette-Guerin bacillus), and this presupposes the previous treatments already mentioned, since otherwise a consequence of the vaccination could be the exhaustion of the immune system. In turn, the vaccination will be positive only if the immune system is operable. In the context of all treatment measures, this vaccination is of great importance. It was discovered 20 years ago in a cancer institute in New York, known worldwide, and yet orthodox medicine hardly ever offers it.

We know from the observation of certain special clinical cases that the internal defense system, under rare circumstances, can be dramatically effective, even against advanced cancer. This should be further investigated. Nevertheless, during the cancer congress in Baden-Baden in 1975, a director of the German Federal Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg stated to a full auditorium that he “had sacrificed zillions of test animals but had never yet found a defense system against cancer.” No wonder that there was a bitterness during the parliamentary hearings into the matter of cancer research in Germany in 1981 about the fact that, in spite of the billion level quantities of money fed into Heidelberg, hardly anything had emerged.

The cancer cell itself develops many pretty mean methods to elude the body’s defenses.

Above all, there is the production of a mucous substance that protects the surface of the cancer cell from identification and docking by lymph cells.

The human embryo’s cells do the same thing to avoid being aborted by the maternal body. Unfortunately, the blocking factor generated by the cancer cell is chemically somewhat different from that of the human embryo, so that all the currently available pregnancy tests are mostly inapplicable to cancer.

This mucous substance called “HCG-like” eventually finds its way into the bloodstream, thus coating and “blinding” the defensive cells even there.

It is essential to anticancer protective treatment – and to active cancer treatment – to destroy this “blocking” mucine. This is best accomplished through “electrically active” beta-carotene (from carrots) and/or by means of bromelaine, already mentioned. These methods are not offered by orthodox medicine, even though some time ago a leading American research institution reported that primary cancer frequency could be reduced by no less than 50% to 82% (!!) by means of beta-carotene (carrot juice). In principle, this agrees with our experience. It was in 1971 that I introduced beta-carotene into the daily cancer treatment routine.

The cancer depressing effect of magnesium, discovered by the French surgeon Delbet, has been known since the 1930’s. His results have been confirmed again and again. Nevertheless, it is not offered by orthodox medicine. The cancer protection provided by selenium seems to be extraordinary, including breast cancer.­ Where this condition exists, selenium is particularly low. Human society tends to have a noticeable selenium deficiency, due to modern agricultural techniques. Since, as we mentioned, selenium deficiency also favors cardiac arrests and infarction, the renowned American biochemist Schrauzer of the University of California at San Diego has suggested that selenium should be investigated very seriously. Orthodox medicine does not offer selenium for cancer protection.

This listing already provides an indication as to what the cancer diet should and should not include.

Meat, sausage type products, casein products and cheese should be avoided since experimentally they increase the production of the blocking mucous. Crustaceans should be avoided in general, because their high concentration in nucleic acids could be cancer activating. Vitamin B-12 and especially iron must be avoided in therapy, since they can favor tumor growth. And whatever may peak the glucose level in blood should be avoided as well.

People often think that cancer genesis has not been well researched. This is not really true. It is certain that during the course of cancer genesis the membrane systems of structures inside the cell become defective, especially those of the mitochrondria. This indirectly leads to damage to the chromosomes in the cell nucleus. However, in contrast to earlier opinions, this damage is quite fundamental. Instead of established, lasting mutations, we speak of “gene instabilities”, which may differ from the normal gene configuration. We will discuss this very important meaning later – with respect to gene repair therapy for cancer. It is possible to “clone” the kind of animal originally hosting the cancer – from the nuclei of the cancer cells – with completely normal descendants being produced later.

During the process of cancer genesis, the cell becoming cancerous loses the calcium lining of its inner membranes, with magnesium and potassium also being lost. Additionally, the cancer cell pumps sodium, normally rarely found in the cell body, into itself. This piece of information was presented in 1938 by the often underestimated researcher P. G. Seeger. Seeger worked in Berlin at the same time double Nobel prize laureate Otto Warburg, the discoverer of the biochemical principle of cancer fermentation, was at the peak of his worldwide fame. Today, Otto Warburg’s work is of only limited significance both for practical cancer therapy and even for cancer prevention, while Seeger’s work is of outstanding importance. The historical comparison between Einstein and Levetzow also comes to mind here, both of whom were active in Berlin in the 20’s. Today, Levetzow’s work on gravitational theory is ever present while Einstein’s is a partial contribution to theoretical developments, which are, for the most part, history.

By losing its calcium supply, the cell membrane, from the physical point of view, loses its characteristic condenser function. It thereby also loses the capacity to cause electrostatic or magnetic acceleration, so that the docking forces for the body’s defense mechanisms weaken, as I already mentioned in the discussion of Priorè generators in this volume. Thus, the cancer cell is devoid of the electro physical functions of that defense.

By absorbing more sodium, the cancer cell develops an electrical behavior, which is outside the sphere of the body’s defense capability.

One might attempt to remove the sodium from the cancer cell. Presumably it would then lose much of its vitality, dry out and more readily fall prey to the body’s defenses, to the extent that these are functioning. Unfortunately, from whole blood analyses of cancer patients we know that the blood cells themselves are also overloaded with sodium. This does not help their function or their regeneration. It would thus be preferable, once again, to expel sodium. I have attempted to do this with a compound called lithium orotate, with limited success to date.

However, a promising new horizon has recently opened up. Deep sea fish, especially sharks, are able to recycle the high salt concentration back into the sea, thanks to an agent produced by their highly active livers, making them “sweet” inside. The fish accomplish this by secreting substances called isaethionic acid and taurine. In such an organism, no cancer cell would be able to survive because, due to the constant “desodification”, it would become depleted of sodium and lose its vitality. In fact, sharks are extremely resistant to cancer genesis and even to active cancer production. In addition, M.I.T. researchers published, in 1983, the discovery of a very high anticancer potential found in shark fin cartilage. In man and in all animals, cartilage resists cancer tumor invasion. However, shark cartilage is even more resistant.

The principle is directly applicable to man and can be prescribed, since taurine has been a routine prescription against migraine and epilepsy for 25 years. The already mentioned lithium orotate is also effective against migraine and epilepsy. The sodium elimination – “desodification” in technical jargon – of cancer cells holds out considerable hope for increased control over this disease. The treatment is lacking in problems, and can be extremely economical. Due to this and because of the devitalization of the cancer cells, the balance between cancer and the organism’s defenses is displaced in favor of the latter so that other treatment methods, including conventional chemotherapy, have an improved starting position. The immune reactions between defense and cancer are also strengthened by desodification. Orthodox medicine is not yet offering desodification, nor is the basic research for this hopeful development being performed by orthodox medicine. Rather, it originated in marine and fisheries research in Norway and the United States.

The shark’s cancer preventing mechanisms have been proven extraordinarily effective. Investigations by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, revealed that only one malignant tumor was found in 25,000 sharks. In addition to the principle of sodium elimination from cells by taurine, a second mechanism is also responsible for cancer suppression. This is squalene, a substance of an oily consistency, formed in large quantities in the shark’s liver and also present in olive oil in small amounts. We know that squalene is responsible for the extraordinarily strong “Kirlian-positivity” of olive oil. This seems to indicate that squalene is able to strongly enhance the polarization of cell membranes. Thus it would have the same effect, with respect to the cancer cell, as did Priorè irradiation, namely, to intensify the docking of defensive cells onto cancerous cells, restoring the cell’s electrostatic “order” and, possibly, activating the formation of surveillance steroids, which require a strong electrical stimulus.

Sharks probably form as much squalene as they do because with it, like the olive, they endow their cells with the qualities of a strong orgone box, with the result that they receive considerable additional energy from the Tachyon Field. Tripertenoids in pine trees seemingly serve the same purpose.

It should be mentioned that in cancer patients the elimination of sodium can also be activated by dietary measures, especially by means of Haderheck water. (There is a source for this water near Frankfurt, Germany.)

The balance between disease and defense, already mentioned, is of great significance in the battle against cancer. The physician’s main effort should be directed at displacing this equilibrium as much as possible towards the defenses and against the cancer. All therapeutics must conform to this elementary procedure of cancer therapy, because only in this manner is it possible to overcome this disease lastingly. Orthodox medicine does not offer these considerations, as a rule.

The cancer cell, however, has one more “dirty trick” in store. To the extent that the cell becomes cancerous, or “autonomous” the membranes of the structures inside the cell’s body secrete blister-like elements, usually called “oncogenic agents.” They consist predominantly of lipids and only very little nucleic acids. These elements leave the cancer cell, replicate in the blood stream, and cause damage both to the red blood corpuscles and to the organism in general. They form a lactic acid enzyme and, in addition, the covering or blocking mucous already mentioned. Incidentally, a cancer can form metastases (daughter tumors) only when its cells release this agent, which almost always is the case. For this reason, orthodox medicine’s theory that metastases are caused by migrating cancer cells had been questioned. It is possible to replicate these “agents” on inert bacterial nutrient media and then produce cancer in test animals.

It is very important to combat these agents, and, together with the renowned chemist, Dr. Franz Köhler, we have spent years in this effort. The best method to combat these agents is to eliminate the cancerous cells of the tumor, lower the blood acidity (pH value) and increase the blood’s carotene level – and so we have returned once again to this important cancer protective substance. The body itself produces a substance, the steroid DHEA, which also seems to be effective against these agents. Also, certain antibodies, for example, those found in schizophrenic patients, are effective against them. This entire complex has been little explored by orthodox medicine and not at all since 1968. There is no therapeutic proposal in this direction from orthodox medicine. In the United States, the eminent cancer researcher, Vernon Riley, worked on problems related to these “agents” as long ago as 1960. Also in the United States, in earlier decades, Dr. Virginia Wuerthele Caspe Livingston, Dr. Eleonora Jackson and Dr. Clark were prominent researchers in this field. Clark’s paper on the “Production of Metastasizing Tumors in Guinea Pigs by Cultured Organism Obtained from Human Malignancy” belongs to the classics in cancer research. It was presented at the International Hematology Congress in Rome, in 1952. In Germany, likewise, people have been working in the field of these “agents.” I did it with the help of electron microscopy, as did Dr. Thomas in Paris.

When Dr. Köhler and I, in the late 50’s, tried to develop a therapy against these agents, e.g., on the basis of so-called soluble thiurams or on the basis of an antimalaria therapy, we called it “infracellular cancer therapy.” Also in the 50’s, the English bacteriologist Wyburn-Mason found that the cancer cell very actively releases such “agents” of ameboid behavior under “thermophylactic” conditions. This means that the environmental medium around the cancer cells is kept warmer than the cell itself.

