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Modern mankind has hit a wall concerning modern dietary regime and health. Current food technology does not create a healthy nutrition.

What foods are touted as white man foods are providing the detrimental sources for a malnourished and diseased immunity system human body.

Mankind must get back to ancient sources of healing and preventative medicine restoring health, healing, purification, and detoxification.

Cutting-edge research into nutrition and age-reduction techniques have re-found ancient methodologies for health and longevity.

Proper metabolism of food requires all metals/minerals found within the periodic table of elements. Many of the elements are needed in trace amounts.

The only way to acquire these elements (in a modest way, aside from chemical companies) is via sea salts.


True sea salt is oceanic waters that have washed the entire shores of the world over, melding and molding trace chemicals from dissolved elements washed down from mountains and Lands through creeks and rivers to the sea.

There are different forms of salt available for the modem kitchen. Table salt is an industrial byproduct and unhealthy, even with iodine added.

This form of salt contains massive amounts of toxic heavy metals that are dissolved from mining operations.

Such salts like Hains and Mortons come from the salt beds of the Great Salt Lake of Utah. Mines in the area wash down unhealthy amounts of heavy metals and non-proportional amounts of non-sea salts. The Great Salt Lake is a land sea, not a oceanic sea. This is a great variance regarding what sea salts are needed for human consumption.

There are still ancient sea salt beds operated in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean areas. Celtic sea salts from England and France, have both a grey and a red appearance (due to microscopic red algae). Other Mediterranean salt bed operations also have international products.

One American sea salt is De Souza sea salt.

Do NOT use any other sea salt concoctions – or those that claim to be from inland salt lakes, ancient salt mines or lakes.

True sea salt comes from visible, active salt processing beds at the ocean shores by evaporated crystals in salt pans.


Look at adult Gatorade or infant formula Pedialyte. These are electrolyte drinks with partial chemical elements. They are a commercial attempt at selling partial electrolytes, some as many as six chemical salts.

A full spectrum sea salt electrolyte is the proper drink and in correct proportions to each electrolyte.

The human body (and all living animals) needs the complete periodic table of elements in trace mineral of ionic colloidal form.

Some health food stores have ancient salt mines or plant extracts in colloidal form. The one sure way for complete periodic table of elements are sea salt electrolytes directly from sea salt.


To have pure metabolism, one needs the entire table of elements. 100% elements of trace metals and minerals provide 100% metabolism of amino acids.

The body al so needs 100% full spectrum amino acids (considered essential and non?essential). All amino acids are essentially needed.

Many amino acids are found in food; but not enough are consumed by the modern lifestyle and diet.

Amino acids process 100% of the vitamins (vital amino acids) and minerals from nutrition and “vitamin/mineral pills.”

Full spectrum vitamins/minerals are needed for 100% metabolism of foods and drinks.

Anything less than 100% of each of these needed steps in the nutrition-metabolism process results in less than 100% metabolism of food and drinks in the five food categories needed for health and healing.

An example is, having 0% sea salt electrolytes, 45% amino acids from foods,100% daily vitamin/mineral supplement, having a full and proper diet of greens, grains, dairy, , and meat … would still only be 45% processed for the metabolism … or less. The electrolytes would be drained from the body to process the food, causing hunger pangs and binge eating problems. Maybe only 20% of the food would properly be processed.

Such metabolism would be a diesel engine versus a jet engine burning what food was consumed. The rest would remain in the system or be flushed out of the body.

In effect, no matter how much you eat … if you do not fully metabolize what you eat, you incompletely digest it for energy.

Improperly digested food and metabolism then stores sludge, and gunk food on your body as fats, oils, goos, snot, mucous, and other matters that gums up the human body.

The result is that the body becomes starved, you feel starved. No matter how much you eat, and feel full from eating, your body is not acquiring the needed metabolic materials for proper health and nutrition.

The body stores the excess food and gunk as extra weight because it is in starvation mode. It thinks it needs this product in hard times when no food is eaten to process it later.

Many of the overweight and morbidly obese people in the western world first-world nations show signs of being in starvation mode.

Fat, swollen stomachs, white fat cellulite, and other health, medical, and physical ailments from being starved and overweight.

Proper metabolism and health will have a sleek, slim, and properly healthful and minimal physical ailment regime. The body properly digests its food and has proper elimination. If fed properly, the body maintains its own proper weight.


Improper metabolism causes starvation mode, overeating, binging and purging, and overweight or eating problems.

Most of the modern western civilization health problems relate to improper diet and eating patterns.

High blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, physical back pains, bloated stomachs, kidney gall stones, migraines, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteo?arthritis, osteoporosis, and others all relate back to a loss of saline electrolytes within the body.

When electrolytes are restored to the body, healing commences and symptoms and problems are reduced.

The body thinks (no matter how much food you force feed it) that you are starving – so the body overeats to scavenge food sources for missing electrolytes and trace minerals.

It is the same for a pregnant woman having urges for pickles and ice cream searching for elemental acids and dairy calcium for the growing fetus.

Improper metabolism, overeating, overweight, nutritionally starved, improper nutrition, binging and purging, starvation diets are all potential problems related to health and nutrition and promotes disease syndromes.

Proper electrolyte intake will take cure of restoring the body’s metabolism and weight status.

If the body receives proper elements and nutrition, it sheds the excess overweight. When the body is not in starvation mode, why should it store it? It processes the excess fat, weight, and water weight gain and removes it through metabolism and natural dietary fasting of its own regulation, not the owner.

Proper weight, health, and strong immunity return, cholesterol levels in the bloodstream return to normal. Acidic levels from table salt sodium chloride, like Chlorox bleach burn the blood vessels.

The body reacts by sending oily/waxy cholesterol deposits to wax the burn area with “salve” protecting the blood vessels. Continued massive table salt intake causes the entire body to wax the entire blood system and heart cell surfaces leading to phlebitis, blood vessel and heart plaques.

Proper electrolytes restore normal blood acidity dissolving cholesterol plaque deposits of blood vessels and heart. Healing and health are restored to the body.

Proper respiration-aspiration of the lungs-blood vessels returns as proper oxygenation and catabolic metabolism within the digestive tract.

Proper circulation of the oxygen-carbon monoxide/dioxide cycle removes waste gasses from the body, muscles, and bloodstream.

Body fat (white fat, lard) is dissolved, broken back down into burnable dietary fats, oils, carbohydrates, and blood sugars and processed.

Brown fat is retained (which is used within the body to process white fat for storage or metabolism).

Removal of excess and unneeded body fat on the body and around the stomach and hips resolves heart and circulation problems and hip-and-back physical muscle and bone problems.

As proper metabolism is returned, body heat is returned to normal function. Improper metabolism is like a diesel truck burning only so much fuel, and expelling the majority of fuel back into the atmosphere. Proper nutrition yields full combustion to energy and nitrogen?carbon waste gasses.

Proper metabolism is a high thermostat setting. Children have high metabolism and high heat. Infants have the highest body metabolism thermostat setting.

They are more healthy and rambunctious than elderly and aging people with slow metabolism and cold thermostat settings. Restored electrolytes into the aging population will reheat up the metabolism (not unlike menopausal hot flashes) and return healing, heat, and health to the body.


