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March 24, 2009 :
My method to take activated MMS daily :

Hello, I made a few pictures of the method I use to take MMS on a daily basis.
Mr Humble suggested to start any use of activated MMS by treating the mouth, because numerous deseases ‘come in’ through the mouth, and then having a mouth in good health is an essential point to be in a good general health !

I prepare my activated MMS (Recall of the standard method : some MMS + 5 times more drops of 10% citric acid solution + 3 minutes wait) and put it in an hermetic bottle with a long hose. It’s a laboratory bottle that I bought for around 1 Euro (1,3 USD) in a laboratory supply shop.

This activated MMS (10 or 15 drops) stays at full power for a few days, and allow me to take small doses on a regular basis along the day. According to Jim (and I confirm it) this is more efficient against chronic deseases and infections than taking one or two large doses daily.

Actually I have an infection on the roots of one tooth. The only ‘standard solution’ offered by many dentists I met, is to take the tooth out. I have tried antibiotics for week in a row, but the infection always comes back after a while.
I found that by brushing my teeth with activated MMS (as suggested by Jim Humble), that tooth doesn’t hurt me anymore after one or two weeks of treatment. But if I stop it comes back to. I hope it will definitely cure on a long term basis.

I was to the point I couldn’t eat anymore solid food because my tooth was so sensitive. Even worth, I couldn’t eat too hot or too cold anymore, nor too sweet, because then it was all my teeth that would be very painful for sometime many hours. A real nightmare to the point of crying.

Since I discovered this method of brushing my teeth after each meal with activated MMS, my teeth are back to normal. I can eat anything and at any temperature without getting pain. The MMS is a thrue Miracle for me.

I know I’m not the only one that found the Miracle that MMS is, and I hope that we will be everyday many more to enjoy it. I expect you to spray the good info !

Thanks to Jim Humble for this discovery and for having shared it for free with the world.

Some photos to illustrate my method:

That’s the set I use to wash my teeth.

It’s very easy to prepare, I just need to activate 10 or 15 drops of MMS in this laboratory bottle, to add some water and to close it.

The product keeps its strength during a few days, then I don’t need to prepare it on a daily basis.

By the way, taking activated MMS on a regular basis, I’m protected against colds, flues, fevers and other usual troubles

We see clearly that the MMS activated by the citric acid solution became strongly yellow after 3 minutes.

It’s time to add the small glas of water (150 a 200 ml) and to tight the bottle.

This laboratory plastic bottle is a bit large for my use, but I didn’t find a smaller one yet.
It’s resistant to chemicals, acidic or alkalin.

Before I found this special bottle, I was using a simple spray bottle. A plastic bottle like the one for MMS or Activator Acid, but with a vaporiser cap. It was good already, but less handy because I had to press many times on the cap to get enough activated MMS to brush my teeth.

This bottle has a long hose going to the bottom (see red arrow on the photo). The activated MMS comes out when I press the bottle. This system keeps the solution out of contact with air, and the solution is still powerful after a few days.