It was Wyburn-Mason who proposed antimalaria compounds like Resochin, Mepacrine or Atabrine as anticancer medicaments. As a matter of fact, they played a certain clinical role for a while.

Today researchers are looking to find connections between the more recently found gene instabilities in cancer chromosomes and the secretion of these “agents” by the cancer cell.

What is being looked for are effective substances that, in contrast to “toximolecular” chemotherapy, attack the cancer cell, even if only partially, in a manner which is as little poisonous as possible. Many substances are being considered, and here collisions with orthodox medicine become particularly severe, especially because usually the knowledge comes from outside the “establishment.” Thus, carbon disulfide (CS2) in the atmosphere reduces cancer frequency, and it simultaneously increases blood pressure. This observation comes from the rayon industry, and it influenced Dr. Köhler’s and my work, for example. Cancer can also disappear because of sudden increases in blood pressure due to other causes, a phenomenon that is most thought provoking. Today it is assumed that CS2 causes the activation of certain steroids, including Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). And it is precisely DHEA, which is released into the blood only in a special, sulfur­bound form.
[ Mercury will bind to and deactivate any molecule containing sulfur. ]

Mistletoe has been used in cancer therapy for a long time, albeit with modest, though positive, results. Unfortunately the principle that makes it effective is quite unclear, something that bothers me personally.

Many so-called saponins, steroids found in plants, have tumor-inhibiting effects. Ginseng also produces such substances. All these plant-derived substances have a certain functional similarity with the already mentioned tumosterone. You will read later why these substances, related to the anticancer surveillance steroid tumosterone, will possibly lead us to a new era in cancer therapy. This particular mechanism is also true of “prednisone”, and not of other cortisones. Therefore, a phytotherapy based on such plant material, with scientifically proven anticancer effectiveness, is not at all nonsensical. Orthodox medicine, of course, has no such offering.

In 1848, a substance was presented at the Society for Medicine in Moscow, which apparently had an obvious effect on some forms of cancer. While I was in Freiburg in 1951 for my state examination as a physician, I had to evaluate a patient with a stomach cancer. One of the chief physicians in the group of medical examiners present recommended that this substance be tested on the patient. It was a bitter almond substance, one of the so-called beta-cyanogenic glucosides. There are a good 50 of them in nature, the best known being amygdalin, Vitamin B-17, prunasin, cassavin and ficin. Unfortunately, in the United States, the greatest and most depressing tragic comedy of modern medicine developed around these substances. It would be inappropriate to go into the history of the so-called laetrile affair in the United States, although I am, of course, quite familiar with the details. As an explosive internal issue, the laetrile affair has almost attained the order of magnitude of the Vietnam conflict. I still do not see how some of the exponents of official American cancer medicine, and certain bureaucracies in Washington, are going to emerge from this affair with clean hands. The effect of this bitter almond substance is not strong, and can be observed only if the defense mechanisms are in operation. In any event, it can and was clearly proven both clinically and experimentally, with positive results, at both the famous Sloan-Kettering Institute in New York, and at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. An enormous suppression story was leaked to the press by a member of the New York institute. A rather mysterious “testing” in five clinics, including the famous Mayo Clinic, led to the strong suspicion that certain oral (not intravenous) doses of laetrile were tested after having been previously and intentionally “contaminated” at the National Cancer Institute in Washington, with a certain highly poisonous cyano urea combination. Officially, a “purification” was admitted.

The ” dot on the i ” to the whole affair was supplied by the clever Japanese. Within the organism, the bitter almond substance ( Vitamin B-17, amygdalin, laetrile ) decomposes into cyanide, which is immediately detoxified, and (then) into benzaldehyde.

From an entirely different perspective, the Japanese found that benzaldehyde had a very positive effect against cancer cells, which additionally is very interesting from the point of view of its biochemical mechanism. The Japanese supplied ample basic information, and both the experimental and clinical results were quite remarkable. In 1980, an official journal of the National Cancer Institute of the United States reported, nicely wrapped up, on the excellent results obtained in Japan with benzaldehyde. The fact that this is the active principle in the infamous “laetrile” was presumably only noticed later. Once again, orthodoxy does have its element of stupidity.

The Point of this entire affair is not whether the preparation is particularly effective or not. It is a matter of scientific and moral integrity. Today benzaldehyde and mandelonitriles are important tools in the hands of tumor specialists, even though they do not perform miracles. Orthodox medicine, of course, has no such offerings.

Incidentally, during the degradation of the bitter almond substance by the organism, a second substance with a cancer inhibiting effect is formed, thiocyanate. Both chemically and in its action, it is related to allicin (from garlic) and allyl-isothiocyanate (from horseradish). Perhaps it is due to the relatively low cancer inhibiting Protective action of these substances that orthodox medicine does not offer them.

To complete the Picture, a technical paper originating at Columbia University in New York was published, reporting that the cyanide released by the bitter almond substance was transformed inside the cancerous cell into a metabolite that is specifically cancer inhibiting. The normal cell cannot accomplish this particular transformation. The attempt to use the deviant ionic balance of the cancer cell as a starting point for cancer therapy has been quite successful, and in a direction other than that of sodium elimination from the cancer cell through the already mentioned taurine. The cancer cell contains far more hydrogen ions than a normal cell. Therefore, its pH value is lower than that of normal cells. If one succeeded in removing the excessive hydrogen ions and thus raising the pH value, this might stop many of the metabolic processes sustaining the malignancy of the cancer cell. It would be like removing the sparkplugs from the cancer cells. In fact, the long and highly respected American physicist and chemist, Keith Brewer, succeeded in translating this concept into a realistic treatment program.

[ Here is the story of B-17 and the politics of the “American” Medical Profession – Indeed, the story of “Orthodox Medicine” on our planet. This is a transcript of a lecture given by G. Edwards Griffin, Author of “World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B-17”. ]

The cancer cell takes in rubidium and especially cesium, both elements that, because of the special characteristics of their electron shells, absorb free hydrogen ions. Cesium is particularly effective.

For the rest of the organism, cesium is very harmless in the doses used in treatment, even following prolonged application.

Animal experiments and clinical results with this treatment, which only became known in the United States during the second half of 1981, are, in fact, remarkably good. Because of the nontoxic nature of the method, its effects on cancerous tumors in man are obviously better and more interesting than the effects of well-known toxic chemotherapy measures. Care must be taken, however, with this therapy of hydrogen ion neutralization in the tumor cell, to insure that the organism’s immune and detoxification systems are in full operation as much as possible. In any event, this therapy is appropriate even when the tumors already have considerable volume. Results in Germany confirm those obtained in the United States.

Of course cesium therapy requires daily supplementation with potassium, and it belongs in the hands of well-trained specialists – as is often stressed in the USA.

The physicist and chemist Keith Brewer was a determining factor in implementing the isotope separation required for the manufacture of the American atomic bomb during World War II. It is understandable that this great accomplishment in the battle against cancer is psychologically very satisfying to him. It should not be necessary to mention that this important development is not an orthodox medicine offering either. Quite the contrary, the famous physicist Brewer is snubbed by the orthodox American cancer establishment despite of his great accomplishments.

Even urea in the amount of 7-15 grams daily has obviously spectacular effects on certain forms of cancer – especially advanced cancer of the liver. Although in 1974 Dr. Danopuolos, Professor at the Greek Cancer Clinic discussed this in detail in the British magazine “Lancet” this path was not further pursued by orthodox medicine. This therapy is very inexpensive, mostly harmless and can be administered for a prolonged period. The underlying principle seems to be an antiviral effect. The effect of the urea therapy is limited to cancers, which are known to be started by the foregoing viral infections. This is true for liver cancers (hepatitis B) and for oral tumors (herpes virus).

A further method to detoxify the cancer cells from the inside consists of the introduction of L-glutathione, a compound with sulfureous amino acids. Known results up to now permit prediction of benefits from this treatment.

The insights gained, which encompass the already mentioned cancer retarding or cancer-preventing “supervisory” steroid, DHEA, are new and fascinating for expert and layman alike. About 60% of all people have enough of this substance in their blood to be sufficiently protected from the occurrence of cancer in their organism; although, as previously mentioned, some other factors, e.g., the blood type, complement levels and lymph-cell-bound tumosterone activity are additional contributors to the outcome. In the meantime, it has become possible to determine the level of DHEA in the bloodstream. If it is too low, it can be increased. The American company Searle produces DHEA synthetically. More elegant, possibly, is a method to turn on the DHEA production of the body itself. Apparently, this can be accomplished with a delay time of several weeks, by the already mentioned squalene. When the DHEA level in the (blood) serum rises to a value of more than 3.3 mg/L, even threatening cancer tumors go into remission, of course, only under the assumption that the complex chain of further defense mechanisms is still functional or is repaired. The DHEA has, to be precise, only a retarding effect on the metabolism of the cancer cell and the extracellular “little bodies” mentioned. Further work is up to the body’s own elimination system.

Certain observations suggest that the DHEA-Sulfate, which circulates with the blood, must first be de-sulfateded by a special factor so that it can become effective against cancer cells. This de-sulfateded factor originates possibly from the pineal gland, a brain appendix, and/or from the thymus gland.

About 40% of the people probably have absolutely or relatively too little DHEA in their blood. A little less than half of these develop a latent cancer which, however, during their lifetime will not reach the importance of a manifest illness. About 22% of all people die from a manifest cancerous illness. The deficiency of DHEA, and an increased deficiency due to the onset of cancer, are correlated with interesting peculiarities of the personality. Such people are, as a rule, not very aggressive, yes, decidedly “dear.” They are mostly somewhat depressed, or at least somewhat inactive. And above all, they frequently suffer from “weak decision making ability”, especially in the realm of business.

The extreme opposite of weak decision making ability is not decision making strength, as would seem to be the case. It is recklessness.

I wish to present still one more comment. In my total experience of observing several thousand-cancer patients, only two cases became known to me, which manifested criminal potential. On the other hand, no doubt, recklessness goes hand in hand with criminal activity. Will it some day be possible to eliminate the criminal potential in afflicted persons by the manipulation of steroids (like DHEA) within them?

This would be only too good, and it would fit so perfectly into the new and hopeful Tachyon Age.

I am quite confident that it is possible to bring this disease under control, something that to date, unfortunately, has not been the case. It is important to start protective therapy immediately after a tumor operation, for an indefinite period of time, even if at first no further tumor is evident. This protective therapy should be based partially on the aforementioned considerations. Naturally orthodox medicine as a rule does not offer such proposals and, to the contrary, frequently misinforms patients when these questions arise.