Proper nutrition also removes bugs, germs, parasites, flukes, tape worms, round worms, bacteria, fungus, molds, mildews, toxins, petrochemicals, septic conditions.

Proper nutrition dissolves gallstones, kidney stones, and other parasitical stones of mineral calcium or cholesterol deposits surrounding toxic matter, fluids, or encapsulating (still living) bugs within muscle tissue.

Sea salt electrolytes help restore a high fuel-burning metabolism like childhood and teenager status. Food is eaten and metabolized.

Full metabolism of dietary food is processed by the body and withheld from the bugs and parasites causing their demise.

Sea salt is used like kosher processing of cattle meats fowls, and fish. The meats are rubbed with sea salts and left to process – or soaked like preparations for jerkying meats (then smoking).

Sea salt kills the bacteria on the skin and within the meat. Sea salt pulls out the blood fluids and excess circulatory plasmas and fluids not healthy for digestion.

Sea salt dessicates (fluidly dries out, and chemically dissolves) the cell membranes of bacteria killing them by decomposition. The egg-breeding cycle of parasites is continually attacked eventually removing any and all forms of non-human cell bodies within the host.

Like jerkying, sea salt dissolves the phlegm, glues, gums, excess oils, fats, guck, goos, snot, mucous, slimes, stones, and tumours acquired from food, drinks, and parasitic infections.

Clean breathing through nose and lungs is regained.


Sea salt, one initially believes, goes from the stomach as a drink into the bloodstream and circulation. In fact, this happens, but it also goes into the lymphatic system.

Sea salt electrolytes go from the stomach into the lymphatic system (not blood vessel circulation) and endocrine glands.

The hidden lymphatic system is now found to be the health system of oriental medicine and health found through the chakras, meridians, and nadis of the various non-body energy transfer systems. The lymphatic system circulates throughout the entire body in a 25 hour pattern versus the heart-blood system at a much faster pulse rate. All cells, glands, and organs are washed with lymph fluid, down to the interstitial cellular level (between cells and within the cells themselves).

Bloodstream plasma is equivalent to sea salt concentrations in potency and proportions. If so, then drinking sea salt electrolytes would not be harmful to the blood and lymph circulation systems. Neither also, as found in the lymphatic plasma fluids.

The human body imitates a living water canteen bag retaining sea salt electrolytes.

The body hungers and “thirsts” for saline electrolytes.


Initial sea salt dietary regime is done through consuming the saline drink. The bloodstream plasma and lymph fluids must be increased to oceanic saline concentrations.

As the body rebuilds up its saline concentration strength, the body reaches the purging stage.

The blood and lymph system washes all internal organs, muscles, and tones. Toxins, bugs , tumours, cancers, and unhealthy conditions are processed for a return to health. A purging of the sane waters from koshering the body removes the toxins in a harmless and painless method of flushings. Diarrheic conditions without diarrheic pain, mental?physical energy drain are not experienced.

This process is scheduled within the regime for a “Friday night-Saturday morning day/night weekend.” A person needs a complete 48 how period in which to fulfil this bodily cleansing process.

This process is not used with herbs, fiber, tannates for killing bugs, harmful pharmaceutical chemicals or preparations.

Saline electrolytes are prepared using a tablespoon, a comparable 32 ounce juice drink plastic or glass bottle or container, … and distilled water. Add water.

ACCORDING TO YOU ABILITY TO TASTE AND TOLERATE SALINE CONDITIONS, add up to 2 level tablespoons sea salt to the water.

Shake, until the salts are dissolved. Store within the refrigerator as a chilled drink.

Within this 48 hour period, you will flush out such amazing quantities of disgusting smells, sounds, and contaminants from your body that would cause a skunk to not be able to stand its own stink. This is a very reliable statement of fact. Bugs, toxins, chemicals, petrochemicals, flavourings, swamp gas, swamp muck, and swamp phew(! ) will be removed from the body. It is suggested that matches or air deodorizers are present along with a fan removal system are readily available.

Such flushing of the body continue at 5-15-30 minutes by normal elimination. Continued saline drinking continues throughout this period.

The saline electrolytes pull out the toxins and bugs and excess fluids; the distilled waters replenish impute fluids within the body and accelerate continued flushing.

At the end of the regime, slow down the rate of drinking.

In time, the body will accept the saline drink as a normal part of its intake and even refusing normal water. The body will acquire a saline drink taste as a continued regime … without a flushing cycle. The body will normalize and restore a normal elimination cycle.

Continue daily saline electrolyte drinking in pure form or within such orange juice, fruit juice, or cocktail juice drinks. You will find that they taste better when the proper saline strength is found.

For normal working employees, upon arising in the morning, drink until full 8?10 gulps of saline water 1/2 ? 1 hour before break. This process, along with the night time drinking, should provide a normal return of bowel functions (not diarrheic or loose stools), but of normal composition. Throughout the day, drink 1?2 gulps periodically. Try to achieve an entire 32 ounce container. Eat supper. Before going to bed, drink 8?0 gulps of saline water until maximally full in the stomach.

Night time washing of the stomach and intestines for 8 hours provides the easiest and most healthy process for the sleeping body and restorative processes happening during the night.

This provides the needed saline electrolytes for metabolism missing in normal table salt upon food or fast food saturated with table salt products.

This also provides the necessary drinking of water for healthy flushing of bodily fluids recommended by health officials.

The pre-breakfast drinking helps metabolize the foods and drinks for maximum energy in early morning work. Drinking before lunch and supper also provides proper metabolism of meals. Drinking before sleep provides all metabolism of foods between supper and breakfast plus internal washings and cleansing.


The initial regime of the saline electrolyte process experiences cleansing of the lymphatic system of glands, organs, and muscles of the body … and those of the five senses.

Throughout the process, the body will reacquire cleansing domination over all the endocrine glands eliminating toxins and bugs. Excess toxic nitrogenous, carbonaceous, and sulphurous (amongst many more) gasses are removed from the body through breath, or dissolution through urination, fecal elimination, … and also pure gas?to?gas elimination … flatus.

The five senses become cleaner and cleansed. Tear ducts become cleansed when naturally occurring saline tears appear in the eyes (without pre?occurring emotional conditions). Ear wax and oils become dissolved an clearer hearing becomes noticed.

Washing to the optical system can yield clearer-cleaner sight from removed excess translucent gunk within the eyes.

The potential for removal of cataracts can happen through this process.

Phlegm, shot, mucous, is dissolved down to free?flowing fluids. Sinuses are dried up and proper sinus properties of preventing inhaled contaminants from causing disease are maintained. Some massive movements of nasal and lung congestion mucous, coughing, and clearing of snot can be noticed leaving vastly improved smell and breathing capacity within the sinuses.

Lungs can cough up many years old congestion of dirt, dust, mildew, fungus, mucous, phlegm, gunk, and tobacco smoking contaminants leaving greater respiration?aspiration.

The senses can become more-highly sensitive and regain their original capacity of sense recognitions.

During this process, it can be found, the body doesn’t feel hunger pangs, acts hungry, or starving . Food, body glucose sugars from excess fats, oils, and sugars from dissolved white fat are dissolved and metabolized. A diet without exercise starts burning overweight.

