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Natural Eradication of Cancer. Matthias RATH claims CANCER HALTED with VITAMIN C /LYSINE/PROLINE and GREEN TEA EXTRACT.

Dr. Rath’s revolutionary discoveries in the natural control of cancer metastasis, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other chronic health conditions challenge conventional medicine. They are reshaping current beliefs about health and disease while changing millions of lives around the globe.

What you learn by enrolling in Dr. Rath’s Seminar on Cellular Health will empower you with the knowledge you need to take control of your health and life.


All human cells are surrounded by collagen fibres and connective tissue. In order to grow and expand, healthy cells need to break down this extra-cellular barrier that confines them. This process is essential for life and for this reason, cells produce and secrete various enzymes that digest connective tissue components, including collagen and elastin.

It is important that these enzymes, called matrix metalloproteinases or MMPs, be regulated by sets of activators and inhibitors so that the integrity of the connective tissue is never compromised.

Excessive disintegration of connective tissue accompanies pathology and once this disintegration occurs, infectious cancer cell microbes (including viruses) can invade tissues. In extreme cases, such as in cancer, the excessive production of digestive enzymes and the disintegration of collagen and connective tissue by cancer cells are the dangerous mechanisms by which these cells invade and spread to other organs.

In his Cellular Health Series book “Cancer”, Dr. Rath documents his scientific discovery that certain nutrients, including L-lysine, are powerful natural inhibitors of collagen-digesting enzymes. It is this discovery that has put Matthias Rath, Inc. on the path to defeating this devastating disease.

# The Spread of Cancer Can Be Controlled

In the laboratory at Matthias Rath, Inc. scientists have conducted research with live cells to provide answers to various scientific questions. Once they understood the mechanism by which cancer cells metastasized, there was one critical question that the Matthias Rath Inc. researchers sought to answer: How could they naturally inhibit the invasion of cancer cells through collagen and connective tissue in a way that would enhance the body’s own capacity for managing disease?

In seeking this answer, the researchers designed an experiment so that they could first investigate the ability of cancer cells to digest through a collagenous matrix and then develop a method to control it. For this purpose, the researchers used specific vials that included partitions made of collagenous material similar to that which surrounds cells in the body. In the upper chamber of some vials, they incubated cancer cells with nutritive agents. In the upper chamber of other vials, they incubated cancer cells without nutritive agents.
Afterwards, the researchers were able to determine which group of cancer cells was able to digest the collagen membrane and migrate to the lower chamber.

The results of the experiment were remarkable. A simple combination of nutrients was able to stop cancer cells from invading the collagen matrix!

The most powerful nutrient combination contained vitamin C, the amino acids L-lysine and L-proline, and a polyphenol fraction of green tea known as Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).

# Scientific Publications on Nutrients and Cancer: http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/NHC/researcharchive.html#cance

# Physicians Speak

Since May of 2003, I have used Dr. Rath’s nutrient synergy recommendations as both adjunct and main modality in cancer patients and those who suffered from cardiovascular diseases.

The progress that my patients made has been the best of my 15 years of medical practice.

Among 200 cancer cases that I had, I lost 24 patients who came to me with stage IV of cancer, with more than one secondary and metastasis. The remaining cancer patients are doing very well. Their tumors went into full remission or became fibroid tumors.

In cardiovascular cases, the results are spectacular. In almost every case, I have seen improvements of varying degrees. In hypertension, osteo-arthritis, tinnitus, hyper-cholesterolemia, myocardial-infarction, and stroke cases, I observed the improvements within weeks or even days.

For my patients with diabetes, especially non-insulin dependent patients, I have seen very rapid response rates, usually within the first few weeks of treatment. In those patients, I have been able to gradually reduce their medications as well. In at least ten cases, patients that would have otherwise required amputation have been able to avoid that procedure by implementing Dr. Rath’s nutrient synergy recommendations.
Wong Ang Peng, M.D.Wong’s Nature Cure CenterSingapore

# Examples of Cancer Cases: Natural Eradication of Cancer:

1. Patient : Wong Kon Fung (Malaysia) … Age: 32 years Diagnosis: Left Breast Cancer (Infiltrating Carcinoma Grade III) …Conventional Treatment: Lumpectomy Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health™ Program: Started in March 10, 2005
BEFORE Dr.Rath’s Cellular Healt Program : March, 2005, Cyst in the right breast 3 mm
AFTER Dr. Rath’s Program : July, 2005 Ultrasound, No cysts or masses in the right or left breast

2. Patient : Rocy Chong (Malaysia)…Age: 46 years …Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health™ Program: Started in November, 2004
BEFORE Dr.Rath’s Cellular Health™ Program : November, 2004, Fibroadenoma lump in the left breast (10x5x5mm)
AFTER Dr. Rath’s Program : December, 2004, Medical exam stated that lump in the breast has been cleared