Reaction to Many Questions, Politics and News
Regarding Policies of Cancer Treatment
In the previous edition, this chapter on cancer obviously provoked unusual interest. In addition, it had been published – with some clarifications – in the magazine “raum & zeit” (Space & Time). Some letters from readers will be answered there. Not a single critical or negative letter from representatives of orthodox medicine has arrived to date. Apparently even orthodox medicine cannot escape the fact that this problem is ticking away like an activated bomb. Massive accusations have been made in writing, and the so-called clinical testing of laetrile (mandelonitrile), in the National Cancer Institute in Washington, was stated to involve fraudulent manipulations. These accusations have remained unanswered for over two years.

Yet it is precisely in the USA, where the bastions of orthodox cancer therapy defend themselves with particular tenacity against the coming, reformed concepts, that the tensions are highest – as would be expected. Journalist John L. Kent has published a very precisely worded, well documented article in the American daily press, in which he attributes extensive fraudulent actions to the establishment in American cancer research and especially cancer treatment, and above all, those physicians engaged in toxic chemotherapy. Thus, based on completely unjustified and deceitful statements about the progress being made, more funds are constantly being demanded. “If more funds were made available, the problem would be solved. We are so close”, they say. Simultaneously, Kent states, orthodox physicians have suppressed alternate, quite promising methods, primarily to protect their positions and sources of funds. These accusations are directed especially against the leading group of the Mayo Clinic, which organized the mandelo­nitrile study. The American Cancer Society and the bulk of American cancer clinicians are publicly chastised in this manner.

The efforts of the Reagan administration to uncover waste of public funds and their misuse finally exploded the bomb. Once again the orthodoxy, in this case, orthodox medicine, is in trouble for financial reasons and not because of their scientific backwardness. Meanwhile, in Germany, “Der Spiegel” reported on the German Cancer Research Center at Heidelberg: on balance, a very negative report, albeit not as dishonest as on the American “War on Cancer.” From my own perspective, I should add that undoubtedly, in some areas such a critical reaction blocks attainment of its own goal. However, psychologically such reactions are understandable, because in spite of the enormous funds invested, the results are so meager. There is no doubt that adhering to the methods prescribed by orthodoxy is itself partly to blame for this catastrophe. A typical example of this, for example, is the program started by Dr. Mildred Scheel* for the early diagnosis of cancer.
[ * Dr. Mildred Scheel, M.D., was a former First Lady of the Federal Republic of Germany. ]

Any experienced oncologist could have anticipated that this had to become a great disappointment and in some respects a program that would even mask the problem. At times the entire program has the trappings of a political, collectivist, advertising campaign. Professor Krokowski* had made excellent critiques of Mrs. Scheel’s cancer aid program. Repeatedly, Hackethal** has even taken his critique to court, and won.
[ * Prof. Dr. E. Krokowski, Radiologist and Physicist, is a very critical anti-orthodox oncologist.
** Prof. Dr. Hackethal, Surgeon, is a very well known critic of orthodox medicine in Germany, and has written many books. ]

In spite of this, I would say that the bulk of known and unknown scientists active in cancer research are free of blame. My criticism is on an entirely different plane! What are the chances for an average patient, who, somewhere in the USA, or in Germany, wants to consult a physician on cancer-related matters, or better yet, seeks actual treatment? There is an enormous gap between what he will be offered as opposed to what has been firmly established by research. He will not be offered a diet – a very important offering – nor protective therapy of unlimited duration, based on beta-carotene, magnesium orotate and gamma globulin – much less, the suggestion to avoid geopathogenic zones. As we shall show once again, all of these recommendations are essential. I am fairly pessimistic as to whether we shall succeed in furnishing the majority of physicians – within a foreseeable time period ­ with the knowledge and the will to provide the necessary advice to patients seeking help. The unbelievably hard, orthodox crust of medical schools and clinics would make this effort nearly impossible. At a recent cancer congress in Baden-Baden, in 1982, an experienced physician and nutrition-physiologist commented that the programs practiced in German post surgical cancer treatment, in clinics and hospitals, were “nothing short of a scandal” and a “slap in the face to all good sense and medical knowledge.” Only a few, perhaps three or four, could be counted as comprising an honorable exception. As examples, he mentioned the Sonnenberg Clinic in Sooden-Allendorf and the Urbachtal clinic.

It is thus entirely possible that in the future many a patient will resort to those legal remedies already indicated by Professor Küchenhoff (see chapter on Orthodoxy in Medicine and the Constitutional Lawyer).

Apparently not all observers are blessed with the same patience. In mid-1982, the Reagan administration “fired” the entire U.S. Cancer Advisory Board, which also advised the White House. This firing of the more or less orthodox representatives of cancer medicine and cancer research on the U.S Cancer Advisory Board led to a very interesting reaction, published in the August 13, 1982 issue of “Science.” Here, several oncologists who were active clinically and in research – some of whom are known to be outspoken members of orthodoxy – complained that the advisory body had, in part, been replaced by individuals who had not previously been involved in cancer research and cancer clinics.

Considered superficially, the argument may seem cogent. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes obvious how far removed from reality orthodox medical professionals really are. Being engaged in cellular research or in cancer treatment at the patient’s side in no way means that professionals in those activities are competent to judge on planning guidelines for cancer research. It is quite possible that an individual from an entirely different profession is more predestined for this. After all, we cannot deny Stobaugh, Yergin or Meyer-Larsen competence in scientifically judging energy policies simply because they had never directed a power plant, to the contrary, a long-term occupation in one of the end ramifications of an applied science – whether cancer research, cancer treatment or energy production ­ could very well disqualify the individual for overall planning capacity. Thus, undoubtedly there will still be a great outcry by resigning orthodox individuals who no longer understand the world.

It seems, in any event, that a higher opinion of our own inner, body-centered capabilities to defend against cancer or even conquer it, is rapidly spreading.

Thus the clinic for tumor research in Essen, Germany, considered quite orthodox, implies that continued chemotherapy, because of its toxic effect, can damage the body’s own immune surveillance system. “Therapeutic measures such as chemotherapy and irradiation impair certain cellular functions that are decisive for defense against tumors. This fact should be considered in the therapy concept.”



Breast Cancer Operation Adjuvant Chemotherapy
Useless and DetrimentalZürich / Wiesbaden – it does not matter at all which cytostatic combination of additional chemotherapy is used after breast cancer surgery. The 6 (or even up to 12) month long torture of the patients is pointless. It does not prolong life expectancy and does not prevent recurrence. Either the carcinoma is healed with surgery or the cytostatics won’t do any good any more. In spite of this, most of the time chemotherapy is still tediously administered. Our report will convert you.

Excerpt form a title page of “Medical Tribune”, 3 June 1983, pg. 48.
The pertinent article was written by a very well known Swiss clinician.

Of course the (poisonous) chemotherapy is not as worthless as is so starkly portrayed in the article above. However, as a solution to the cancer problem it is, nevertheless, useless. Chemotherapy might have a beneficial effect in cooperation with the much more important immunological and eumetabolical methods of treating cancer. One thing is certain – chemotherapy can produce positive results of lasting value only when it is encouraged by a strong “tailwind” from the body’s own immune defense system. This can be convincingly proven in studies with ani­mals as well as on cancer-stricken patients.

The specific effectiveness of chemotherapy can be increased with the isolated perfusion of single tumors. More important though, is the docking of the chemotherapy to the smallest phospholipoid drops, the so-called lipospheres which cancer cells prefer to eat. Even though this method has been known for many years, ­and I am fully satisfied with the medicine, very rarely is it offered. These liposomes or lipospheres are especially useful to bind Adriamycine and Bleomycine, widely used chemotherapeutic drugs. The liposphere therapy, which for quite a while has almost entirely replaced chemotherapy in watery solutions in our hospital, is far more specific and less toxic than the conventional applications.

In our hospital, and in the clinic, we do our best to learn from those chemotherapy concepts, as well as from those conventional (for example, sex-antagonist) hormone therapy procedures, which will help us in conjunction with the more advanced eumetabolic, and the still-to-be-mentioned gene repair therapies. A balanced use of all known therapeutic methods available at the time – in my opinion – has to be the “state of the art”, and not the monomane application of toxic chemotherapy alone.

Normally, when a patient comes to the physician or even a specialized clinic for control, at best they determine whether the tumor has continued growing, or whether it has released more by-products of its malignant activity into the blood stream (the determination of CEA, alkaline phosphates, TPA and some other examinations are part of this control). In contrast, hardly anywhere is there a competent examination of the defenses remaining to the body, or of where clear weak­nesses might be found in that defensive chain. In connection with the article on cancer in the earlier editions, I received many questions regarding the composition of that defense, how it could be determined and where this could be done. I would therefore like to reexamine this problem, in the light of my current knowledge.

First, it is important to lead a kind of life which experience shows is known to have a reduced cancer frequency. In principle, we should always maintain such a life­style, and especially if one is a part of blood group A or AB, or if at any time one has had a growth or operation for a tumor, even though it was a long time ago.

As already mentioned, Mormons have an extraordinarily low cancer incidence rate. We have learned that this strong decrease in cancer frequency can be attained also by means of a single substance: beta-carotene, the dye we know from carrots. I introduced beta-carotene treatment routinely in 1971, as a protective therapy for high-risk cancer patients. This was based on two observations: one, the demonstrable thymus activation by beta-carotene; and two, the deactivation of blocking factors produced by tumor cells to counteract the defensive lymph cells produced by the organism. In addition, apparently beta-carotene partially deactivates the so-called suppressor cells. They (the suppressor cells) counteract those lymph cells in their own blood, which are engaged in battle against cancer cells. This alone should help us realize that the mechanisms and principles of our immunological defense system, especially against cancer, have anything but a logical structure. For some unknown reason, they show the same lack of rhyme or reason that is characterized by human society. Perhaps it is because our immune system, over millennia, has become what it is today, due to all kinds of superpositions and interactions – an ancient abode that is rebuilt every few years.

When the first patients who had taken beta-carotene were discharged from my clinic in Hannover, into the streets of Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, both they and I were believed to be insane.

Since then, the picture has completely changed. On November 15,1982, the “Wall Street Journal” carried a long article on the cancer-preventing properties of beta­carotene and other natural substances. Reductions in cancer incidence in lungs and bronchia by 80%, in the colon by 55% and similar, astonishing figures are entirely realistic expectations. Studies currently under way in the USA and in Eng­land hint at this. The patients from my clinic who appeared with their carotene­dyed skins at a large New York cancer institute were partially responsible for this study. The consequence for today is that the use of beta-carotene in protective therapy against cancer is considered essential. This is due both to a scientific point of view and because of the legal criteria given by Professor Küchenhoff.

In contrast to beta-carotene, vitamin A, although similar, does not have a protective effect to the same extent. We discovered this some twelve years ago, and since 1983 this statement can also be found in the scientific press in the USA. The therapeutic superiority of beta-carotene has to do with a particular electric property, which was first described by Dr. Pethig in Wales. It is this property, which is lacking in vitamin A.