Overweight fat and water weight gains are naturally removed. Water is processed via breathing, urination, or defecation.

Initial symptoms are that no urination happens sometimes for you 4-5 days within the starting regime. There is no fluid wastes to remove.

All water are being metabolized, burnt up, or aspirated by the lungs.

Also, as the sinuses, and lymphatic system is flushed, the oral cavity of mouth, gums, teeth, and tongue are also cleansed.

Without extensive brushing of teeth and gums, oral sanitation is commenced by the saline electrolytes killing off the dental bacteria and plague … regaining sweet?smelling breath. Tongue slime fluidity and cleanness, greater sense of taste, removal of sulphurous bacteria on the back of the tongue and tonsils … removing bad breath.

As the endocrine glands (and tonsils) are flushed with saline waters, bugs are killed and removed from the egg-breeding cycle. Glands are cleansed of parasitic toxins, petrochemicals, toxic gasses, and circulatory, mal?cleansing. The glands become cleansed and stronger for greater endocrinal processing for immunity, healing, health, and disease?resistance to germ, viral, and parasitical re?infestation.

Within the first two months, with the removal of excess water weight, the body heat returns. The body heat propels a higher metabolism.

As excess water is removed, greater salinity of blood plasma and lymphatic fluids increase dissolving white body fats and oils hidden across the entire physical body in joints, glands, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and dermal (fat layer) areas.

The skin can be seek to shrink and sag due to the removed excess fats and waters. They have been metabolized and removed. Excess weight is removed and optimum weight is gained.

Allowing the natural physical body mechanism to receive proper nutrition and lifestyle without hampering from faulty diet, parasitical infestation, and petrochemical toxins intrusions. The body returns to health and fitness ? without exercise or intensive metabolic exercises.

There is no need for gyms, exercise tapes, jungle jims gym equipment when the body receives ultimate saline electrolyte nutrition and cleansing.

The body regains its own health and resistance upon return to normalcy.

There are also physical changes within the body (that could be considered miraculous) according to iridology (eye iris diagnosis) where filaments previously lost due to disease of ill?health e reground .

Such iris filaments shadow the internal status of the body, showing hidden healing and health processes restoring lost functions of organs and parts. Unheard of in medical journals. Once filaments are destroyed like hearing hairs within the inner ear are destroyed … can potentially be reground with proper nutrition. ..

The person undergoing saline electrolyte process also grows attached to fresh juice drinks of vegetables (salts), fruits (natural sugars), and saline water ? versus soda drinks, cool aids, sugared concoctions, and plain water drinks. One acquired a salt thirst for saline water versus plain or distilled water having no saline electrolytes:

A return to healthy diet and food intake also commences once the individual realized his healthy lifestyle. Dietary changes and lifestyle changes also commence.


Alcoholism can be countered by its false serotonin high … through the use of a melatonin/tryptophan/5-HTP dietary supplement regime.

The human body has a normal and a forced serotonin high. Alcoholism is a false serotonin high. As such, being forced upon the system, it is detrimental and draining to the body’s natural sources of serotonin.

Part of alcoholism is part of the white man’s junk food diet searching for saline electrolytes and a return to a natural body hormone cycle.

With the restoration of the saline electrolytes, a conversion of the alcoholic happens. Such previous heavy alcoholics can go cold-turkey off alcohol. The body only wanted saline electrolytes and natural serotonin (or its pre?cursors to create the serotonin) that it knows.

It will eventually know true and false serotonin highs and return to natural hormone cycles. Any alcoholic getting near alcohol smells, has no more tastes or urges for the false cravings.

The pure form of endocrinal serotonin is received. The false form is physically refused by the body … with/without the will of the individual.


Tobacco smoking, along with melatonin and high vitamin/mineral supplementation with massive wide spectrum amino acids, remove false forms of addiction to 102 forms of (petro)chemical industrial farming pesticides. Smoking is pesticide addiction. As the body tries to cleanse itself, “nicky fits,” happen. The body is fighting a domination cycle, who will be dominated, the smoker or the addiction. Smoking overcomes the body’s attempt to throw off the controlling pesticides super ceding the body’s immunity system.

Sea salt electrolytes remove the smoking toxins, (petro)chemicals, tars, gums, pesticides, and lung contaminants provoking a healthful return to vitality.

A strong multiple vitamin/mineral supplementation, along with massive amino acids are considered along with saline electrolyte therapy.

The tobacco smoker is searching for radical intake of Vitamin Bs and amino acids for nerve functions.


Minimum Daily Allowances (MDAs) and Recommended Daily Allowance (RDAs) are only levels of metabolic intake of supplements to PREVENT disease from happening. This says nothing about what the true levels on supplement intake is truly needed, especially tobacco and alcohol users.

True values of saline electrolytes, full spectrum amino acids, vitamins/minerals, and proper dietary nutrition of greens, grains, dairy, and meats promote healing, health, and ultimate fitness.

The use of saline electrolytes is the first process in restoring cleansing, healing, and health.

## Seawater – A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute? from

Diluted seawater contains almost the same concentration of minerals and trace elements as blood plasma, and its sodium content matches that of blood. It has been used successfully in animal tests as a blood transfusion substitute, but human trials are long overdue.

Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 13, Number 6 (October – November 2006) ; PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. ; Telephone: +61 (0)7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381 © 2006 by Dianne Jacobs Thompson ; Email:
From the web page:

My long-time fear of having a blood transfusion or anything else injected directly into my unprotected bloodstream has grown stronger over the years. It’s not a religious issue, but rather an occupational hazard. Being a health researcher, I’m haunted by terrible visions of what could go wrong — with good reason. I feel like the meat inspector who becomes a vegetarian. I know things that forever destroyed my innocent faith in all things medical. I no longer worship in “the Church of Modern Medicine”, nor tithe to its pseudo-gods voluntarily. “They”, the health (read disease) industry specialists, check blood better these days to catch unsafe blood supplies contaminated with HIV, hepatitis and other disease components, but blood products still aren’t completely safe, even with modern technology. They can’t sterilise blood any more than they can sterilise vaccines to kill all the unwanted “bugs” without destroying the nature of these products. They test blood and separate blood components through centrifugal action and other methods to purify these substances as much as possible, but it remains impossible for them to promise or deliver a completely safe blood-related product. Blood is “alive”: it cannot be sterilised or rendered antiseptic.

There are countless transfusion horror stories dating back many decades, but we rarely ever hear about them. For example, a neighbour down the street lost her husband about four years ago. He had cancer, but became infected with viral hepatitis from a blood transfusion and died from liver failure, not the cancer. Many people know someone who suffered from the effects of a blood transfusion gone bad. That’s just a fact of life and one of the known risks of surgery, no matter how minor.

