Dr PAULING’s CURE for Cancer

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Dr Linus Pauling’s Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease

… . In the sixties, Pauling waged almost single handedly a successful crusade against atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons; warning of the future fallout in the form of genetic diseases, cancers and numerous other serious health problems. His relentless work in this area yielded nuclear test banning treaties among the Soviets, US and other major powers, resulting in a cleaner, safer environment for us all.

… , in fact we have direct experimental evidence for it, is that vitamin C is rapidly converted into other substances, oxidation products and these other substances, these oxidation products have been shown to have greater value against cancer than vitamin C itself. So if you take large doses of vitamin C you produce large amounts of these other substances

… I’m not against drugs when they are properly used and have said so over and over again. We advocate for every patient with cancer taking high doses of vitamin C as an adjunct to appropriate conventional therapy and I agree with Dr Cameron that surgery – he was a surgeon – surgery is often the best treatment for a malignant condition if the malignant tumor can be removed and sometimes, for a few kinds of cancer, chemotherapy is known to have much value and, for some kinds, high energy radiation has value even though chemotherapy and high energy radiation have pretty serious side effects, are damaging to the body as a whole, nevertheless, the benefit may outweigh the disadvantages.

– one book : Cancer: Nutrition and Survival by Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts , Print: $29.21
http://www.lulu.com/content/193438 , 296 pages, 6.00″ x 9.00″, ISBN: 1-4116-6339-X, © 2005 ,

Description: Microevolution explains what cancer is, how it develops and how to eradicate it. Cancer occurs in multi-celled organisms when cells escape the body’s controls and behave like their single-celled ancestors. Such changes, triggered by oxidative damage, result in faulty cell division.

Animals and plants have developed ways to stop their cells reverting to primitive forms. Hence, anticancer substances are common throughout nature. Therapies based on these take advantage of metabolic differences between cancer cells and healthy cells, to destroy cancer while helping healthy cells. Clinical trials are needed to test such non-toxic therapies.

Biological research suggests that cancer is a treatable condition. Although current data is not sufficient to indicate the degree of life extension achievable, many terminal patients might die of other causes, before the cancer kills them. Cancer patients deserve to be offered this opportunity.

2005 Contribution of the Year – Steve Hickey PhD and Hilary Roberts PhD

At the top of the list, two warriors, Steve Hickey PhD andHilary Roberts PhD, pharmacology graduates fromManchester, England, whose landmark books have disclosed the falsehoods disseminated by skeptics of vitamin C therapy.

The latest of these, CANCER, NUTRITION AND SURVIVAL will open the door for many cancer patients to opt for “ascorbate” therapy rather than the harsh ineffective treatments now being offered by conventional medicine. Cancer patients who seek out intravenous vitamin C treatment are likely to survive longer (by years in some instances) than with chemo or radiation treatment. Their earlier book, THE RIDICULOUS DAILY ALLOWANCE reveals the flawed science behind the establishment of the RDA for vitamin C which has led to the mistaken public impression that most adults consume sufficient amounts of vitamin C.

In fact, 100% of the human species is deficient.

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