Patients in the USA, in particular, should be cautious. Only a beta­carotene coming as a dry powder, in a capsule, still expresses enough of this electrical property (hopping charges in a deep freeze glass state) to be useful. Oily beta­carotene preparations do not. Furthermore, beta-carotene is only absorbed from the intestine in the presence of a “fatty emulsion” such as cream, butter, or margarine. And in contrast to vitamin A, beta-carotene has practically no harmful effect on the liver.

While attending the commercial school in Neuchâtel, in 1951, an Iranian colleague came to me and said: “You are a young physician. It says in this French paper, that magnesium can prevent cancer. This is what an old surgeon, Pieffe Delbet, claims, saying he has the documentation to prove this.”

Thus, in the summer of 1952, I went on my 3 hp “NSU Quick” motorcycle to Paris, and ran up and down the entire Carrefour d’Odeon, and visited as well, all the old print shops, and the publishers. Unfortunately I could no longer find Delbef’s book.
[ * Carrefour d’Odeon: the bookstore area in Paris. The title of Delbet’s book is “Politique Preventiv du Cancer” (Cancer Prevention Policies). How modern it was to place the thrust of the fight against cancer upon prevention back in 1944! ]

A histology professor at the Sorbonne said: “This is quackery, anyway.” So I drove from Paris to Geneva, where I was in fact able to come up with Delbet’s book, at Payot’s. On the way there I passed Arbois, where Louis Pasteur’s home stands and where some of Pasteur’s early writings can be obtained. “Young people, never let the skepticism of your elders daunt you…”, could be read in one of these texts.

Today it is universally accepted that a higher magnesium intake, – for example, in the drinking water – is associated with reduced cancer incidence and reduced frequency of cardiac infarction. While the differences are not drastic, they are nevertheless undeniable.

Among other effects, magnesium improves the internal production of defensive substances, such as antibodies and complement, considerably improves the op­erational activity of white, granulozytic blood cells (already proven by Delbet), and contributes to many other functions that insure the integrity of cellular metabolism.

In 1961, Laborit and Nieper introduced cardiac therapy, especially protective therapy against cardiac infarction, based on magnesium aspartate. Somewhat later, in 1968, magnesium orotate – a further development – was added as long-term therapy against cardiac infarction, by Nieper.

Since then, we have had a large number of patients under long-term magnesium orotate therapy because of angina pectoris and other cardiac metabolism disturbances. This treatment has such a positive effect that the patients themselves request renewed prescriptions once they run out of tablets. Thus, long-term therapy necessarily results.

For some time we have observed, with some surprise, that hardly any new cancer occurrences appear in this group of patients. The probability for this is so small, in fact, that in cases of doubt and for acute complaints, a diagnosis of cancer is highly unlikely. The rate of new cancerous diseases with long-term magnesium orotate therapy is perhaps less than 20% of the frequency otherwise expected, at least for the first 10 years of the observation period. Obviously further observations are necessary, and we thought this finding was so important that we wanted to mention it. In the last analysis, it is also in line with Pierre Delbet’s scientific legacy.

In contrast to all other magnesium salts, magnesium orotate transports the magnesium atom to the membranes of the structures in the cellular plasma- the so-called mitochondria – and possibly to the cell nucleus’ genetic apparatus. We know from S. Rubin’s extraordinary studies in Berkeley that the magnesium ions freed at these locations are necessary to activate those enzymes, which are required to “read” the genetic information in the chromosomes.

The International Cancer Congress in Seattle, in the fall of 1982 dealt predominantly with the problem of misinformation from the genetic system and the subsequent cancer generation of a cell. To discuss this question in detail is beyond the scope of this article. There are some indications that it is not only gene defects in the cancer cell chromosomes that cause the loss of control; it is also various deficiencies and disturbances in correct “gene reading.”

In addition, an increased use of magnesium orotate would be a nightmare for any government If it should turn out to be true that this substance is as effective in cancer prevention as it is in the prevention of cardiac and circulatory diseases, this would severely threaten the collapse of all retirement-financing plans. Fortunately for governments, cigarette smoking has not decreased significantly.

It is very likely that several factors and several fundamentally different principles have a role to play in the body’s own defenses against cancer and cancerous diseases. This includes, for example, the naturally active and secondarily activated lymph cells, which can kill cancer cells. To accomplish this, the lymph cells must dock to the cancer cells, using the correct translation of the necessary identification signal (antigene recognition), as well as various tools and other factors which they have within their own bodies. One of these is the defense steroid, tumosterone, which originates from thymosterine. There are different thymus factors necessary to activate tumosterone. It has been shown that it is not meaningful to use just one out of several known thymosines to improve the cancer therapy. It seems more appropriate to use all the available thymosines. The compound “Thymus Mulli” is offered in Germany, and is undoubtedly of obvious clinical value.

A medical advisor at court, a lady professor at a Hessian university, is traveling throughout Germany to downgrade the different biological methods of cancer treatment – even those using thymus substances. Of course such comments can be disregarded, because she has no experience in cancer research, in cancer practice or in a cancer clinic. Similar “travelers” can also be observed in the USA.

Most probably the mentioned tumosterone has the ability to repair the defective gene or to deactivate the defective gene of unwanted information. In consideration of very many enquiries, I will give here some additional explanations with respect to the question of gene reparative therapy.

Dr. Lloyd Old, vice-president of the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute in New York, whom I have known for 23 years, wrote some years ago that the cancer defense of the body itself against the illness may possibly not be “immune related”, and should instead be explained in a different way.

Indeed, several years ago we had a female patient in our hospital in Hannover who, after a large cosmetic breast surgery, developed an explosive metastastion of her cancer in all her bones; and some weeks later it disappeared, replaced by massive calcium deposits. During the entire progression of the illness we were not able to discover any peculiarities with respect to the immunity profiles; the consumption rate of so-called cell-bound immunity (of lymph cells against cancer cells) was always the same, irrespective of cancer explosion or remission. Indeed, we see again and again, for example, during progressive breast cancer, very high complement (C3c) values of the defense mechanisms, which should indicate strong immune defenses. In spite of this, the cancer marches onward.

What kind of mechanisms, then, are responsible for such dramatic, spontaneous healings, if not those of the immune defense?

The immune defense can be compared with the military; it is only mobilized in reaction to an external stimulus or, to a threat coming in from the outside (from the viewpoint of the whole body, or at least, from the viewpoint of the cell).

In the framework of the cancer disease, very essential elements of the threat originate in the interior of the cell (a type of “social disorder”); and the immunological defense system (of the military type) is therefore not competent here. Instead, the competent type is another defense, or better yet, supervisory system, of the “police”, type, which is omnipresent and does not necessarily receive reinforcements as a result of the occurrence of the disease (or the cell disorder), in contradistinction to the immune (military) system. This surveillance system, however, can become temporarily depleted, for example, after a serious operation. Under normal circumstances, a person simply possesses enough of it, or not enough of it, from the very beginning. The latter holds true for about 40% of the population, of which one half will suffer manifest cancer, and the other half latent cancer.

In the case of the anticancer surveillance system of the police type, we are essentially dealing with gene supervising and gene repairing mechanisms.

The cancer development within the cell begins essentially with a change and autonomisation of the membranes of mitochondria, the small organelles in the cell plasma. The lipids in the mitochondrial membranes are altered in a very specific way to a structure called “Malignolipin”. This was found in the 60’s by Dr. Kosaki in Tsu City, Japan. Malignolipin most likely programs “misleading” messenger substances to go to the cell nucleus. The complete derailment and uncoupling from the required order, in both metabolism and form, is, however, in the final analysis, bound to the successive occurrence of gene defects, or better yet, of gene instabilities within the gene system of the cancer cell.

Normally, of the total gene equipment of the chromosomes, 99% or more are “sealed up”; only a few genes are permitted to communicate their messages. The whole thing resembles a small computer. For each of us, the “few” open genes define the special peculiarities, which make up our individual shape.

However, it can happen that some of the sealed up genes escape from the seal and begin to transmit an “undesirable” message; this is called gene instability. These genes do not achieve the degree of stability of the “officially stabilized genes.” Such gene instability could, for example, remain unimportant or it could accelerate the aging of the organism, or lead to glucose metabolism disturbances (diabetes). In more than 18 cases, however, we know that such unstable genes lead to the cancer-like behavior of the cells; and the more of such “oncogenes” which become active, the wilder the cancer cells become. This has also been called de-differentiation or “un-differentiation.”

Now, what are the factors, which generate such a gene instability with subsequent possible cancerous derailments?

This is perhaps first of all an innate liability of genes, which should actually be firmly sealed up. Furthermore, a series of viruses, for example, from the herpes group, apparently communicates effects, which render a gene an “oncogene.” Apparently, messenger substances called “messengers” originate from the membranes of the already mentioned mitochondria, which were modified with the onset of cancer. These “messengers” can labilize sealed up genes into “oncogenes.” In such a case, no virus “from the outside” is required for cancer generation; however, such an agent can secondarily develop from the autonomisation of the mitochondria membrane. I had already substantiated this through extensive research by the end of the fifties. Today this is established knowledge.

Furthermore, there is certainly a series of physical factors, which provoke the gene instability. Certainly, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation and alternating current electrical fields (workers on transformers have a high leukemia incidence), and, above all, the Tachyon-Field turbulence of the geopathogenic zones. This “Pollution” however, has neither an electrical nor a magnetic moment – as previously described. It is, nevertheless, demonstrably very dangerous. Mutants of plants (for example, trees) in geopathogenic zones can be explained only genetically. Animals which, in order to be protected or camouflaged, prefer to dwell in geopathogenic zones (such as cats, and, in particular, ants), possess extremely effective gene reparative substances. I shall demonstrate this later.

Therefore, we should attempt to reverse the lability of cancer-related genes and to seal them up again, or to extinguish the information they release, so that the permission for cancerous behavior is taken away from the cells. Exactly, this seems to be the mechanism through which such dramatic spontaneous remissions are accomplished, as initially mentioned. In addition, a surveillance (police) system must be available which prevents such gene-labilizations from the beginning.

Which principles do we know to prevent or even repair such a gene-labilization?