# Dangers Lurking in Vaccines:

Unfortunately, I’ve run across too many stories of this nature. I’ve spent most of my adult life doing research and writing in the field of alternative medicine ( with an early focus on viral and bacterial diseases and problem vaccines, some of which are still made from pooled human blood products or with “attenuated” vaccine viruses created by “serial passage” through contaminated animal cell cultures. That means they take human viruses and put them in layers of animal cells over and over again, which forces them to adapt to the foreign cells to survive. This “adaptation” requires an exchange of genetic material between virus and host cells. When monkey kidney cells are used, the exchange of genetic material that takes place forces the human virus to become a little bit “monkey-like”, supposedly so that it cannot initiate full-blown disease — which doesn’t always work. In the process, native monkey viruses become a little bit “human-like”, giving them greater compatibility with human cells. Such may be the case with the infamous Epstein–Barr virus, which is referred to as “human”—although many scientists believe it originated in monkeys, went on to infect humans through contaminated vaccines in mutated form and then became associated with chronic fatigue syndrome and other maladies.

But then, there is less of a species barrier with monkeys than with other animals, which gives us less protection from their pathogens. The bio-hazards of monkey viruses are well known in certain scientific circles, but little known by the general public. In the course of my research, I came to study the subject of recombinant virology: the combining of unlike viruses into new “tribes”, usually with more dangerous characteristics than the “parent” viruses, by men in white coats playing God. Recombination events can also happen in nature under certain conditions, particularly when helped along by bad science. For example, a monkey virus called SV-40 (simian virus 40, after becoming the 40th virus found in monkey tissues) was found to have unique properties. This “naked virus” can penetrate any kind of cell without the problem of a “species barrier”, and it allows unlike viruses to attach to it and ride piggyback into the genetic material of a cell where they can take over the “machinery” and replicate new recombined viruses on their own. The discovery of this virus gave rise to the field of recombinant virology, with many dire consequences. SV-40 became a well-documented but unpublicised contaminant in polio vaccines (made with the use of monkey kidney-cell cultures) when it was given in 1955 to 1963 to 95 million unsuspecting recipients.

The first official claim was that SV-40 viruses “do not have any significance in the safety or efficacy of polio vaccines”; but when the virus was first tested on guinea pigs after its discovery, the animals developed salivary gland tumours and immune deficiency symptoms. The corresponding organ in humans is the pancreas. Deadly pancreatic cancer has since become epidemic in numbers. SV-40 is now associated with numerous cancers, including human mesotheliomas, ostoeosarcomas, brain tumours, ependymomas, choroid plexus tumours and others. These same monkey cell cultures, used to make vaccines, contained other viruses such as SIV (simian immuno-deficiency virus), which figures prominently in the make-up of another recombinant virus that we know as HIV.There’s no proof offered publicly as to whether HIV resulted from a naturally occurring recombination event, but the sophistication of this virus and some documented government requests for the creation of a similar biological weapon suggest otherwise. However, a study generated at the request of the World Health Organization (WHO) and then suppressed, linking African AIDS to the WHO vaccination campaigns against smallpox, polio and other diseases, theorised that viral vaccines “activated” dormant viruses, so this is a possibility supporting natural recombination—unless HIV was intentionally added to certain vaccines.

The London Times printed this story on May 11, 1986, but the story was withheld from the American media. This kind of information seldom reaches the general public in my country. The same thing happened when one of the most horrific scientific “errors” ever made was hushed up. It involved “HeLa cells”—the most aggressive cancer cell cultures ever known — which made their way into science labs all over the world for research and then contaminated many cell cultures used for vaccines…by accident. Think about human vaccine viruses being grown in cancer cells and exchanging genetic information with the cancerous host cells before being injected into millions of unsuspecting victims!

# Problems with blood transfusions:

That’s just part of what a person potentially faces when receiving blood from another person or persons with undetected infection. Sam Biser, a researcher in the field of alternative medicine, interviewed Dr William Donald Kelly, DDS, MS, who related a conversation with Drs Friedman and Burton from the former Immunological Center in Great Neck, New York. Their research reportedly suggested that a blood transfusion may destroy your resistance to cancer. Dr Burton believed, as many religious groups do, that blood transfusions can cause cancer, in a manner of speaking. Dr Burton claimed that a tumour, in order to survive, secretes compounds called “blocking factors” which protect it from the natural defence system of the body. He believed that a transfusion would result in these blocking factors from a donor being passed on, able to suppress the recipient’s own immune system enough to allow a tumour to develop. That new tumour would in turn create its own blocking factors. Cancer wouldn’t be transmitted directly, but, in this way, a blood transfusion may increase one’s susceptibility to cancer.

While possible “blocking factors” and contamination from human and animal microbes in blood supplies worry me somewhat, there are other factors that keep me awake at night… Someone I knew in college just happened to mention in passing that a blood transfusion changed his life. He described coming out of surgery after an accident and waking up with a changed personality. He blamed his condition on the blood transfusion he was given. Since I only knew him after this event, I can’t say whether the change was good or bad, but who wants something like that to happen while under anaesthesia?

But something far worse than a personality change affected my opinion in 1981. That year, in Alaska, I gave birth to my only child—a much anticipated arrival by me at age 34 and by the baby’s godmother, Ceci Clark, an artist and gallery owner of some renown in that State. Ceci developed bone cancer, which wasn’t diagnosed immediately. Before they found it, she had surgery for something else and was given a blood transfusion. When she woke up, her “brains” were scrambled, so to speak. She recognised me but thought I was her sister, and she grew confused trying to figure out where that newborn baby had come from. They eventually found the cancer. She died soon after.

# The Marine Treatment:

In the ensuing years, my research turned to alternative cancer treatments and remedies for chronic degenerative disease, particularly after my becoming desperately ill and having my health, and that of other family members, restored without drugs or surgery by an unusual naturopathic physician in Spokane, Washington: the late Dr Harold Dick, ND. His extraordinary diagnostic and healing skills were passed on and added to by his daughter, Dr Letitia Dick-Watrous, ND, who completed a three-year residency with him, became his partner and then took over his practice after his death. Dr Dick not only turned my health around with a little-known diagnostic “tool” and an updated treatment modality with roots in the old “water cure” of Germany’s famous Father Sebastian Kneipp, the O. G. Carroll Food Intolerance Test and constitutional hydrotherapy, but mentored me and lit a research fire in my belly that won’t go out—and Dr Dick-Watrous fanned the flames.

In the course of researching natural healing methods, I joined a membership website that featured little-known alternative treatments for cancer and infection. These included “the Marine Treatment”, based on the work of French biologist/physiologist René Quinton. He proved that seawater, properly formulated and under certain conditions, is virtually identical to mammalian blood plasma. With the assistance of many eminent physicians, he successfully used seawater as a healing agent on thousands of patients in France and Egypt in the early 1900s. Cancer was almost unknown in those days, but many other disease conditions responded to injections of the diluted ocean water—a true “marine plasma” which could remineralise a sick body, normalise the pH (acid–alkali) level and balance the electrolytes, thereby correcting the underlying cause of many disease conditions by regenerating the “internal terrain”, as Quinton called it.

The report included before-and-after photos of patients. Like most people, I was drawn to the shocking 100-year-old photos first, and the science came in a distant second. Babies brought back from near death from cholera and other causes; cadaver-like bodies filled out to healthy plumpness; raw, weeping skin from eczema made smooth and lesion free…all by the power of seawater. Many early-20th-century scourges such as tuberculosis were shown to be healed by this remarkable marine plasma. Historically, ocean water (plasma) has had numerous applications, based on the concept of renewing, purifying and regenerating the internal fluid terrain as well as maintaining the equilibrium of the body. It has proved to be a support for and regenerator of cell functions.