3. Patient’s Name: Soam Meng Chuu (Malaysia) … Age: 50 years … Conventional Treatment: Chemotherapy five cycles, Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health™ Program: Started in March 11, 2004
BEFORE Dr.Rath’s Cellular Health Program : March 2004, Stage 2B Cervical Cancer
AFTER Dr. Rath’s Program : December 2005, No dysplastic or malignant cells seen on the Pap Smear

Cellular Health™ Series – Cancer,by Matthias Rath, M.D.Cancer provides a summary of the progress of Cellular Health in the battle against several forms of cancer, infectious diseases, and other serious conditions. It substantiates the fact that cancer – the second most common disease after heart disease – can be beaten naturally. This book discloses key mechanisms, which describe how cancer cells spread in the body and how this process can be blocked in a natural way. Dr. Rath provides scientific evidence that cancer can be successfully controlled without chemotherapy, radiation, or other dangerous and ineffective approaches used today by conventional medicine.

#Testimonials Cancer ;

Thousands of people worldwide have benefited their health as a result of taking advantage of Dr. Rath’s scientific discoveries. The following experiences represent just a few examples of the many testimonials we have received regarding the effectiveness of Dr. Rath’s natural Cellular Medicine approach.

– … A few years ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and, needless to say, I was motivated to do extensive research on the underlying cause and treatment.

My wife was advised to have surgery, and I knew that chemotherapy such as Tamoxifen would be recommended even though a number of surveys show that chemotherapists have said they would not take chemotherapy themselves or recommend it for their families.

Chemotherapy drugs are toxic substances and known poisons and usually don’t cure cancer or extend life. They really do not improve the quality of life either.

Yet the use of chemotherapy or radiation for cancer can significantly impact the immune system and over a period of time have serious consequences.

During my research I had previously reviewed some of Dr. Matthias Rath’s scientific findings and found that the spread of cancer cells could be inhibited by using specific natural nutrients. This was very important since most of the cancer fatalities result from invasion of cancer cells into other organs and tissues.

My wife and I had visited Dr. Rath’s research facility in Fremont, California where we were able to meet with the research scientists and see for ourselves that a combination of L-lysine, Vitamin C, L-proline and EGCG which stops the spread of breast cancer cells 100%.

So in addition to focusing on making important dietary changes we started taking these natural cellular nutrients. By doing this we have minimized cancer recurrence but most important avoided harmful side effects that often accompanies conventional cancer therapy.

The synergistic combination of Vitamin C, Proline, Lysine and EGCG should be considered for anyone with the diagnosis of cancer.

When we realize that nearly 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year and since it is the number two cause of death, it is prudent for most of us to take proactive steps to prevent this disease through diet and by following Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health recommendations.
Vic Herlacher, M.D.www.vherlacher.com San Juan Capistranio, CA.

Evelyn OlguinAge: 58 — Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma –Date of Diagnosis: February 2003

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (leukemia) in February 2003. I was told that I needed a bone marrow transplant. I was tired, weak, and forgetful. My vision was blurred, and I cried a lot. I couldn’t be out of the house for more than an hour without being exhausted for three days. I couldn’t walk. My left leg would drag, and I would become easily tired. My memory was poor. I had to make sure that I ate consistently throughout the day. The skin literally hung from my body, and I didn’t have any muscle tone.

In July 2003, my sister introduced me to Dr. Rath’s discoveries. In August 2003, I called the nutritionist and described my health problems. I was placed on a protocol, which consisted of cellular nutrients.

My vision and gallbladder improved. I would get severe discomfort in my abdomen in the afternoon and that improved. My breathing also improved. I gained weight and began sleeping well. The color of my skin also improved.

Now, I am driving again. I am gaining my independence and starting my life over. Cellular nutrients helped me tolerate my cancer medication.

As of December 2003, I now have the strength to go back to work. I am energetic. My personality has returned. I am grateful for the support I have received from Dr. Rath’s staff. They have always been very supportive and loving. They listened to my needs and carried me through difficult times. Now, I can share my positive experience with a smile and give thanks for their support.

CONCLUSION: After using cellular nutrients for only three months, Evelyn Olguin’s IgG level decreased by 337 mg/dl and is in normal range, Evelyn is still healthy as of January 2005.

Sheela PandharipandeAge: 69Diagnosis: Colon Cancer Date of Diagnosis: November 2002

I began experiencing health problems in July 2002. I felt exhausted all the time, and I was too weak to even walk up a few steps. A blood test revealed that my hemoglobin level was 8.9 g/dL. (Normal hemoglobin levels for women are 12-16 g/dL.) I was given a blood transfusion and also treated with iron therapy. However, I continued to feel exhausted, and I lost my appetite. In November 2002, I was diagnosed with colon cancer.