First, there are substances in the cell plasma of the healthy, and especially of the juvenile cell, which are capable of such a repair. According to the proposal of one of their discoverers, Todaro, they are called “oncostatine.” When the nucleus of a cancer cell from a mouse tumor or a frog’s kidney tumor is transplanted into the plasma of a denucleated healthy egg cell (this is called cloning), then out of this there originates a normal healthy baby mouse, or a tadpole. Within the plasma of a juvenile egg cell, some factor must exist which has repaired the gene defects in the implanted cancer cell nucleus; this is the oncostatine. In Germany there are two preparations for cancer treatment on the market whose effects can possibly be attributed to oncostatine. They are “Resistocell” and “Ney-Tumorine.” The latter is of considerable effectiveness against plasmacytoma, as first demonstrated by the German oncologist, Douwes. Resistocell, when continuously administered to women after surgery for breast cancer about doubles the longtime survival rate as was shown by Dr. Renner, the director of the Department for Radiotherapy at the Hannover Medical School.

The genes tend to move more to lability, the more surplus hydrogen ions there are in the cell. Cancer cells, which have too much of it, become for this reason, more gene-labile. Therefore, a lifelong attempt should be made to catch and remove surplus hydrogen ions from the cell. This is, above all, accomplished by the atoms in cesium and rubidium, as was demonstrated by the famous physicist Keith Brewer. The very high life expectancy among the Grusinians and the Hunza, could possibly be explained by the high intake of these elements (cesium and rubidium), through their water. Thus labilities in the gene system are prevented, and allegedly the Grusinians occasionally grow to be an incredible 120-130 years old.

Of a protecting effect on the gene system, and of a redifferentiating effect on the cancer cell, are some synthetic vitamin A derivatives, as well as the here repeatedly praised beta-carotene (which, contrary to vitamin A, and contrary to some comments put forward by orthodox “school medics,” produces no liver damage). Research by the Hoffmann-LaRoche company points at this protective effect. And, finally selenium, which is, in its electrical properties, related to beta-carotene, also has such a gene protection function. The excellent work by Dr. Ip in Buffalo on experimental breast cancer of the mouse, has pointed this out Carotene and selenium have been in our standing repertoire for cancer protection therapy for many years.

Very recently (in 1983) Dr. Huang and Dr. Chung, at the U.S. National Cancer Institute, have reported that even the tumor regression seen under hormone therapy of breast cancer has to be interpreted as a gene-repair phenomenon.

On the whole, it is a criterion of such gene protective substances that they suppress cancer as well as they retard the aging of the organism. This, typically, holds for the already mentioned DHEA. It is increasingly built up in the body when cod liver oil and the tripertenoid “squalene” (from shark liver) is consumed.

DHEA is a steroid. Another steroid, which for several years, has become known through the work of the biochemist Klemke in Germany, is called tumosterone. Thus, we already see that cancer defense, in contrast to immunology, leads to a steroid problem. The tumosterone is chemically a rather labile endiol. Its immediate forerunner is called, according to the proposal of its Rumanian discoverers, thymosterine.

It occurs in the thymus gland and in all lymph cells; however, it possibly requires several thymus peptides to be built up, as well as to be converted into tumosterone. Thymosterine is made from vitamin D-2. Thus, if this principle is to be used for intensive therapy, ergocalciferol and thymus must be administered to the patients (Thymus Mulli, daily, if possible).

Like vitamin D-2, Prednisone (and hardly any other cortisone) also serves as a precursor substance for thymosterine. According to the investigations by the biochemist Matter at Hoffman-LaRoche, tumosterone apparently migrates directly into the nucleus of the cancer cell. However, for this purpose, the lymph cell (killer cell) must have previously docked onto the cancer cell, and it must shoot the tumosterone into the cancer cell. Unfortunately, with blood group A, many lymph cells do not dock due to insufficient “identification” of the tumor cell, or they are impeded by a defensive mucous layer surrounding the tumor cell.

Unfortunately, the natural tumosterone acts only via this kind of cell-bound immunity. Here is then a connecting point between immune system and surveillance system, that is, between military and police.

Most recently, Klemke, in his important research work, had to change his interpretation of the tumosterone chemistry and came to the conclusion that tumosterone has to be identified as 7-beta-hydroxychoisterol (being the final metabolite). This will mean that synthetic access will be possible. Sheep are especially rich in this particular substance (in their wool fat), which may explain why sheep are found to be extremely resistant to cancer development.

The action principle of tumosterone is unequivocal. It prevents or repairs gene defects and gene instabilities. It also seems to block the ability of the tumor cell to feed itself on cholesterol and other lipids. Patients with advanced cancer are distinguished by low cholesterol and tryglyceride values in their blood.

There is a series of substances, which can imitate the tumosterone effect. To this series belong prednisone (and no other cortisone!) and a series of saponins, for example, from “ginseng root” The “Japanese Shabata” was able to demonstrate that these also have a retardation effect on cancer and aging.

Aldehydes have a considerable gene repairing effect on cancer cells. Thus, the action of acetaldehyde against melanoma (according to the Ehrenfeld program) can only be explained in this way. Benzaldehyde, whose redifferentiation effect on cancer cells was first demonstrated by the Japanese Kochi, is of special importance. Therefore, the benzaldehyde donors have gained considerable importance for cancer therapy for some time. These are the Mandelonitriles, the so-called bitter almond substances, to which also the “controversial” Laetrile, and amygdalin, runasin, cassavin, ficin, etc. belong, as well as the synthetic mandelonitril compounds. The parrot eats unbelievable amounts of benzaldehyde donors and grows extremely old! This cancer therapy has been performed routinely in the Paracelsus Hospital, Silbersee, in Hannover, Germany, for over 15 years. A head nurse with long years of experience states: “Among all forms of medical cancer treatment, including poisonous chemotherapy, this is still the best method.”

In the meantime, since the beginning of 1983, systematically important progress appears in this avenue of research.

You could certainly imagine that plants or insects, when subjected to physically damaging influences like ultraviolet light in the mountains, or geopathogenic zones, are in great danger with regard to the stability of their gene system. In spite of this, the consistency of their form remains essentially unimpaired over millennia! This requires, of necessity, a gene protection and a gene repair mechanism of unimaginable effectiveness. In addition, insects like ants are extremely resistant to viral infections without having an immuno system of the kind mammals and man have. What could possibly explain this?

In 1981, the French pharmacologist Anton and collaborators reported experiments on an astounding, highly specific effect against breast cancer cells from the mouse. The substance, which accomplishes this, is didrovaltrate, which was isolated by chemist Dr. Thies in Hannover, and which is found in the root of the “valerian plant” in Pakistan and in the Himalayas.

The essential point of this discovery is that in its chemical function, this substance very closely approaches the already mentioned tumosterone. This refers to dialdehyde functions. On the other hand, it can also be compared with the aforementioned benzaldehyde. There exist probably still very many effective dialdehydes like didrovaltrate, as for example the “iridoides” in ants. Only didrovaltrate is available on the market in Germany, under the trade name “Valmane.” A minimum dose of 1,000 mg of didrovaltrate must be given everyday. This corresponds to about 20 tablets daily. To prevent side effects, which are minimal, the patient must increase his intake of table salt. Also, German beer helps to tolerate the intake of so many Pills.

We introduced didrovaltrate (Valmane) into cancer patients’ treatment in January 1983. By June 1984, we had a requirement for more than 150,000 Pills of Valmane per month! This medication turned out to be – despite some skepticism in the beginning – a very valuable nontoxic anticancer drug. Since it is lipid soluble it can penetrate tumors of a bigger size.

Its main value lies in its effect on squamous cell carcinoma, even in advanced stages, in, for example, the mouth area and in so-called pelvic wall recurrences of cervix cancer in women. Both of these tumor forms have so far escaped successful treatment. Mesothelioma, which has become frequent, also responds well, as do kidney tumors, and breast cancer to a certain extent. Lung cancer also responds. However, colon cancer, unfortunately, responds somewhat less.

In the meantime, didrovaltrate has started to almost dominate other medical cancer therapies with us. For the first time, a nontoxic, specific “gene-repair” substance has entered mass application in cancer therapy. It is possible that didrovaltrate only interferes with the tyrosine metabolism, which plays a role with unstable genes.

This treatment with didrovaltrate (Valmane) will be, however, certainly a temporary measure because, as mentioned above, more effective and more agreeable preparations of this substance already appear “on the horizon.”

The didrovaltrate and irido-dialdehydes do not, in contrast to natural tumosterone, depend on the placement in lymph cells and their contact with tumor cells.

They also don’t require thymus factors for activation. Yet, they are apparently very effective.

This highly effective, and nevertheless primitive, direct mechanism of gene control and repair does not permit any genetic particularities as opposed to the thymosterine-thymus-tumosteron principle. The irido-dialdehyde system restricts ants from having a personal individuality, while the human being, with his variable steroid system, has, in contrast to the socialist ant, the freedom to take individual chances and risks.

In France, experiments are being performed with a substance named ellipticine, ­ and its derivatives, which comes from the Indonesian ochrosia plant. This substance appears to be harmless and nontoxic as long as all those genes, which are supposed to be sealed, remain sealed up. However if such a gene opens up and ever becomes “oncogenous” then the ellipticine attacks and apparently may destroy the whole chromosome.

Recently, also, certain activated camphor compounds have appeared during research, which are potentially gene-repairing substances. Thus, possibly even the genetic instability “diabetes” may be sealed up by these compounds.

In spite of all skepticism concerning this gene technology, I look to the future with Optimism, with respect to cancer therapy. This Optimism is based on some very exciting discoveries and developments, which have recently occurred.

By the end of 1983, the German Federal Health Office in Berlin officially licensed a preparation for anticancer treatment called “Carnivora.” This product is extracted from the carnivore plant “Dionaea Muscipula” which is found in the Carolinas, in the USA.

Carnivora extract contains at least six different chinoid substances which are known to be gene reparative or, more precisely, they seem to inactivate information released by unstable genes, and especially by oncogenes. Droseron and Hydroxydroseron are the names of some of these substances.

A German oncologist working silently in a remote place in north Bavaria, Dr. Keller is the discoverer of Carnivora’s effect. Over the years he has presented remarkable clinical data with his cancer patients. Moreover, it was demonstrated that Carnivora reverts cancer cells to a normal “social” behavior. In medicine, we call this redifferentiation. This reversal of an unsocial cancer cell to normal cell behavior can only be explained by the inactivation of the cancer cell’s erratic gene expression. As everyone knows there is no social order unless the discipline of every individual is maintained. If discipline is not maintained sufficiently in a spontaneous way, unfortunately, some kind of Police Department or FBI-type discipline will have to be applied. This principle also applies to the cancer cell. It looks as if the gene-controlling chinoid or iridoide substances from plants or insects work more powerfully, more “mercilessly” than our own. This may explain why insects have successfully survived extremely long periods of terrestrial evolution, irrespective of important changes, which took place in the physical conditions on Earth.