How important is the mineral and trace mineral balance in the body? Many researchers, including Dr Joel Wallach, author of the best-selling audiotape Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, claim that the absence of one single mineral needed by the body can give rise to as many as 10 different disease symptoms. Of course, much of modern medicine still blames germs and genetics for most human disease, so the “mineral deficiency” theory is generally ignored. But Dr Wallach believes that a common heart condition, cardiomyopathy—a condition which has killed countless victims from professional athletes to heart specialists, or made them candidates for heart transplants—is caused by nothing more than a deficiency of the trace mineral selenium, which can be cured or prevented by a few cents’ worth of selenium supplements a day.

Enter seawater — the missing link in deficient elemental nutrition! It contains every mineral and trace mineral known, in organic form and in the proper ratios needed by human tissues — and it’s been there all along as a healing and life-giving agent, hidden in plain sight. While the website where I first found the Marine Treatment information had a good report and impressive photos, a more complete website on the subject was under construction. There, on his academic website, I discovered that Dr Juergen Buche, ND, was in the process of translating a large body of ocean-water research and supporting documentation from the original French into English.

What I found on that site hit so close to home that I’m still reeling! My eye caught something that resonated with my transfusion phobia. It turns out that trials were run on stray dogs to test ocean plasma (diluted, cold-filtered ocean water) as a transfusion substitute. In one experiment, René Quinton and his medical team drained a dog of all of its blood and replaced it with isotonic (diluted) seawater. The dog should have died immediately, one would think, but the dog lived. On day two after the transfusion, 50 per cent of the blood components had reappeared. By day four, almost 100 per cent of the missing blood components were restored in what appeared to be proof of biological transmutation (a change from one element to another). Not only did the blood completely regenerate, but soon after the procedure the dog bounced around like a puppy with greater vitality than before, and it lived for many years afterwards. Just think what a safe, effective, plentiful substitute for blood transfusion would mean to the world: no side effects, no blood-type matching needed, no pathogen screening required, and it would be a true plasma with proven healing properties in itself!

So, what became of this wondrous marine treatment? World War I got in the way of medical research, and Quinton was drafted. He died in 1925. These events somewhat interrupted the continuance of Marine Treatment hospitals and clinics, of which there were many. However, the treatment was carried on by his medical co-workers and ardent followers, and it experienced a resurgence after World War II in several countries. Animal trials using seawater as a transfusion substitute were repeated with the same results in 1969; but since then the “marine treatment” has been used as a therapeutic agent on people, mostly as a foundational treatment for chronic degenerative disease. Also, it became known as a complete and readily assimilated liquid mineral and trace mineral supplement for remineralisation, for detoxification, for energy and for relieving stress.

No human trials for transfusion have ever been attempted. As for the healing properties of seawater, in today’s restrictive medical atmosphere seawater can only be referred to as a “mineral drink”. If the word “cure” were uttered or written in relation to a brand name, the “offence” would be legally actionable. Only a drug, toxic by its very nature, can be called “curative”. No FDA-sanctioned studies will be funded or reported on the efficacy of seawater treatment for disease because a supplement can be studied only in relation to its disease “risk reduction” factor as defined by the government agency, and not as a treatment for actual disease.

Why haven’t we heard of René Quinton and his marine treatment?

# A Sick Health System:

The USA has the worst national health of any industrialised country in the world—in spite of spending the most money on health research and health care. This country lags sadly behind in many areas of medical science, particularly when those who profit from bad science are called to arms for their own protection by safer, more effective and less expensive remedies and methods such as Quinton’s modest but living ocean water. Look at the international pharmaceutical industry. It has such wealth and power that it controls not only the FDA but American health-related legislation and policies. Take, for example, the case of the “cholesterol” caper. In the past, the federal guidelines for managing cholesterol were this: someone with 300 mg of dietary cholesterol per day, with an HDL (good cholesterol) level of 35 mg per decilitre (dL) in the blood, was considered to have unacceptable levels and be in need of treatment. However, under the “guidance” of the powerful pharmaceutical industry, those federal guidelines were recently changed. Now, less than 200 mg of dietary cholesterol per day is considered “acceptable” and an HDL (good cholesterol) level of anything less than 40 mg/dL is now unacceptable (JAMA 2001; 285:2486-2497). To translate: under the old guidelines, 13 million people were pushed into using cholesterol-lowering drugs; under the new guidelines, 36 million people are now buying those drugs, and that means billions of dollars of additional revenue going to the pharmaceutical companies.

At the same time, these drug manufacturers have been particularly hesitant to publish anything about the effects of drug-induced low cholesterol, which can include depression, violent behaviour, suicide, aggression, increased risk of stroke and poor immune system function according to certain studies. It looks like we’re being brainwashed by some kind of drug mythology into believing that diseases are caused by a drug deficiency and that they can only be cured by increased and expensive drug consumption. What would happen to these international drug cartels if an actual cure for cancer suddenly came on the market outside of their control? Since they exist financially only for the “treatment of symptoms” (disease management) rather than for curing anything, it is possible that our entire financial/ medical infrastructure might collapse as a consequence. The stockholders of pharmaceutical companies want profits, not a cure to end human misery and stop the flow of profits. We hear similar stories about fossil fuel substitutes and other life-altering discoveries and inventions that have never made it to the open market due to intervention by the competition.

Likewise, a safe blood transfusion substitute might threaten too many rich and powerful areas of the medical market to ever see the light of day…but one can visualise the possibilities. However, “Vision without action is only a dream,” according to Dr Buche. Consider this article the start of action—maybe your action!

# Harvesting the Living Solution:

Seawater can be ingested orally or can be injected. However, harvesting seawater for consumption is not easy; it requires knowledge, care and the right equipment. Seawater differs in composition and can’t be harvested randomly. Its make-up varies according to the distance from the coastline, the climate and the marine vegetation. During the entire process from ocean to bottle, the seawater cannot touch metal; it must be kept cold, because heating kills the invigorating living properties of seawater. It has to be transported and kept in glass or food-grade plastic containers. Then it has to be tested and cold-purified in a manner that protects it from alteration and preserves its state as a living solution. (For more details about seawater harvesting, see web page .)

Seawater in its original and primal state had only one-third the saline content it has now, and this fact is still mirrored in the saline content of blood and tears. The oceans have become more concentrated through the ages, and their waters are now far too salty to drink in large amounts. To use ocean water as blood plasma, it must be diluted with ultra-pure water to the same concentration as blood plasma: namely, nine grams of salts per litre. As the perfect mineral supplement, it can be consumed orally in dilute form or full strength by those with no sodium sensitivities — but only in small amounts, like an ounce [0.03 litres] at a time, several times a day if necessary.

However, it’s extremely important to dilute it with pure spring water for home use, because chlorinated water has the same kind of damaging effect on ocean water as it has on the human body according to several studies. The French got it right: they ozonate their drinking water instead of adding (cheaper) bleach to it.

