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Ten years later, Dr. Rudolf Sklenar of Oberhessen reported in the periodical “Experiential Healing Science” about his various techniques of diagnosis and therapy.

The tea fungus is mentioned as an outstanding remedy which he considered to be a powerful agent for detoxifying the human body since it dissolves micro-organisms and also cholesterol. Some of his specific cancer treatments were based on the use of fermented tea for the balancing of intestinal flora.

With the tea fungus he successfully treated gout, rheumatic conditions, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, dysbacteria, constipation, impotence, non-specific draining, obesity, furunculosis, kidney stones, cholesterol and finally cancer in the early stages of detection.

In 1987, Dr. Veronika Carstens, recommends Kombucha in a series called “Help from Nature – My Remedies Against Cancer” with the words:

“Kombucha detoxifies the organism and enhances the metabolism; this improves the defense capacity.”

In the Netherlands, A J Lodesijkx of Ermelo – a natural healing specialist – describes the health-giving benefits of the fungus in his book “Life Without Cancer”. He concludes that the Kombucha fungus has strongly antiseptic properties. It purifies the glandular system and promotes the elimination and neutralisation of uric acid.

He concludes that the fermented beverage is an excellent remedy for gout, rheuma, arthritis, kidney stones, intestinal dysbacteria and early stages of cancer due to its influence on disease causing endobionts. (Red corpuscles are eliminated by these endobionts when the pH of the blood shifts unfavorably to the alkaline side.)

Kombucha is considered to be unique in that it actively re-balances the blood pH and thus helps to counter any disease processes that are in operation.

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