I underwent surgery, but I continued to suffer from a poor appetite and weakness. Three weeks after the operation, I remained bedridden. In December 2002, I volunteered to participate in a pilot study in India for cancer that was being sponsored by Dr. Rath Research Institute. Within just one week, I experienced a dramatic improvement in my condition.

Three months after starting cellular nutrients, my hemoglobin levels increased from 8.9 g/dL to 10.2 g/dL. My doctor told me that the tumor marker level (CA-125) in my blood had decreased from 8.6 to 3.5. I feel energetic, and I am taking a short walk every day. My appetite has returned, and my weight has increased from 105 pounds to 122 pounds. My quality of life has tremendously improved. I am very grateful to Dr. Rath for helping give me a better life.

CONCLUSION: After only three months of using cellular nutrients, Sheela Pandharipande’s tumor marker for colon cancer decreased significantly by 5.06, from 8.6 to 3.54. Sheela’s hemoglobin levels increased by 1.3 g/dl, from 8.9 g/dL to 10.2 g/dL and her red blood count increased by 1.32 million/cmm. She also gained 17 pounds.

Sally HoltAge: 65 Diagnosed: March 2002Diagnosed Condition: Ovarian Adenocarcinoma, Grade 2 with the mixed endometroid and papillary serous pattern

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which was surgically removed in March 2002. After surgery, a CT scan was done and another tumor was found. My tumor marker CA-125 level was 25. Doctors wanted to remove the tumor with surgery and do chemotherapy. I refused both and searched for alternative treatments. One of my friends introduced me to cellular nutrients, and we attended Dr. Rath’s lecture in May 2002 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. I was almost in tears listening to Dr. Rath.

After attending the lecture, I started taking cellular nutrients and informed my physician. My doctor told me that I was playing with my life. A few months later, I went to my physician and the CT scan showed no signs of the tumor. My CA-125 level had gone down to four. As of December 2003, my CA-125 level was three. I am very excited about the results. I feel energetic. I have no complaints, no GI symptoms, and no pelvic masses.

CONCLUSION: After four months of using cellular nutrients, Sally Holt’s tumor marker CA-125 level decreased significantly from 25 to four, and the tumor shrank from 22mm to 12mm. A continuing decrease of Sally’s tumor marker level is still being observed. The unique synergistic action of cellular nutrients was able to achieve what pharmaceutical drugs could not. Sally is still cancer free as of January 2005.

John AselAge: 64Diagnosis: Renal Cell Carcinoma: Maximum classified as Stage 1+ or 2 only because of the tumor size – 10 lbs. (tumor diameter on left kidney 8 cm)Date of Diagnosis: November 2000

My name is John Asel. I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma in November of 2000. I lost my left kidney to renal cell carcinoma. I was diagnosed with having a tumor on my kidney and, at that time, a registered nurse who is a good friend of ours told us about Dr. Rath. I’ve been using cellular nutrients since last August. I haven’t taken any other medications, just cellular nutrients. I haven’t had many physical symptoms of the renal cell carcinoma, such as weight loss or gain, and I feel much better. I walk two miles a day, plus I do Fit-Links at the [gym]. On December 30th, I had a CT scan and the tumor showed signs of necrosis, which meant it was actually dying from within. My appetite and color are good. I am back working in the office. The moons on my fingers are much better. It’s just been wonderful. This is now the third month after my previous scan, and the tumor just looks like a shadow on my liver.
There were two spots on my lung that have disappeared. There is no new evidence of any cancer in my system anywhere. I feel that without cellular nutrients, I would not be here.

CONCLUSION:: As of January 2005, John Asel feels great and is energetic. John’s liver and lungs are clear.

UPDATE: As of February 2006, John Asel still feels great and has no symptoms of a disease. He sent us his recent medical report and told us that his doctor at Duke Medical Center with whom he met in February, 2006, was very pleased because the tumors on the liver and the adrenal gland are necrotic. His doctor told him that the blood supply has been cut off to the tumors and they are dying from within. The pancreas is normal and there is no change in the lungs. Since John feels great and has no symptoms of cancer, his doctor did not force him to have any preventive conventional treatment and said “lets leave it alone”.
Here is what John wrote us:”Again thank you for your help. I will keep on the accelerated vitamin program till the next scan. If there is anything I can do to assist the Rath organization please let me know. It works.”

Sylvia Fregoso Age:44 Diagnosis: Breast Cancer (left breast) Date of Diagnosis: January 2000

At present, her doctors say Sylvia only has scar tissue in the lymph nodes of her neck.
Sylvia was offered chemo in December 2003 and February 2004. She declined the treatments both times. Sylvia is still cancer free as of January 2005.

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