The exact properties of seawater remain a mystery to modern science. In spite of our great technical expertise, the complete nature of seawater defies analysis. It has some living quality beyond the sum of its parts. It can’t be dried and reconstituted or synthesised in a chemistry lab. The great French scientist Antoine Béchamp looked at blood as a kind of flowing tissue rather than just a liquid. Seawater also has something about it that makes it more than “just water”. It sustains life, as proved by Nobel laureate Alexis Carroll who kept a piece of chicken heart tissue alive in it for over 26 years, needing only to change it daily to dispose of metabolic wastes. In fact, one could actually say that we have internalised the ocean within ourselves and that this nutrient-rich medium is the source of life. Every cell in the body bathes and feeds in it. It picks up and carries away the waste products of cell metabolism. It has a life force — unlike the saline solution seen in familiar bags in every hospital, which is nothing more than a solution of table salt and plain water. Processed table salt bears little resemblance to the raw, unprocessed, mineral-rich sea salt that we should be using, and our depleted bodies suffer the consequences.

If I had to have surgery, I’d want to see “ocean plasma” in a drip bag above my head before the lights went out. The world needs someone with courage and vision, willing to initiate the first human trials of seawater transfusion; the world needs someone to extend René Quinton’s animal trials and to make that leap into the future that signals true progress. 8

About the Author:
Dianne Jacobs Thompson is a graduate of what is now Western Washington State University with a degree in art in 1976, after which she gained teaching credentials in art with a journalism endorsement from Central Washington State University. She has taught public school part time on and off for the last two decades and since 1981 has been doing research and writing about alternative medicine. Most of the articles and reports were too controversial in nature — usually dealing with the dangers of conventional medicine as well as healing alternatives — to have been published in the past, but the Internet has removed countless roadblocks that previously kept such information from being made public in the mainstream media and has allowed many such travellers access to the “information superhighway”.

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## BIOlogicalTRANSmutations, Professor C. LOUIS KERVRAN,

English Version Michel Abehsera, © 1989 M. C. Escher c/o Cordon Art – Baam – Holland

Effect of Magnesium on body:

An increase in potasium (K) content leads to an elevation of arterial tension, to the activation of the vasomotor reactions. (The opposite is true with Mg and Ca). An increase of K from an injection in the cerebro-spinal liquid provides an intense breathing stimulation.

An animal is put to sleep with an injection of Mg and awakened with K (by an injection in the infundibulary area, with no effect in other areas of the brain). Oxygenation slows down during sleep or under the influence of narcotics. Potassium does the same. Dur­ing sleep the metabolism is slowed down. There are less ex­changes, less O, and thus less K; this reduction of K at the end of the sleeping period can attain to 16.6% in the plasma.

… Reinberg notices that “the alkalinization of the cellular liquids with K is well known by arboriculturists, who use potassium nitrate to speed up fruit maturation.”

It is of interest to point out that the proportions of K and Ca are of the same order in animal life – in the plasma as well as in seawater, where life began. Here is a Reinberg table:

Contents in m Eq/l:
…………………. K ….. Na … Ca … Mg … Cl
Sea water … 10 … 450 … 20 … 100 … 530
Rat ………….. 6.2 … 145 … 6.2 … 3.2 … 116
Dog ………… 4.7 … 142 … 4.9 … 1.8 … 108
Man ………… 4.5 … 140 ….. 5 …… 2 .. 102

If one compares the weights in milligrams, one finds that Na/K in seawater is from 25 to 27, in the plasma of man from 17 to 18 (varying from 15 to 22 according to the individual), but in cells it is K, which predominates. In the red globule, the vehicle of oxygen, Na gives an abundance of K.Na + O = K, because K/Na = approximately 180!

In sea animals the percentage is almost the same as in seawater. In fresh-water or land animals it is lower, but there the K/N a ratio is much higher. This indicates a more active life and more oxygenated blood, since K and O “go hand in hand,” while Na decreases.

However, in land animals we find that the K/Ca ratio in the plasma is very close to 1, due to the reversibility of the reaction
K39 + H1 Ca40

Conditions are different inside the cell; it is here that the re­action takes place. Na penetrates the cell and fuses with O to give K; thus there is less Na and more K, but little Ca.

The following is another of Reinberg’s charts: (m Eq/l)

……………………………………………… K ….. Na … Ca … Mg … Cl
Octopus’ muscle …………………. 101 … 81 ….. 3.7 … 12.7 … 93
Cat’s muscle ……………………….. 151 … 28.5 .. 1.2 … 15.4 … 18
Man’s red blood corpuscle … 105 ….. 10 ……. 0 ….. 5.5 … 80

The cells of land plants are richer in potassium and Ca and poorer in sodium than those of animals. A few examples:

………………………… K … Na … Mg … Ca
Mushroom …….. 102 … 8.7 … 4 … 11.5
Potato ……………. 115 … 8.7 … 25 … 7.5
Chestnut ………… 135 … 8.7 … 33 … 20
Wheat (grain) … 118 … 8.7 … 112 … 22.5
Corn (germ) ……. 197 … 36 … 440 … 34
Date ………………. 165 … 4.3 … 52 … 32.5
Asparagus ……… 64 … 1.3 … 9.1 … 12.5
Strawberry ………. 40 … 2.2 … 17.5 … 22.5
Grape …………….. 64 … 2.7 … 8.3 … 5

Darrow pointed out that a K increase in the cell decreases the cell’s acidity because it causes a decrease in H. Thus the alkalini­zation takes place when K takes H to give Ca.Ca is taken back by the outside liquid and excreted, producing a negative Ca bal­ance sheet. More Ca is excreted than ingested, but the main source of Ca is Mg:

The internal equilibrium of the animal cell postulates a large K content and a small Ca content. The reactions with H help to reduce acidification, since H is taken away.

It has been found that micro-organisms in the soil excrete H ions which acidify the soil; however, K neutralizes this acidity when it comes in contact with the roots.

If the calcium concentration in the nutritive medium is in­creased, there is a smaller absorption of K. This can be explained by the fact of reversibility:
K + H Ca

This specific reaction allows a biological equilibrium to be main­tained.

We shall learn more about the metabolism of potassium in other chapters. This present chapter was intended to acquaint the reader with some simple facts as a basis for helping him under­stand what the book hopes to convey.

… Blood plasma is very rich in sodium chloride (sea salt), con­taining approximately 7 grams per liter. However, the rate of sodium chloride diminished in the blood even with normally salted food. This enigma was classified and forgotten among the mysterious phenomena of life, the sodium-potassium relationship ignored.

M.D.’s have seen the blood’s potassium increase at a dangerous rate. Excess potassium diminishes nerve excitability, making the electric potential equal in the two faces of the nervous cell wall.

Normally the outer medium of the cell is richer in sodium and poorer in potassium than the interior of the cell. The ratio between the ions of potassium in the interior and exterior of the cell defines the membrane’s potential. Abnormal balance results in a paralysis of the nerves of the heart and lungs; this in turn causes syncope and ultimately death. Some doctors thought that by replacing plasma too rich in potassium with an artificial serum containing only sodium chloride, they would achieve good results Unfortunately this attempt was followed by the immediate death of the patient.

The reader has probably discerned that the potassium came from sodium and that whenever fresh sodium is injected into the organism, it is immediately transmuted into potassium.