Carnivore plants apparently need substances, which inactivate unstable or erratic genes, upon the ingestion of the caught insect. Otherwise the plant might be disturbed by the alien genetic material resorbed. Does man carry a similar factor, for the same reason, in his gut? Researchers so far have not yet revealed why the small intestine is especially highly resistant against cancer.

We introduced Carnivora into clinical application in December 1983. It can be given as an inhalant, as an injection into the muscle, and as drops. Due to its water solubility it can only penetrate tumors of a smaller size, say 8-10 mm deep. In contrast to didrovaltrate it seems to be active against colon cancer, which had also been shown experimentally. It also works against adeno tumors in the nose area and in the lungs, in contrast to didrovaltrate. Furthermore, it has an amazingly excellent effect against herpes virus infection and cold sores, both with local application and given internally. It is still not reliably known how successful Carnivora is against tumors, which are apparently started by herpes virus, such as cervix and ovarian cancer.

In the United States, a plant extract, which comes from Brazil, has attracted considerable attention. This extract from tree bark is called Ipe Roxo or Pau d’Arco, and comes from plants called Bignoniaceae, to the family of which the teak tree also belongs. Only the extracts of Bignoniaceae which are insect eating (camivore), and which grow in an ozone-rich atmosphere, produce factors, which seemingly exert a remarkable anticancer effect. Extracts from non-camivore Bignoniaceae have no anticancer effect.

It is of course understood that it was only the general public in the USA, not orthodox medicine, which became greatly interested in this remarkable juice from Brazil.

One of the substances found in Ipe Roxo is Lapachol, chemically a relative of the Well-known anticancer remedy Daunorubicin.

It is apparent that aldehydic iridoides from insects, or chinoids from plants, inhibit viruses. They possibly inactivate the “undesired” information, which is transmitted (by an infecting virus) to the cellular genome. (Such “undesired” information may also result in the conversion of a normal cell into a cancerous cell.) Insects do not have an immuno-system as found in man or in mammals and yet they are extremely resistant against viral infections and cancers. Do the “gene-repairing” irido-dialdehydes account for this?

In this connection the summer of 1984 brought to us a most encouraging observation: Cancer patients who – since about two years before – were submitted to a protective therapy with squalene proved to stay amazingly free from recurrences. We therefore increased the daily intake of squalene to about 6-8 grams and more and were able to improve the obtained results on patients with established disease. As already mentioned squalene represents about 70% of the shark’s liver oil, it is not found in other fish.

Squalene is a rather immediate Precursor of steroids, but even more so of substances such as the aforementioned iridodials which very likely serve as a gene repair substance. This may well explain the anti-cancer effect of squalene in both the shark and in our patients.

However, there is an even more important observation to make: All species, which are seemingly resistant against viruses and cancer, like insects and like the shark also convert important quantities of space (tachyon) energy into bioelectrical energy. About 70-90% of the energy released by sharks and by insects may stem from space energy, not necessarily from food. In the case of the shark the conversion principle seems to be the squalene itself. We know this from the studies of olive oil, which contains about 2% of squalene. Olive oil exhibits an extremely powerful Kirlian effect.

It is well possible that the gene repair substances which we carry in ourselves or which we may ingest need a highly energetic stimulus for their activation. The energy for this stimulus can only come from a space field energy conversion. Such a conversion requires – among other factors – the integrity of the cell membrane’s condenser function, which is found to be defective in cancer cell membranes.

The case of the iridodials may give an example: The “closed” or “covert” becomes an open dialdehyde in order to become reactive. Does the necessary energy for this come from conversion?

You may recall the report on the Priorè machine given earlier in this book: radiation with this machine results in lasting disappearance of experimental tumors – also spontaneous ones – in rodents. More so: Trypanosomum equiperdum (equine sleeping disease) infections in mice, which are normally deadly, can be cured. And: these therapeutic effects can be transfused to another animal by the blood or by the serum. Therefore the curative effect produced by the Priorè machine must eventually be connected to a factor circulating in the blood of the treated animal. Are these mysterious factors gene repair substances which were abnormally activated by the Priorè radiation? My opinion is yes.

Insects and sharks are phylogenetically extremely old. Their ability to conserve and safeguard their gene system is just superb. Gene repair including anti-cancer and anti-viral is likewise very old and Primitive, much older than our sophisticated and delicate immune systems which are constantly brought to the doctor for possible servicing.

In Germany a very strange custom has prevailed for many decades, and I have seen very many reasonable people swearing by it. It is the eating of certain lice, which normally live on sheep, for the cure of viral hepatitis. Although I have always kept an open mind with respect to unconventional medicine, I had always classified the sheep lice cure as “spooky.” Now, with the discovery of the iridoides, even this cure may look different.

It is certainly reasonable to assume that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and orthodox medicine, do not have in mind to officially approve the sheep lice cure.

Most recently (in 1984) a special discovery started to concern experienced oncologists in Germany. It has been found that subsequent to the withdrawal of contraceptive pills, after some 20 years of taking them, the incidence of early cancer of the cervix seems to climb drastically. Likewise the respective women experience repeated herpes infections and cold sores.

On the other hand it has been found that while taking contraceptive pills, the incidence of ovarian cancer decreased by more than one third. The incidence of breast cancer, however, is not affected. Ovarian cancer most likely is started by herpes virus, breast cancer most likely not.

If the intake of contraceptive pills is resumed, the incidence of herpes infections and cold sores goes down most drastically, and immediately. It is likely that the gestagenic component in the pills accounts for this “gene-repairing” anticancer and antiherpes effect. The gestagen in the Dutch preparation “Lyndiol” in this connection seems to merit particular interest. We have, therefore, on certain occasions introduced Lyndiol as a cancer therapy.*
[ * The lacking gestagene after withdrawal of contraceptive pills can successfully be replaced by squalene! ]

As you see, some of the gene-repairing therapeutic measures for cancer, as well as protective measures for cancer, are already available and others will be added. This therapy should be applied immediately after the first discovery of, or operation on, a malignant tumor. This is mandatory. Any waiting game is fundamentally wrong. A combination therapy, with reduced toxic chemotherapy or even with radiation treatment, is quite possible in case of doubt. The modern gene-reparative therapy is practically nontoxic. It represents, so to speak, an imitation of the cancer defense of our body. It is not subject to time limitations. Even today, there is no longer any doubt about its high clinical value. In my opinion treatment of cancer in the future belongs to this therapeutic concept.

I received many inquiries concerning the important defense steroid DHEA, which belongs to our surveillance system. This steroid paralyses the enzyme glu­cose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase, which is very important to the aggressive dynamics of a cancer cell. Also this substance prevents the transformation of normal cells into cancer cells caused by cancer generating viruses. If you administer this substance to Swiss mice (more than 90% of them, due to their genetic inheritance, are prone to contract breast cancer), the occurrence of breast cancer is prevented in very many cases.

The substance is produced in the body as a sulfate compound (DHEA-S) and circulates in the blood. Initially it is not effective against cancer. By means of a special conversion factor – which possibly comes from the midbrain or the pineal gland, or perhaps the thymus or the small intestinal tissues – DHEA-S is converted into free DHEA. Only 1 or 2% of the DHEA-S circulating in the blood is effectively converted to DHEA. The question arises of whether the activation factor mentioned above – which perhaps is identical to or similar to serotonin – is responsible for the personality profile of the cancer-resistant person, or whether the lack of it is responsible for the individual having a high cancer risk. In any event, there is no doubt but that the patient with high cancer risk is characterized by indecisiveness, lack of initiative and a complete lack of criminal energy. On the other hand, the more cancer resistant type is characterized – at least during the period of his resistance – by more aggressiveness, more dynamics and a greater love of risks, with occasional carefree ness and criminal activity.

Current research efforts are bent towards obtaining a compound which has the effectiveness of free DHEA and which is blocked against automatic inactivation. It has been observed that an artificial brominated derivative of DHEA apparently satisfies these requirements. In addition, it is experimentally more effective than free DHEA. This would be nothing but the artificial optimization of the natural defense principle against cancer.

We have long been familiar with artificial optimization in experimental medicine. During my activities at the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Frankfurt, the director at that time, Prigge, repeatedly pointed out that the natural tetanus infection left no resistance against new infections, while the artificially produced tetanus vaccine, as an inoculation product, was well suited to do just that.

It is, therefore, in my opinion, teleologically foreseeable that we will be able to find biological, nontoxic cures, which will be more effective than those curative mechanisms, which the organism normally provides even in the best state of health. Gene repairing substances like the aforementioned iridoides from insects or chinoids from plants may possibly have a more powerful anticancer effect than our own anticancer surveillance system. Another example is the cure of trypanosomum equiperdum (sleeping disease) infection in originally healthy mice, with the help of the already mentioned Priorè machine. The level of DHEA-S as determined, for example, by the Karlsruhe Laboratory, should be approximately 1.6-3.5 mg/L. In the course of an established cancerous disease, this value slowly decreases, at times to value below 0.1 mg/L. In this case the cancer patient no longer has sufficient starting material to produce enough free DHEA.

Active, free DHEA apparently only paralyzes cancer cells, decisively reducing their vitality. In addition, lymph cells and other white blood cells are required, in order to overcome the paralyzed cells. Thus DHEA can be likened to a rifle that shoots anesthetic pellets. Although the projectile paralyzes, it is still necessary to come and tie up the predator.

There are medications that reduce the level of DHEA-S in the blood, as a side effect. These include, above all, the clofibrates. These substances had been barred from use in Germany by the Federal Health Office, because it appeared that they increased the frequency of intestinal tumors. In the light of our knowledge today, this seems quite plausible. Nevertheless, since then, clofibrates have once again been assiduously prescribed. In my opinion, however, they should be prescribed only when extremely high blood fat levels really constitute a threat. Incidentally, higher cholesterol values in the blood correlate with a reduced cancer frequency, as well as with higher DHEA values in the blood. And certain medications, such as squalene, which slowly and steadily raise the DHEA-S levels in the blood, also lead simultaneously to an increase in cholesterol levels in the blood. As a rule, this lacks any meaning, however.

The hormone-like steroid DHEA was isolated already in 1934, by the German Nobel laureate Butenandt. The German chemist Windaus, also a Nobel laureate, established its chemical constitution. However, it is primarily to the credit of Arthur Schwartz and his colleagues at Temple University, in Philadelphia, to have identified DHEA’s role as an important pillar in our anticancer surveillance system. The papers by Schwartz and his colleagues deserve true admiration. This is also true for the work of those researchers who elucidated the role of unstable genes and oncogenes in the cancer cell genome, and even more so for those who have found ways to inactivate oncogenes.

The statement by biochemist Watson a few years ago that the results of cancer research are “a bunch of shit” is no longer justified. Watson, together with Crick, had obtained a Nobel Prize for clarifying the double helix nature of the chromosomes in the cell nucleus.