… The problem of the passage from sodium to potassium is of great importance in physiology. This valuable mechanism of nature insures the thermal regulation of the organism. The reader will recall the experiment made in the Sahara, in which case the variation of the K/Na balance sheet was remarkably parallel to that of the thermal balance sheet.

… The body was receiving more heat than it received while it temperature remained normal, due to evaporation, perspiration etc. In physiology laboratories, experiments made on men have shown an increase in potassium excretion under hot conditions if the organism can dispose of sodium. (This observation justifies such “empirical” practices as giving hot, salty vegetable broth in cases of fever.)

… This observation enables us to understand why a great spe­cialist of hormonal problems, Perrault, professor at the Faculty of Medicine and chief of a department of a large hospital in Paris, could have verified long ago that “potassium was coming from nowhere.” Without being supplied, potassium appears in great quantities; it can only have been created on the spot.In 1963 he introduced the only explanation possible in view of these veri­fications (in the cell): (1) no introduction of Na;(2) diminution of Na;(3) increase of K;(4) oxygen consumption. In other words, it could only be the reaction producing the biological transmutation that we have described: 11Na + 😯 :=: 19K.

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## SEA SALT & ALCHEMY, By Jacques de Langre, from ORMUS_SWG yahoo group, Thu Jul 13, 2006 4:50 pm ; Message #17061

Here is an article worth reading:
Salt, the sublimation of the oceans of the planet, has held the highest interest for the alchemists of all past periods. Still, it continues to reveal fragments of its secrets to serious contemporary alchemists.

The much older ideology, astrology, which proceeded and ushered alchemy into human consciousness, sought not only to discover the relationship of man to the cosmos and to explore how this kinship `could benefit mankind but pointed to the ocean as the strongest manifestation of astral influence on earth.

Since alchemy was concerned to mans relationship to terrestrial nature and the phenomena of the planets elements, salt-through its sublimation by the sun, or by fire in the alchemists workshop- was the pivotal substance that merited deep study and reverence as the primary transmutation element. Professor Louis Caravan(Kervan) understands transmutation at low energy and has succeeded in discrete experiments in transforming chemical elements. His scientific explanations and formulae are accepted world wide by the scientific establishment and he was awarded the Nobel Prize. Having thus discovered and codified a new property of matter and has demonstrated alchemy’s most noble achievement in the realm of medical physiology. Even physics embraces the fourth state of matter being plasma which alchemists have called many names, one being Aether. It is the cosmic Aether in the oceans and its quality in sea salt which is our focus here.

Oriental and European alchemy has spent countless years studying the use of morning dew to create ”the gold of the thousandth dawn,” The study of seawater and its mother liquor proceeds from the same quest and truly accomplishes miracles. The riches of the sea contain the essence of all minerals of this planet. Extremely bitter in taste, this mother liquor not only serves to cure many grave illnesses, coagulate vegetable protein as in tofu making, but also duplicates the human body’s most complex chemical assemblage of essential minerals. If it is taken in diluted liquor form it serves as an immunization against all diseases but it also cures countless illnesses.

The alchemist Dr Alexis Carrell (1873-1912) kept a pulsing chicken heart alive for 37 years by immersing it in a solution of sea salt proving that seawater is a symbiotic culture medium for human living cells, its saltiness the basis of all body fluids, amniotic water and blood plasma. The experiment was willfully ended having proven that living cells could be immortal. The true healing bitterns are hand made avoiding polluting machinery from sun and wind dried sea salt sublimated on clay bed flats retaining enough moisture to be delinquesent, thus their name; Liquor of Mother. The method for making the mother liquor is described in Sea salt and your life published by Happiness Press, Magalia, California. In great contrast the crude salt made by industrial methods use contaminating bulldozers and machinery from mine rock salt gathered from alchemically dead and grossly unbalanced salt deposits, without the 84 sea elements, with the addition of aluminum anti caking agent.

The chemical demands of the body require that the salt concentration in the blood and body fluids be maintained at a constant. If the body does not get enough salt, or too much of the wrong refined variety, a hormonal mechanism compensates by reducing the excretion of salt in the urine and sweat. But it cannot reduce this output to zero. On a completely saltless diet the body looses it through the kidneys and sweat glands. It attempts to adjust its loss by accelerating its secretion of water so that the blood’s salt concentration can be maintained at a survival level leading to desiccation dehydration and finally death, preceded by loss of rational thinking, early dementia and running amok..

The bodies craving for salt and water are both aspects of the same hormonal homeostasis maintaining vital internal saline fluid. When sea salt complete with 84 trace elements is withheld, the bodily functions that depend on these noble chemical elements such as normal rational mental awareness, vitiate, that is either slow down or stop altogether. Mental and muscular fatigue are soon followed by stress, pain, depression, epilepsy madness and folly.

The Belgian historian Henri Pirenne observed that during the middle ages Europe experienced a mini ice age and the loss of Atlantic ocean ancient salt flats and coastal salt pans by the phenomenon of eustatic ebb and flow resulting in flooding salt production areas.. This produced human salt deprivation and dehydration which lasted the 500 year period known as the dark ages. Pirenne notes that most European history minimizes detail of the extent of social decline of that period, and we again have missed an opportunity to learn from history. Weather patterns causing ergotine poisoning from wheat mould account for short parts of the 500years social dissolution. For the greater damage he found alchemists records suggesting they attempted to remedy the cause of salt deprivation.

Famine and social breakdown led to mass insanity, wars and witch hunts and human flesh sold on the open air markets increasing epidemic cannibalism of crazed people who to replenish their salt, ate the people they had slain. Quick to exploit a desperate situation the powerful grabbed the remaining stock and salt was exchanged for its weight in gold. Salt mined from mines was passed off as sea salt and increased the effects of mental imbalance and social chaos.

Despite the modern appearance of abundance, this mersamus continues under another form. Out of the worlds total salt production sea salt production is only 3%. Today the chemical industry competes with the food industry for the worlds sea salt production for mineral extraction for alloys, explosives, fertilizers and other rare trace minerals for the manufacture of chemical compounds. This has forced the food industry to cheaper alternate salt use away from sea salt perpetuating a contemporary salt famine. Alchemists insisted upon “total salt” from the ocean shunning mined deposits as lifeless and fossilized because the basis of alchemical philosophy is promotion of the vital life force.

The Emerald Tablet is not so cryptic if the crystallization and subsequent sublimation of the mother liquor from sea salt is understood.

Separate the Earth from Fire, the subtle from the crude with much travail…. It rises from the Earth towards the sky, and immediately comes back on Earth where it gathers the force of superior and inferior creations. You will then have all the glory of the world and that is why all darkness will leave you.

The `plasma of Quinton’, a name registered in 1907 by one of France’s most renowned modern day alchemists, is a life giving fluid. Still made by a secret natural process, it is a far cry from what is being used today as blood plasma, the crude Ringer solution that will never reconstitute the true composition of human fluids.

Quintons plasma continues to save lives as it has for the past eighty years. The biologist who began using it for athrepsia created hundreds of clinics through out Europe and dispensed the precious plasma in a victory of life over death for thousands of moribund patients. In the plasma Quinton, the bitterness of sea water has been naturally transmuted to the sweetness of saliva and other healing fluids of the body as sea salt dissolved in spring water has no bitterness of crude salt.

After the second world war the rise of drug companies forced the clinics out of existence. Their close association with the military industrial complex with its reverse philosophy to alchemy, focused on killing the disease led to the elimination of numerous alternative healing modalities already successfully established and functioning legally in hospitals throughout Europe. The anti cancer therapy MWO invented by G. LaKhovsky called the Multiple Wave Oscillator electrically amplified the Astral Aether which was used in union with mineral colloids and Quintons plasma raised the background matrix vibrations of life to eliminate conditions for cancer and replace the ideal conditions for health. The French call it the Eaux-meres literally raising the mother waters, the Japanese nami no hana the flowers of the waves. Jabir ibin Hayan, a Musulman Sufi alchemist not only mentions Regal water but makes allusions to Lustral water as well, that form of oceanic fluid that shimmers and fluoresces from the charged energy and all of the dissolved chemical elements necessary for life dissolved in it. Today these modalities forced into secrecy continue quietly and discreetly honoring there alchemical legacy.

Later Popes such as Sylvester II who read Arabic alchemical works from Spain shocked at the cruelty of the inquisition unleashed by earlier popes sent emissaries to halt its progress when they learned children being burned at the stake accused of witchcraft in Germany and Switzerland. Sylvester established techniques of salvation, physical as well as moral, beginning with the renewal of the alchemical science of sweetening sea salt.

C.G. Jung in his Psychology and Alchemy, sees alchemy as seeking to impart the vital spark of eternal light out of the abyss of the darkness of matter. Mikhael Ivanov, symbolizes it this way; The blood of the Earth is Water. The Oceans are its Heart, the vast planetary heart where plasmic blood is in abundance. The rivers, lakes and streams are the arteries and veins. The lungs are the earths atmosphere where blood is purified.

Max Retschlag a German alchemist who died in the 1930’s sums it up this way: “Our knowledge of the constitution of the human body, the structure of the cells and that of the smallest living entities leads us rightfully to believe that a certain remedy can be found, made up of a latent and concentrated energy, that will act as a universal remedy for all illnesses. Since the vital energy is an electro-motive force, this specific remedy must be composed of matter capable of liberating a concentrated electric charge; after that matter has dissolved in the body fluids, just as occurs in galvanic batteries where certain salts whose dissolution produce a more or less constant current between the poles. “From the large number of references made by the ancient hermetic masters it would appear that it is those same salts that enter as base material in the preparation of the elixir of life. Salt in its broadest meaning, describes anything that crystallizes; according to the ancient masters, it is the very first being, since all matter can be reduced to the saline form. One particular salt, a celestial instrument and son of the divine solar fire, ultimately unites to passive earth in order to yield a saline incarnation.

This salt is made up of a mercurial humidity and of a sulpherous fat, and these two essences, antagonistic to one another, form the original trinity of life as alkali, acid and salt. Still quoting Retchlag: “Its crystalline living soul constantly gives birth to the same configurations; only the location and the circumstances of origin change.”

Alchemical medicine thus shuns the material and physical action of remedies upon the mere physical sphere of the organism. It much prefers to effect the cure” from above” as direct action of the constituting forces of the remedy. Whatever the various realms that are covered by alchemical medicine, the preferred manner of the magisters is by the utilization of energy, of light and of vibration.

Alexander von Bernus quotes an anonymous author; “Salt is derived from the ashes of a great power and there are virtues hidden there in.” To say it is the Word of God turned into matter is not simply an allegorical illusion. It is no coincidence that the amniotic fluid bathes the human embryo is salty like the ocean from which all life on this planet has issued. Nor is it a coincidence that the most healing salt today is only available by sun drying and not by kiln or flash pan drying as modern refined salt is. Drying by the sun and exposure to the moon alone alchemically sublimates opposites and all of the noble minerals into a cosmic vibration for tissue salts and essential macro nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, and trace elements : copper bromide, tin, rubidium, manganese, iodine boron cobalt lithium valine, nickel, fluor, chromium, silver, zinc, and gold, is ……sea salt.

A German alchemist wrote” Iron carries the mystery of magnetism and the mystery of the blood. Iron and its dissolving agent of salt are the essential constituents of hemoglobin. Both of these elements are found, as a single pair or in combination, in the human blood. Iron is totally lacking in sea water less than 3 parts per trillion, by weight. The magnetic cosmos is made up of iron with all of the metallic macro nutrients and 84 trace elements in the oceans.

In the alchemical art, sulfur and mercury stand for the two antagonistic properties of opposite matter everywhere in the cosmos. Salt, in this trilogy, represents the means of uniting these two first principals. However, we must bear in mind that sulfur, mercury and salt are not chemical elements of those same names but define fundamental qualities and properties. The salt that allows fusion of mercury to sulfur can be compared to the vital spiritual force that permits the union of body and soul, the true anima that makes all creature come and stay alive like Dr. Carrells chicken heart. Hermetic chemistry has been passed to us through a series of symbolic images; sulfur represented by a king robed in red; mercury a queen gowned in white; and salt which united them both, gowned black or grey as a priest celebrating their marriage.

The Philosophers stone, as described by Paracelcus(1493-1541), would present as a dazzling red color, that of rubies, and be sparkling and heavy. Derived from metallic mineral salts carried to their highest vital potency. It heals the human body of all weaknesses and restores the health. People become what they eat. Alchemy’s altruistic attitude is still an exemplary force; it can be a guide and lead all of humanity to hope again. The day will come when all men will arrive at the full knowledge of alchemy in its pure simple thought form and it will no longer be a physical science but an ethic of living. Sanity and peace come from equilibrium and harmony and can replace aggression and madness by applying the understanding the alchemy of sea salt.

Adapted from The Alchemical Tradition in the late 20th. Century, edited by Richard Grossinger Published by North Atlantic Books Berkley California 1979.

Everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world. Schopenhouer

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## MDG’s salt diet:

As for myself, I really don’t like the taste of Reverse Osmosise, or filtered tap water (they taste very hoorible for me), so to add benefits to benefits, I put 3 big spoons of crude sea salt to each 10 liter container of R.O. water that I buy; after a few minutes the taste become like sweet, and I drink ONLY this water ! I don’t like anymore to drink outside or at friends houses, because this DELICIOUS taste and the good feeling of this water going in my body are for me GREAT PLEASURES !

On travel I carry a small box of sea salts, and I drop just 4 or 5 grains of it in the 1 liter bottles I buy; and I get back to MY SWEET TASTY WATER 🙂

I’m just crazy of this ‘salty’ water ! And I confirm that it’s much more hydrating; need less volume to drink and feel more healthy.

For now I’m going to buy a Mixer and Magnets to make a Water Charger … by turning this ‘salty’ water in the vortex of the mixer, along the magnets placed on its outsides, the ORMUS in the water will increase their ‘energy charge’ … and I’ll be ‘flying’ just by drinking water ! Not to talk about the health recovery potential of this SuperCharged Water ! (See in the ORMUS part of this website for the Blender Charger; be careful not to charge your water for too long, it can be dangerous)

That’s real, that’s succesfully used by thousands persons, many have recovered from chronic diseases, it’s cheap, and it is slowly entirely explained by scientists !
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