The main problem, however, in the fight against cancer is the tremendous gap between the state of research and the state of everyday medicine. Bureaucratic time delays run into the decades, not just into years. And the stiffneckedness of orthodox medics sometimes can only be met by a “surgical procedure.” Things have to be changed drastically if we really want to bring modern medicine to those who, in deep despair, cry for it.

Following investigations primarily with black people in Atlanta, it became clear already 15 years ago that cervical cancer in women had to have an infectious cause. This was the result of more precise partner analyses.

Today we know that cancer of the cervix is caused – or better yet “started” – by a virus of the herpes family. The start of cervical cancer can be of a fairly aggressive nature and is characterized by one peculiarity: the body’s own immunological defense systems, especially those of the lymphocytes and of steroid surveillance, are quite ineffective against this cancer from the very beginning, in contrast to many other tumors. In this context, another peculiarity exists: the administration of sodium fluoride in drinking water and, probably to the same extent, in tablets (also for children) clearly increases the rate of cancer incidence. On the average, based on repeatedly reexamined American and British studies, fluoridated water causes an increase of 15% in the incidence of cancer in general, throughout the population drinking the fluoridated-water, while the frequency of cervical cancer, even among fluoridated-water drinkers, remains unchanged. This points to the conclusion that those immune systems impaired by sodium fluoride (lymph cell and steroid systems) have limited interaction with cervical cancer. These investigations originated in the Canadian province of Ontario.

On the other hand, there is a peculiarity in connection with the occurrence of cervical cancer, which has directly affected my work recently. This is the shortage of a certain complement (C3c) which is a component of blood albumen, having a complex structure, and which must be coupled to antibodies or defensive cells to render their action against viruses effective. This finding allows the conclusion that the shortage of such a complement is responsible for the fact that herpes virus can start its malignant activity on the skin cells of the cervix. Incidentally, a complement deficiency can be eased by supplying magnesium orotate and zinc asparate, as well as selenium and molybdenum (from cauliflower), and Squalene.

Meanwhile the strong suspicion has arisen that in many other organ tumors, viruses – especially of the herpes group, as well as those of hepatitis-B and the so-called cytomegaloviruses – are more or less co-responsible for the initiation of the malignant process, i.e., for the real cancer genesis in the cell. This suspicion applies to the following tumors: ovaries;*
[ * Approximately in 1960, a Munich gynecologist Dr. Philippine Hartmann, made an extraordinary discovery: If a cell-free extract of a human ovarian cancer is applied to the egg membrane of a chicken egg, so-called cytopathogenic defects occur, i.e., the beginnings of cancerous development. Thus, the human ovarial cancer must contain a perhaps virus-like cancer excitant. While Dr. Hartmann reported on her findings to the world cancer congress in Houston, Texas, in 1970, she was so excited that she lost her voice and could not be understood. Perhaps she had been utterly speechless before the conference because of attitudes of the orthodox Munich cancer clinicians, who, after all, had also been instrumental in the lawsuit against Dr. Issels! ]

bladder; kidneys; prostate; all tumors in the nose, mouth and throat area; certain tumors of the so-called adenocarcinoma type, of the windpipe and the bronchia in the lungs; lymphomas; the so-called clear cell melanomas; melanomas in general; and pancreas, which was repeatedly observed following acute shingles. It also applies to primary liver cancer after earlier viral hepatitis-B. Furthermore, apparently viruses of the herpes group also play a role in Hodgkin’s Disease (lymphogranulomatosis). However, the latter must be included among the immune diseases, which can also lead to – among other things – the development of equally malignant primary tumors at several locations.

Finally, there are several originally tropical tumors, such as the so-called Burkitt lymphoma, caused by Epstein-Barr viruses, which belong to the herpes group.

Thus the role of a virus in cancer, at least as a causative factor, is apparently much more important than previously imagined. Certain consequences follow from this. The complement (C3c) should be present in sufficient quantities in the blood. A desirable value is 142 mg/L of blood serum. If the value remains below this level, especially in the presence of, or after removal of tumors of the above kind, then the deficient complement must be raised. As we mentioned, this can be accomplished by means of magnesium orotate and zinc aspartate (Inzelloval). Indirectly, the complement deficiency can be balanced by an increased supply of gamma globulin (Beriglobin).

There has been no doubt, for some time, that the massive use of Beriglobin has made a spectacular contribution to obtaining positive therapeutic results. This is especially true for the treatment of Hodgkin’s disease (lymphogranulomatosis).

In this context, a further comment will be of great interest. On January 26, 1974, the Greek oncologist, Professor Danopoulos, published some very interesting observations in the British technical journal “The Lancet.” Large primary cancer of the liver had undergone remission in several patients following a very simple therapy. The patients received 10-18 grams of urea daily. This is a very inexpensive product. One observed side effect was that the flow of urine was strongly stimulated, since the urea had to be eliminated again. This increased urine flow also detoxifies the body of cancer degradation products. It has also been known for some time, that urea can treat herpes virus infections and hepatitis-B virus infections. And these are precisely the possible cancer-generating viruses. Since, as a rule, at least, in animal experiments, urea has hardly any healing effect on cancerous tumors, its effect in these special clinical cases apparently depends on its ability to inactivate the virus genome in the cancer cell. We found, in any event, that urea is effective on liver tumors, and especially on the often hard-to-treat tumors in the mouth, nose and throat region.

We must derive yet another piece of information from this observation. It seems obvious that the cancer cell is not quite as autonomous as has been assumed so far. The inactivation of its original starter or generator apparently also threatens its own autonomy. At the 1982 cancer congress in Baden-Baden, another interesting discussion took place, in this context. The Italian researcher Dr. Anna Novi described how liver cancers generated by aflatoxin had been regressed by means of the sulphur-containing peptide glutathion. it was seriously argued that glutathion might be active not so much against the cancer cell itself, as against the aflatoxin, its original starter. Aflatoxin is a strongly carcinogenic substance which is secreted by certain fungi, which themselves thrive on peanuts.

A meaningful cancer therapy must fundamentally follow two principles: the activation, or possibly the awakening, of all processes for the body’s own defenses, which are known today or are to be discovered in the future; and the simultaneous attempt to remove the cancerous cell directly, or at least to impair its vitality. This latter method includes cancer surgery, radiation treatments and chemotherapy. From what we have said it is clear that the chemotherapy of cancer – which is largely poisonous – must never be so extensive that valuable mechanisms of the body’s own defenses are thoughtlessly damaged.

Besides, a direct, cytostatic therapy which inhibits tumor cells is often necessary, whether it be subtoxic or nontoxic, and even if immunotherapy is in progress. Because of their “greed”, tumor cells have the tendency to consume substances that are of vital importance to the defense system. They simultaneously thrive on them and accelerate their growth. Thus, substances essential to the immune defense system – such as magnesium, zinc, vitamin B-2 and B-12 – can unintentionally serve as food for the tumor while the defense system suffers from their lack, at the same time. For this reason, one must always attempt to achieve an internal paralysis of the tumor cell, so that it cannot become a source of competition for the defense system’s requirements.

In addition to the known toxic chemotherapy – which we also use to a limited extent – there are a few additional means of influencing the vitality of the cancer cell directly, without simultaneously producing poisonous effects. This area includes the urea therapy mentioned earlier, as well as the application of the bitter almond materials and Arbutin. Increasing the normally depressed pH of the cancer cell – i.e., a deacidification – is also gaining in interest now. I already mentioned the therapy with cesium or rubidium, introduced for this purpose by the physicist Brewer. This therapy has proven to be effective both in animals and clinically. By increasing the pH in the cancer cell, certain enzymes that are important to the cancer cells vitality are increasing increasingly inactivated.

It looks as if the element germanium works the same way. In addition, due to the redox-complexes, which it forms, it may also serve as a gene protective agent. The anticancer effect of germanium has been revealed by several Japanese investigators, as was its antiviral effect.

The Italian veterinarian Bonifacio observed that goats remain remarkably free from cancer. Through sterile filtration, he then extracted a substance from the feces and urine of goats, which has a wholesome, if not healing, effect on human cancer patients. More recent investigations showed that it must be a very small molecule, possibly a sterically deviant form of phenylalanine, or tryptophane, or tyrosine (which are amino acids). Such sterically abnormal amino acids could block cancer metabolism. For the rest, the conclusion is not new: we learned as students that the exclusive ingestion of goat’s milk can cause a form of anemia, for the reasons mentioned earlier, called “goat’s milk anemia.” A good twenty years had to pass before orthodox medicine in Italy adopted this discovery. Since the Italian state forbids the official medical application, the Bonifacio extract must be obtained on Vatican land. Thus we cannot say any longer today that the Church is the “keeper of the grail” of orthodox scientific theories.

For over twenty years, Dr. Ernst Hartmann in Eberbach, on the Neckar River, has made invaluable advances in research on the so-called geopathogenic zones and in disseminating knowledge about them. Meanwhile, large portions of the German population have accepted that “one can very easily contract cancer if one always lives over a water vein.” As already mentioned, during the twenties and thirties, the world renowned surgeon Sauerbruch was already advising those patients of his who had been operated on for cancer not to return to their original sleeping place. This can be read in Dr. Issel’s biography, and Sauerbruch even explained it to me personally, while he was a resident at Pyrmont as an elderly gentleman. He also wrote this in his famous biography “This Has Been My Life.”

The most recent knowledge about the physical properties of the Tachyon-Field and its abnormal states leads us to expect, with great probability, that “geopathogenic zones” play a decisive role in the development of cancer cells and cancerous tumors. Today we have valuable information about this. I shall have to refrain from going into further details, because this would come too close to infringing on confidential research results. The phenomenon is directly related to tachyon physics. “Scroll Waves” are the substrate of geopathic zones.

According to studies I initiated, at least 92% of all the cancer patients I examined have remained for long time periods – especially with respect to their sleeping place – in geopathogenic zones.

Knowledge about these matters has become so widespread in Germany that at the end of 1982, “Welt am Sonntag” (The World on Sunday) and the widely disseminated magazine “Hör Zu” (Listen) reported on it.

In my opinion, it is essential that tumor patients as well as patients suffering from multiple sclerosis be apprised of this information, and depart geophathogenic zones. While a broad spectrum of the German lay public accepts this, such ideas continue to be rejected as nonsense and quackery by orthodox cancer physicians. Please, go to one of the larger German or American cancer centers and ask about this!

Lately the unconvinceable phalanx in orthodox cancer medicine can be confront­ed with very solid scientific facts. An article entitled “Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields Induce Cellular Transcription” appeared in “Science” magazine on June 17, 1983. For the layman, this article indicated that very weak electromagnetic pulses of frequencies between 5 and 25 Hz can produce cancer cells. It is exactly these frequencies (the are called ELF – extremely low frequencies) which become active in geopathogenic zones and which are among several others induced by underground water arteries, which, beneath the Earth’s surface, are moving forward as low frequency turbulence.

Removal of cancer-stricken patients from geopathogenic zones absolutely belongs to the conscientious duties of an oncologist. Many times unserious and ineffective devices and blankets are offered which supposedly neutralize the damaging effects of the geopathogenic zones. In reality, mechanical shielding devices cannot be effective. On the other hand, some devices, which neutralize, in part, damaging frequencies, are obviously effective and can be taken seriously from the scientific viewpoint. This is true for the “North-South Rectifier”, offered by the Henry Weber Company in Switzerland, 6311 Allenwinden, as well as for the devices developed by Dr. Oberbach in Germany. Incidentally the First Lady of Germany, Dr. Veronica Carstens, wife of the President of the Federal Republic Of Germany, is doing outstanding work to encourage the medical field to recognize and research geopathogenic zones. It would lead us too far a field here to explain the reasons why the biologically damaging effects in these geopathogenic zones are caused by the Tachyon-Field.

In contrast to Germany, in the USA, knowledge about the damaging effects of geopathogenic zones is not widespread at all. The majority of American cancer patients I asked, have no idea what a “dowser” is. According to the dictionary, this is the official designation for a water diviner.

In my estimation, the serious dowser is still the best “measuring instrument” to identify geopathogenic zones. On the other hand, the electronics engineer Desel in Beckum (Westphalia) directs a leading German laboratory in developing recording instruments for geopathogenic zones. It is his goal to become independent of the individual imponderables which are necessarily a part of a human dowser, and instead have available a neutral measuring instrument. It is known, for example, that a charged capacitor discharges more rapidly in a geopathogenic zone. Very sensitive film will also show density effects in long-term exposures. Very recently the German physicist Meersmann developed an instrument, the magnetic detector of which responds to geopathogenic zones. The inventor came up with excellent testing results. However, some of the comparison tests I performed show that, to date, the well-qualified human dowser is difficult to replace. We have certain ideas why this is the case for the time being.

In the USA, the president of the American Association of Dowsers, Mr. Vince Wiberg, and Christopher Bird, have written very interesting books on dowsing. Bird’s wonderful book, “The Divining Hand”, was published by E. P. Dutton in New York. I feel that for any oncologist (and for any patient) who wants to know, the treatise contained in this book is a necessity.

The same is true for a little 48-page book, “A History of Dowsing and Energy Relationships” by Erwin E. Stark, ISBN 0-89491-038-8, available from 5350 Strohm Ave, Suite 2, North Hollywood, CA 91601, USA.

In addition to geopathogenic zones, artificial alternating current electrical fields have distinctly damaging effects. For this reason, we should by all means avoid electrically heated pillows and blankets. This applies to cancer patients, as well as to rheumatic patients and those with chronic kidney basin ailments, a fairly common condition. The alternating field radiated from the heating pad inactivates the electrostatic filtering system, which normally keeps the urinary tract passages germ free.

By the way, it has been known for many years that people working in electric transformer stations develop a higher incidence of leukemia. More recently, a research group from the University of Colorado reported that indeed, as suspected for quite some time now, people living in the vicinity of powerful electric mains suffer from a higher cancer incidence.

In early 1984, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency took a position on these findings and stated that more research in this area will be necessary. This however, would require special funding for the forthcoming fiscal years.

It is very likely that Edison already knew about the health-harming effects of AC and, therefore, proposed to stay with DC technology. It is very likely that with the introduction of gravity field energy conversion, we will see a return to DC technology, in order to obtain a healthier environment.

My deceased friend Alexander Poniatoff, founder of the electronics firm AMPEX, directed heating pad sales at General Electric in his younger years. Based on his experience, he could not help but warn daily against these things. In his office, a direct field generator started up every hour. In addition he cautioned cancer patients never to remain in rooms at more than 18 degrees centigrade (64.4° F.), because at higher temperature levels, the body’s immune defense system falls drastically. This observation is correct and has been confirmed experimentally. For years I have been waging a battle against overheated sick rooms – especially, hospital rooms. My success never last long, especially for American patients.

Any experienced tumor physician and many experienced nurses know that in early fall there is an increase in tumor patients at the doctor’s office or at the hospital. By asking about this situation, the patient can, incidentally, learn to what extent his physician is familiar with cancerous diseases. Animal experiments also con­firm this unique enhancement of cancerous growth in the period from the end of August to the first nights with frost. The reduction in the body’s own defense capacity is up to 30%.


The NASA Research Center at Moffet Field has published a very interesting map of the heliosphere. According to it, twice a year the planets must pass through a “current sheet” and magnetic field lines. Near August 28, Earth enters a particular­ly dense bunching of these lines. Thus, apparently, electromagnetic or electrodynamic factors are responsible for the drop in body defenses at this time of the year. A physician must consider this in his therapy, just as he must consciously take advantage of the favorable phase from January on.

It should not be necessary to mention that orthodox medicine does not offer any of these important suggestions, even though the standard reference work, “Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields”, by Professor Madelaine Barnothy of Chicago, was published some 20 years ago.

Many patients have asked me on repeated occasions for proposals and guidelines on a cancer diet – The answer is easy.


Foods to be Avoided or Restricted

  1. No meat and no sausage. (In the case of exhaustion, lack of blood protein, or cachexia, very little meat – six or seven ounces per week.)
  2. Little cheese.
  3. Very little sugar.
  4. Very little fast-release carbohydrates, such as pastries and puddings.
  5. No shellfish, because of high nuclein content.
  6. No smoking.
  7. Very little alcohol.
  8. No “junk” beverages.
  9. No apple juice (too rich in glucose).
  10. No distilled water from distillers made of aluminum, tin, copper or lead.
    [ Distilled Water can disolve almost anything, and many elements become toxic at very low concentrations. ]


Foods to be Preferred

  1. Oat meal, millet, whole grain bread.
  2. Skim milk.
  3. Fish in limited quantity.
  4. Fruit and fibrous vegetables, cooked and raw.
  5. Carrot juice.
  6. Pancreatic enzyme preparations.
  7. Omniflora capsules, “Eupalan” bifidum flora containing milk.


Important Information for Those Who Want to Stay Healthy

Twelve Vital Nutritional And Health Topics
By Gus J. Prosch, Jr., M.D.
“In researching and studying why the chronic degenerative diseases were increasing and what treatment methods could be applied to halt this onslaught on the health of America, I came to several conclusions. Of these conclusions, there were three that were certain primary sources that greatly contribute to the epidemic of cardiovascular and renal disease we are seeing today. My conclusions were influenced greatly by T.C. McDaniel, D. O. of Cincinnati, and published work completed by the late physical chemist, Thomas M. Riddick of New York.”


The Perfect Plan for Perfect Health
By Gus J. Prosch, Jr., M.D.

I have read quite a few diet books, and one of them is really outstanding in every respect. Therefore, I recommend it very highly. It is “Nature’s Kitchen” by Dr. Donald R. Whitaker and Barbara Durham Flournoy, Word of Life Christian School, Lufkin, TX, available from Lufkin Printing Company, Inc., 1030 North First Street, Lufkin, TX 75901. It contains scriptural principles and over 200 recipes to aid in prevention of Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis and Diabetes.

All of the statements made here are not simply unproven assertions. They are sufficiently proven knowledge. Patients in risk of cancer have a right to benefit from them. Even more, they are entitled to them, as can be ascertained from Professor Küchenhoff’s comments. And they should not be provided as a matter of last resort, when the disease is already far advanced. They should be provided immediately after first diagnosis or operation for a malignant disease.


EXAMPLE: Partnership Between Physician and Patient
The treatment of long-term, chronic diseases requires long-term, constant therapy, and this, in turn, presupposes the patient’s understanding. Only if this precondition is met can he master the required readiness for obedient collaboration (this is called compliance). In order to create the basis for this, certain principles of preventive medicine should be taught in school, for instance, in biology class. As a patient, the individual should receive informative reading material, in addition to dietary instructions. Furthermore, the consultation in the doctor’s office should be taped on a cassette and given to the patient as documentation.

More health for the same money can be achieved only through truly committed and obedient cooperation from the patient. For several reasons, part of this should include at least some transient participation in the costs of treatment by the patient himself, and a notification of the total expenditures actually incurred.

Orthodox medicine, just like government bureaucracy, does not offer such proposals or, at best, offers them in a very bungling or clumsy manner.

The contrasts I point out here between what orthodox medicine offers and an alternative, serious, scientific medicine are only a small portion of what in truth could be said. Perhaps some day this material will motivate me to present expanded concepts. The paucity of orthodox medicine’s offerings in some areas, especially with respect to the treatment of chronic illnesses, reminds me of the extraordinarily skimpy offerings of goods in the warehouses of certain countries. In both cases, the paucity surely has the same root: the inefficiency of a society overly steeped in collectivism.


*** Stomatid Biology ***
Gaston Naessens has discovered an ultra-microscopic, subcellular, living and reproducing microscopic form which he christened a “somatid” (tiny body). This new particle could be cultured outside the bodies of the host. Naessens also observed that the particle had a pleomorphic (form-changing) life cycle, which has sixteen stages. Only the first three stages of the somatid’s life cycle are normal. Naessens discovered that when the immune system is weakened or disrupted, the somatids go through the other thirteen stages. The weakening of the immune system could be brought about by a number of causes, such as exposure to chemical pollution, ionising radiation, electric fields, poor nutrition, accidents, shock, depression, and many more.

Incredibly, Naessens’ research has resulted in the association of degenerative diseases (rheumatoid arthritis. multiple sclerosis, lupus, cancer and Aids) with the development of various forms in the sixteen-stage pathological cycle. The ability to associate the disease with specific stages has enabled Naessens to ‘prediagnose’ conditions in advance of when they would clinically appear.

“The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens”
The True Story of the Efforts to Suppress an Alternative Treatment for Cancer,
AIDS, and Other Immunologically Based Diseases.
Ultra Microscopes and Cure Rays: Dr. R. Raymond Rife
This could help bring an end to disease on our planet.



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Zeta Potential’s Relationship to Cardiovascular Disease Dr.T.C. McDaniel – Using Zeta Potential as a Healing Tool
Children Need More Protection From Toxins ( Than Adults Do )

Your Body’s Own Natural Defenses can Strengthen to “Rid You of Cancer” !
Appendixes from “The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens” by Christopher Bird
The True Story of the Efforts to Suppress an Alternative Treatment for Cancer,
AIDS, and Other Immunologically Based Diseases.

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It’s your choice / responsibility.

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